Review – Cloud Mining Fraud! is yet another firm which claims to provide an easy way for the investors to make money through crypto mining. Their platform is shady and does not contain any credible information about their whereabouts. We couldn’t find any legal document on their website and considering the way they are operating, we strongly believe that they won’t be operational for long.

The general feedback of this company will give you mixed impressions, but don’t let any of that bother you. Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile which means it is best for both investors and traders. However, as the masses are still not completely aware of the way it works, there are many fake platforms out there trying to take your money.

So, before you get tempted by their so called investment schemes, always do your homework and as far as this platform is considered, read our review to know everything about them. Review

Mining Centers, Management Team and Support

When it comes to any form of online investing, it is better to check the legality of the business for your own good. After all, as an investor your first task is to ensure the safety and security of your funds. This platform does not share any details about their legal certificates and any information regarding the employees of the firm are also never disclosed.

The kind of anonymity they are maintaining is beyond tolerable levels and is a big red flag which should tell you a lot about them. Bluffing about their legal status and being mysterious is a classic trait of every scam. So, be cautious with them and regardless of what they tell you, never give them access to your bank accounts.

Moving on to the contact details, they communicate with their clients only through email and they don’t have a standard processing time. If you do get a quick reply, they will push you towards depositing more funds with them and once they have what they need, you will be on their block list. Anyways, if you ever need their contact information to report them to authorities, the following table will help you.

Address – Nuv Mining, 101A Freetown Road, Belize City, Belize

Email –

How does Work? is a cloud mining solution, their main intention is to make mining affordable and easy for the retail investors. Though, there is nothing wrong with the mining business model, this firm has twisted the narrative to their advantage and are using it to make money by misleading the public. They claim to have multiple mining farms across the globe, but they haven’t published any specific addresses to verify their statements.

Moreover, any data regarding the costs involved, hedging methods and maintenance costs are not revealed. In short, they are expecting the public to deposit with them without knowing the risks and the basic parameters involved. Passive income through online investing in theory might sound exciting.

However, do not let that sheer excitement and greed blind you from seeing the truth. At the end of the day, if any platform makes bold claims and is unable to prove anything like this firm, then take a step back and turn down their offer. 

Mining Plans and Returns

There are 6 types of mining contracts ranging from 0.004 BTC to 3 BTC. According to the latest mining calculators, the first 4 plans have negative rates and will impact your account in a drastic manner and are not worth getting into. On the other end of the spectrum, if everything remains the same, then you can theoretically make 180% ROI, but if this platform gets shut down out of the blue or if cryptos fall off the cliff, then you won’t be able to do anything about it. Mining Plans

So, be careful and position yourself strategically, because crypto mining has evolved a lot in the last few years and the competition is fierce. In case something goes sideways, make sure you have appropriate options or futures contracts to minimise the risk as much as possible.


This platform has left a large number of testimonials behind and they can be witnessed on many platforms. Below are the comments made by some users on Trustpilot, check them out to know more about them. Do note that, they have got numerous positive comments which are too good to be true. So, don’t believe every statement you see online blindly.

Since over 1month nuvmining dashboard update. earnings still low. always the same answer. not now invest on nuvmining! wait better.

let see what happen today.


I do a update, if nuvmining 100% back.


UPDATE 05.03.2020 service is not available to residents of the United States. I come from germany.

UPDATE 06.03.2020 I can log in and dailyearnings still low. I lost Dashcoin on my dashbalance. Email was send yesterday to support. Still no answer.

UPDATE 08.03.2020 No answer. Dont invest nuvmining. No true comments here.

UPDATE 09.03.2020 No answer. I open a Ticket and again email to support.

UPDATE 11.03.2020 No answer ticket and email. Daily earnings still low. Nuv is not a safe investment company.


Ok so it started off well, the promise of 6x hash power was just to good to not take advantage of. Then suddenly Mining power becomes Bonus mining power. Cannot withdraw Bonus? Mining earnings dropped by 90% and NO explanation from Support. Not Good at all….Now they say they were hacked? We must be patient while the site is fixed and everything is restored!!!! I will be patient for now. If not fixed, restored in a reasonable time with updates on progress, will contact Support and let them know that they will be reported as a SCAM site by all available means including social media, blogs and site checks. Let’s hope I’m wrong , unfortunately I think we have been duped. The saying goes. When something sounds to good to be true, it normally is not true. 6 X hash…. possibly to good to be true!!!! We will see soon enough, if it is Another stupid Scam I personally will be sick in my stomach, I’m already so sick of these Scammers.

Domain Insights

Using and, we got a few details about the demographics of this website which will be listed below. Sadly, we were unable to trace out the details of the owners and creators.

Domain –

Registered On – 18/08/2019

Expiry – 18/08/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 54,419

Rank in Cuba – 569

Audience – Cuba, Brazil and Algeria Review Conclusion is not the kind of firm which you can rely on. Their past is shady and the narratives don’t check out in many cases. They are not transparent and their offerings are very steep. So, turn down all their offers and never indulge with them for any reason or else you will face some serious consequences.

Have you tried mining platform? Were you able to get a positive ROI? Let us know your answer by commenting below.



    Hi, I have been free mining on Virtualminingfarm for a few weeks and this week they are trying to push me into buying an upgrade and they have now linked Anonax Cryptocurrency Exchange Spelt incorrectly There spelling cryptocurrenct and so googled Anonax and came across this video on youtube, stating both companies are scam sites so check on your list and didn’t see either name so thought I would share with you and this great community,

  2. Morris Amule Vucia

    Do not attempt them, they are scammers, in simple plain terms.

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