Review – Confirmed HYIP is supposedly a cutting edge trading firm which advertises as much as 10% returns per day. The CEO of this firm boasts about changing every trader’s life positively and surprisingly enough, his identity is not revealed anywhere on their platform. Moving on to the licensing part, they do feature a registration certificate, but it is just a sneaky attempt done by them to blend in with the legit companies.

We tried to track down the owners by looking at their domain registrations. However, that was also a dead end and that kind of careful planning means, the people responsible for it must be professional crooks. There are a ton of false narratives around this company, but before you take any firm stance on them, check out our review to make an informed decision. Review

Founder, Company and Support

The founder of this company is a person who calls himself as Brian Knowles. On their website, there is no in depth information about him and he doesn’t appear to have any social media presence. Moreover, he is not recognised by any authorities which means, this person is most probably an fictitious entity. Just to check their story, we ran a check on their registration number and as it turns out they are not under the radar of the FCA.

So, without doubt we can say that they are operating illegally and if you send money to them, it will be impossible to recover it. If you take a look at their contact details, they showcase all modes of communication, but in reality they only interact with the public using email. Bottom line is, they have made it hard to track them.

Below are the details about their whereabouts, use them in case you need to report them or take any action against them.

Address – 45 Joyce Dawson Way, Thamesmead, London, United Kingdom, SE28 8RA

Email –

How does Work? states that they run thorough research on the markets using the macroeconomic approach which helps them identify the directional bias of the underlying asset class. The terminologies used by them might seem professional for the newbies, but it doesn’t provide any value. First of all, if they were really legit, then they would have the courtesy to feature trading history on their website.

Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, the fact that they haven’t disclosed the identity of the fund managers or their performance reports should tell you a lot about their character. Forex and cryptocurrency markets carry high leverage which amplifies the profits as well as losses.

Trading them successfully requires proper risk parameters and strategies which might take years to develop. So, if some stranger on the internet offers you an easy way, be cautious and never proceed with the offer if it is too good to be true.

Investment Plans and Returns

This firm is promising their clients upto 10% returns, they have four different profiles wherein the general principle is to invest more in order to get quick returns. For newbies, the numbers might seem like the holy grail and unfortunately many of them start believing it too. However, you need to accept the core reality that it is all fake and the only reason these crooks have featured them is to lure people into their scheme. Investment Plans

Financial markets provide tons of opportunities for people to make money, but the only catch is to have enough patience and skill set to take advantage of it. Just like any business out there, it is hard to get consistent cash flow from the markets and there is no shortcuts to that.

Affiliate Program

Ponzi scheme and shady marketers are two faces of a coin and they need each other to sustain themselves in the online world. All the marketers of this firm are paid a certain percentage of the revenue they bring in and to keep them on their toes, they even offer custom bonuses and perks. Since the benefits are attractive, the promoters do everything they can to create and manipulate the content the way they want and convince the public to make the deposit.

In short, do not believe any comment or information you come across online and for your own safety always run background checks before commiting your funds. After all, you can’t be too careful nowadays especially when it comes to online activities.

Domain Insights

Take a look at the table below to find out the general information about this domain and website. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 14/11/2019

Expiry – 14/11/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 406,656

Rank in Russia -38,841

Target Audience – Russia, Bangladesh and Turkey Review Conclusion as we have clearly proved above is a ponzi scheme which thrives on new victims, but sooner or later, it will lose its steam and will collapse. In most countries, ponzi models are illegal and if you dabble with them, then your confidential details are at risk. Given their nature and skillset, it is not at all worth your time or money to indulge with them. Lastly, remember not to entertain any business model which claims to make you seemingly easy money.

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