Moni Finex Review – Sophisticated SCAM

Moni Finex is a new high yield investment program which is taking over the internet. Their marketing capabilities are way too professional and they have huge investor base.

Sadly, their operational model is based on ponzi structure which means all the investors will eventually lose their funds. Moreover, their entire platform is filled with get rich quick claims and are directly in violation of law.

Before they sell you the dream of getting rich, go through our review to find out their actual agendas and, then make the final decision. After all, it is impossible to make money by pushing few buttons, right? Moni Finex Review

Team, Company and Support

There is tons of pictures wherein they showcase their staff and employees. At first glance, they all appear to be legit. However, upon inspection we found out that all the images used were either stock photos or of actors. Moni Finex Team

As far as credibility goes, this issue has definitely brought down their value. Moreover, think for a moment, why would they lie about their employees unless there is something they are trying to hide? The only reason as to why they are pretending to be a transparent company is to gain your trust.

So, verify everything when it comes to online investing. They claim to be based in the UK, but are not overseen by the FCA. Based on this factor alone, we can say without any doubt that, they are in violation of law and will get shut down in the near future.

If you need any help from the so called support staff of this platform, then it is nothing short of a miracle. The support team will constantly persuade you to invest more and once they have control over your account, they will block you without any prior notice.

Below are the contact details of this firm.

Address – 107 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 6ON

Email –

Phone – +44 1527918205

Moni Finex Business Model

Moni Finex claims to be active in forex and binary trading. The markets they are alleged to be involved is liquid enough, but it does not necessarily means that, you will make money.

There is no explanation as to what they do with the funds and we do not have a clue about their trading process. Their exact statistics over the years is unknown and due to the lack of data, trusting them is just like reckless gambling.

Trading opens up a world of opportunities for the retail investors, but that is not a magical pill to make money. If you venture into the market with the wrong mindset and process, then chances are, you will be wiped out pretty soon.

So, say no to anyone who promises you an easy track to make a fortune and remember nothing worth having comes for free.

Returns Promised

The returns offered by them ranges from 1% to 2% per day. For most of the beginners, this number might seem very achievable. However, the reality dictate otherwise.

If their claims were indeed true, then you are guaranteed to become a billionaire within a few short years, but isn’t that too ambitious? Check out their plans, it seems too good to be true.


Returns – 1.5% Daily

Period – 200 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100


Returns – 1.75% Daily

Period – 200 Days

Minimum Deposit – $10,000


Returns – 2% Daily

Period – 200 Days

Minimum Deposit – $50,000

Referral Program

The owner of this platform seems to be  professional fraud. He/she knows that, they need a lot of traffic to make significant revenue. In order to achieve that, they are offering an affiliate program.

In simple words, the promoters who drive traffic to this website are getting a percentage of the revenue. So, to get their commissions, affiliates are giving fake positive reviews. Always be aware of the false hyped products in the market and if something doesn’t add up, then it’s always better to stay away from it.

Domain Insight

Below are the details about this domain.

Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/09/2018

Expiry – 27/09/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 104,527

Rank in United States – 18,911

Audience Geography – United States, Thailand, Canada, Mexico and India.


There is a section on their website wherein they show all the testimonies from the alleged clients. All the comments are too pleasant and might instill confidence into the investors community. Moni Finex Fake Testimony

However, looks can be deceiving. We carried a background search on the clients and the results were extremely disappointing. All the photos used are stock images which means, the people operating this site clearly knows how to create fake narratives.

Moni Finex Review Conclusion

Moni Finex is a ponzi scheme which makes money by recruiting people and not via trading. They do not have any credible track record and are not the type of people you want to indulge with.

Their platform might contain top notch presentation videos, but it’s just the part of the trap to lure you in. Regardless of what profits they claim to generate, do not send them your funds.

Do you have any personal experience with Moni Finex? If yes, then feel free to share them below!


  1. Mossad

    This company Moni Finex is a sham, they claim they are redesigning their Website, for more than a month now. Their networkers have disappeared here, in Uganda. I was about to lodge money when I saw the site off. Defending them here is useless. They are gone! Sorry for those that lost their money.

  2. NewlyI

    I have invested with this company for a couple weeks and of course I earn my profit. None of blocking has been reported or claimed from my country. Their system pretty straight forward and withdrawal was accurately transferred.

    The person we should doubt is this reviewer who start the subject without any evidence.

    Please share link to those photos stock and actor profile to prove your imagination is true.

  3. Nathan

    When Monifinex got started? From the review it appears they’ve been there since last year but am told they actually started April this year. Which is which please?

    • Dina Reynoso

      Hi, Nathan. The CEO is in the business of crypto trading and on April he launch his own company named Monifinex.

  4. Kuya nanding

    from the looks of this the review is well written but not well search you said here pictures of stop is other stock photos or actors , which one is it ?
    is it stock photos ?
    can you give a link of that stock photos ?
    and if an actor can you give same links of such actors am sure if there are actors they have linkins of facebook account of such profession.
    you say you did not know what they do with the money
    now there are your mistake a well written review should know such details
    you can judge a book by its cover but you just did that only looking monifinex at its front website but not on the inside

    and oh yes i do have invest in moni they have a robot for forex trading and Cryptocurrency

    and i may add that i too trade forex if you do forex trading you will easily understand that what they offer is and can be done.

  5. Max Daniel

    Thanks for getting so much good article my friend. But I want to know that have you invested in that company and faced any such kind of situation? Have you lost your money by investing in that company? How can you tell so much about a company when you really haven’t gone through any experience. I really appreciate that you have written so much, but can you please also show something in proof that company has blocked any of its users or scammed any of its members money. Writing a article can be done by any one. That’s not a big deal. If you can really show some proof than is the time we can believe in what all you have written. I don’t know why you guys have to give always a negative comments about all companies. I am into few more companies like this. I have been with them for more than 2-4 years and never faced such issues. But I find some bloody people who always try to get that down those companies.

    • wyip

      Yes, just be honest there’s no such free meal you idiot.

      I did invest 100 bucks. Within 7 days the company is going somewhere else.

      100 bucks is a petty cash for me. But, i just hope the CEO will be die soon for earning money with that business.

      I know this is money game. We know the risk.

      So, i am a successful person. I just play this for fun.

      2-4 years you said ? You know in many countries moni is facing problems.

      If you can really show me proof, why don’t you send my 100 bucks to my paypal account and i will believe you and apoligized to you for wrong incusation.

      Fair right ?

  6. Francis

    I would also like to read from those who have invested and were scammed. The review is however good. having stated all these, how does one therefore know a legit platform that they should invest with?

  7. June Grace

    Sounds like your review is so believable and that investing in Moni Finex is so alarming… But I think your review would be very reliable and valid if we could see in here comments from persons who had experienced the thingsthat you just claimed, like that of blocking of members who invested with Moni Finex. Because personally, I had known people who already had their return of investment and enjoying the amount they got.

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