Aaron-capital.com Review – Stay Away from this Scam

Aaron-capital.com is supposedly a high tech trading firm which will earn you money on an automated basis. They allegedly are involved with the crypto markets and blockchain markets wherein they earn anywhere between 15% to 300% per day. If you have a reasonable understanding of economics, then you already know that those kinds of numbers cannot be sustained.

Depending upon their location, most investment firms are required to be regulated. However, on this platform we couldn’t find any kind of legal document which would have increased their credibility. Moreover, it is impossible to trace the identity of any of their employees or founders which means, they clearly are professional crooks. The law around crypto is still for the most part loose and it contains a lot of loopholes.

So, before indulging with this firm for any reason, go through our complete review and understand their real nature and then make an informed decision.

Aaron-capital.com Review

Company, Incorporation and Customer Support

In the last couple of years, the fake platforms around the cryptocurrency niche has exploded. Many people have lost a lot of money to these hybrid scammers online and the only way to fight against this issue is by educating the audience about the way the underlying instruments work. After all, the government authorities by themselves can’t eradicate the frauds overnight, right?

This firm claims to be situated in the United States and has the courage to feature a physical address. For a lot of newbies and unsuspecting investors, the gimmicks found on this platform might be convincing enough to deposit with them. Sadly, the reality dictates otherwise and the facts we found about them are just undeniable.

For starters, they are not recognized by any authorities at all and that means they definitely are operating illegally and have high conflict of interest with the clients. After searching their entire platform, we found out that the only way of contacting them is via email and they don’t have any standard procedure of handling them.

So, keeping in mind all the factors discussed till now, isn’t it obvious that they are going to extreme lengths to remain anonymous? If they really made 300% ROI daily, then why are they not hiring dedicated staff for customer support and offering telephone assistance?

How does Aaron-capital.com Work?

Aaron-capital.com claims to make money from employing proprietary strategies which allegedly have a high win rate. They are also said to be trading only one instrument and that is bitcoin. We all already know that bitcoin is the most volatile asset ever and in the markets volatility means opportunity.

However, do not assume that it is easy to time every trade right and statistically speaking unless you have proven back tested strategies, the chances of losing money will always be present. This firm hasn’t disclosed any of their trading history on their website. On top of that, they have outright refused to share the details and track record of the people responsible for handling the funds.

In short, they have nothing to backup their so called accomplishments and they are expecting the public to trust them blindly. Trading is a game of probability and it is ruled by numbers and other parameters. If you are planning to skip the metrics part, then losing your funds will become inevitable and that’s why every professional trader or investor mention the importance of it every now and then. 

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 6 investment plans offered by this company and the returns range from 15% daily to a staggering 300% after 24 hours. The numbers portrayed are eye catching and lures in many people. However, let us take a step back and do some math.

Aaron-capital.com Investment Plans

300% ROI is statistically unsustainable in the markets or in any other sector and even if it was possible, would they give the secret sauce to the public, instead of becoming billionaires? The kind of manipulation tactics used by them are pretty obvious and they are desperate too. So, don’t give them a chance to convince you otherwise and never give them access to your funds for your own safety.

Affiliate Program

Platforms like this one needs a lot of traffic boost, because they know that they will not be around for long and in order to make more money, they have to do well in the short term. To increase their reach and establish themselves like legit institutions, these crooks offer an affiliate program.

The partner program encourages anyone who has access to web traffic to monetize their traffic by spreading false narratives and that is the main reason behind all the positive reviews about this fraud organisation. As you can clearly see the way various people with conflict of interest are working with each other, it is better not to indulge with them in any way or else you are putting your confidential information and money at risk.


There are a ton of positive comments sprinkled across their platform. The feedback creates a sense of social validation and gives them the title of being transparent. Newbies always get excited whenever they encounter these kind of gimmicks, but the reality is not similar to the things these fraudsters are portraying. First of all, know that all the comments you see are from bogus user profiles and the images shown are stock photos.

Aaron-capital.com Fake User Profiles

So, clearly they are trying to give a false impression to the investors and the ways they are employing are not only unethical, but also illegal. Hopefully, now you understand the need to check the facts you see online, because most of the time, the actual scenario will be entirely different.

Aaron-capital.com Review Conclusion

Aaron-capital.com is a ponzi type scam and anyone who indulges with them for long will get a dent in their bank account. Their business model is designed to take money from naive investors and looking at the way they are operating so far. We don’t think you will ever get your money back once they have access to your funds. In short, say no to this firm and any kind of unregulated entities which make bold claims, but does not provide adequate evidence.

Have you lost money to Aaron-capital.com fake trading platform? Feel free to share your story with our community by commenting below.


  1. Ed

    Anyonr can check this one :Harperoption.com
    Been contacted to invest but not sure


      looks too good to be true Ed 24% daily profit forever, that my first alarm bell, wait for scambitcoin to review it before investing bud,

      • Ed

        Graham, My feelings exactly, why i requested review on this one..

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