Review – Fraud Alert! is an alleged investment firm which claims to be trading a wide array of financial instruments. Their sales pitch contains the normal get rich quick tag lines used in most of the scams and it is not backed up by any stats or facts. We tried to trace out the administrative side of this firm, but as it turns out they all are hidden from the public and this kind of anonymity is certainly not the trait which is welcomed by the public.

As far as their licenses are considered, know that they are not recognised by relevant government authorities which means they are already violating the law and the consequences it carries will be significant. Moreover, information regarding their mining activity and other allied activities are not complete and specific. In short, indulging with them will put a dent in your bank account and to know why you need to avoid them, continue reading our review. Review

Company, Legality and Support

Any institution which deals with venture capitalism and offers high risk investment opportunities to the public should hold proper paperwork. Since this firm claims to offer services around the world, we tried to find their regulatory status and license numbers. Unfortunately, after thorough sweep across all the major databases we could not find any details about them.

So, it is crystal clear that they are operating illegally and if anyone makes the mistake of trusting them, then they will put all their confidential information at risk. As this platform does not share the details of their founders, we can’t tie any individuals to this little shady scheme.

If customers on their platform need any assistance, then the only way to get through to the customer support staff is via email. Looking at the way this firm is covering up the tracks, it certainly indicates that it will be a difficult task to find their true identity.

How does Work? claims to be involved in trading forex and cryptocurrency markets. According to their website, they supposedly have figured out a strategy which makes you money in a very short period of time. We all can agree that getting rich quick sounds amazing and everyone likes to be involved in it, but do not let ridiculous fantasies keep you from seeing the obvious lie.

Forex and cryptocurrencies display huge amounts of volatility and due to their high leverage, it can be dangerous for some investors. Unless you have back tested your strategy and putting up funds you can afford to lose, stay away from the markets or else it may cause serious problems. As far as crypto mining goes, this firm hasn’t disclosed any information which means we can’t verify anything they say.

To put things into perspective, they have no trading history, no verifiable track record and there isn’t any mandate followed by them. Given these many deadly flaws, it is clear that no one should even think about investing with them because the odds are certainly worse than gambling.

Returns Assured

3% is the ROI promised by the creators of this organisation. We know that for the vast majority of investors, this number might seem achievable and if you are lucky you might hit them a few times in a month. However, statistically speaking it is impossible to sustain 3% per day forever and if anyone could do that, then he or she would be the richest person ever. Investment Plans

Making money from the financial sector always requires a lot of effort and even then you can’t completely eliminate the risks. In short, be prepared to spend a lot of time mastering the art and if you come across someone who is selling a miraculous system, then kindly do yourself a favor by turning down those kinds of offers.

Affiliate Program

Every scam out there always has exceptional marketing abilities because their entire revenue is dependent on that. These con artists have collaborated with shady online marketers wherein both the creators and promoters have hidden agendas and benefits. To get hefty commissions and high incentives, many affiliates create false narratives in the form of reviews and videos, thereby mislead the public.

On the other hand, the creators allow the affiliates to follow any method of marketing and the only thing they care about is the revenue it brings in and to facilitate their efforts, they even hand out custom marketing tools. Due to this ever present conflict of interest, you should never trust any of the parties involved. 

Fake Testimonials

This platform has around 30 to 40 positive comments across many online forums which appears to be cherry picked. The alleged clients have given this firm 5 star reviews and have described their flawless experience and the way it changed their lives. Considering the fact that, there are no negative comments and as there is no way to verify the identity of the clients.

Do not be inclined towards believing them, because most of the scams just flood the forums with bogus profiles to upvote their content and portray themselves like the legit organisations. Nowadays, scammers have evolved and are constantly trying new ways to lure in the investors. So, as a general rule do not believe every information you come across online.

Domain Information

Check out the following table to get a glimpse of the general information about this website. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 20/12/2018

Expiry – 20/12/2024

Alexa Global Rank – 264,517

Rank in Russia – 21,740

Target Audience – United States, Russia and Venezuela Review Conclusion is nothing more than an illegal ponzi scam which has only one motive and that is to transfer money from their client’s pocket to their bank account. The aggressive marketing campaigns done by them indicate that they are experienced and that also means you are less likely to recover your money from them.

Making money is always a pleasant tag line especially in the world of online investing, but remember if it seems too easy, there will always be a catch. To wrap it up, do not interact with this platform in any way for any reason.

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