UnicoinTrades Review

Unicoin Trades (UnicoinTrades.com) is an online cryptocurrency investment and mining operation that was created on October 26th, 2017 by an unknown entity.

unicointrades.com - Unicoin Trades

Unicoin Trades Review

Unicoin Trades, short for Universal Coin Trades, claims to operate as an online platform that enables cryptocurrency investors the ability to enroll with one of their lucrative investment and crypto mining plans.

As expected, only Bitcoin deposits are accepted through Unicoin Trades while investment and mining plans fluctuate between a price tag of $2,000 to $50,0000. Disclosed below are the following plans offered through Universal Coin Trades:


Deposit: $2,000 – $4,900

Daily Return: 1.25%

Approximate Annual Return: 456.25%


Deposit: $5,000 – $9,900

Daily Return: 1.27%

Approximate Annual Return: 463.55%


Deposit: $10,000 – $19,900

Daily Return: 1.29%

Approximate Annual Return: 470.85%


Deposit: $20,000 – $49,900

Daily Return: 1.31%

Approximate Annual Return: 478.15%


Deposit: $50,000 – $99,900

Daily Return: 1.33%

Approximate Annual Return: 485.45%

As stated on Unicoin Trades About Us page, they use the SHA256 algorithm, although no reference to their employed mining hardware or data centers are referenced. In addition, the site fails to disclose information regarding how an investors deposited funds are handled, which likely means that Unicoin Trades solely functions as a mining platform.

Unicoin Trades renders an unsustainable business model by promoting lifelong memberships with unrealistically high annual returns. To add, UnicoinTrades.com operates as an anonymous platform and doesn’t provide any ownership information.

Disclosed near the footer of their site would be two physical addresses which are as followed: 251 W. 30th St, Chelsea SQ Floor 9, Chelsea New York City, NY, USA and 47 Welbeck Street, London, W1G 8DZ, England.

When both addresses are searched one address comes up as a night club while the other as a telecommunications service providers, therefore indicating to us that these addresses are inacccurate.

According to WHOIS, Unicoin Trades was a privately registered domain that was created on October 26th, 2017 through the PDR Ltd domain registrar.

Other disclosed contact information would be the telephone number 1 (863) 271-7926 along with supportcenter@unicointrades.com and customerservice@unicointrades.com.

Unicoin Trades Scam

Unicoin Trades employs a slow loading and sloppy interface while failing to disclose crucial ownership and functionality information, therefore, needless to say, we were unimpressed with their site.

Other characteristics we weren’t impressed with would be how their site claims to have been in operation since 2014, yet a WHOIS search confirms their site was created in late 2017. To add to the discrepancies, Unicoin Trades employs photoshopped images to serve as their own testimonials.

Furthermore, the site possess a feeble SimilarWeb global rank of 7,064,279 as of February 2018.

Unicoin Trades operates anonymously, lacks integrity and deceptively incorporates fictitious elements into their domain to serve as a credibility crutch. It is obvious that Unicoin Trades is NOT trustworthy and should be avoided!

Have you suffered losses to Unicoin Trades? Please report any feedback, insight or opinions you may have by sharing a comment below!


  1. Chris Whitehead

    I received a call from “Mr. Garry” today letting me know about a new investment opportunity. Pretty gutsy.

    • Chris Whitehead

      The new “company” is called CrestCoin Managers.

  2. Sonia Botha

    We were scammed too, $10 000 gone (R132 500). It was money that was inherited but still. Friends of ours invested the minimum and actually made a successful withdrawal and we thought this is legit. Has anyone else made contact with them recently? or received a pay out?

  3. Chris Whitehead

    I have been intermittently checking back over at the site to see what it is looking like these days and it appears that the UNICOINTRADES domain is now also being used to host a fake Chase banking website to try and skim usernames and passwords- [hint, if you bank with Chase DO NOT try to log in to this page]

  4. Matthew Grace

    It would be nice to know where all “Investors” reside? I am no expert with the computer however did anyone get screen shots for evidence? we just need to find out as much information possible about this scam and hand it over to the Hawks or Interpol to investigate as they may well be part of a syndicate of scams like this… Possibly same people all involved… Those who have information and will to open a case and the scamsters are caught there is a potential payout if caught and a long terms jail sentence…

  5. Matthew

    Yip me! Bloody bastards… Zipped me for USD2200 eish…! R25 000… WAKAKA! After just been scammed already and this all been new to me I thought that I need to find another way to make my losses back and I was told this is legit but twice caught and the last… When ever I tried to withdrawal no e-mail sent to me and bloody passed off!

  6. Finnie Mulaisho

    I have fallen victim too,I’ve invested into bitcoin with a sum off $2000 and this is the money I got from work when I was dismissed and thought to invest with encouragement from workmates. Yah I just need my money back because that’s all I have at the moment, and biggest mistake I did was to even avoid take my son to college and decided to invest.
    Am not happy I think I will involve Interpol .

  7. Aluko Success

    As a matter of fact, i invested into Unicointrades through my wife and we have downlines that are more than 10 that we brought into it. I started getting agitated when withdrawals are not going through. These scammers Thompson Gilbert and Claus were chatting with us with these numbers +1(951)999-6121; +1(951)999-6194 and +1(609)301-0232. The people we introduced put in thousands of dollars. I pray and hope that nemesis will catch up with them

  8. carnelian

    i have just fallen victim too.. whoever is behind this has swindled millions of dollars from most people in Africa. does anyone know how the people behind can be caught please??

    • Leslipam

      I just tried to login to unicointrades and it’s gone nothing. I was introduced to it by Gilbert Thompson whom am finding out is a scammer and probably not his real name. I was chatting with him on WhatsApp. This is so bad

      • Chris Whitehead

        I also noticed yesterday that the site appeared to be offline. It still is this morning. Just as a last-ditch attempt I applied for a profit withdrawal last week and, of course, I did not see anything happen. No money, no correspondence, no returned emails or texts other than the automatically generated ones by the system.

        • Bryan Deaver-Ryan

          They claim that they are only paying out to the top investors bc they haven’t made enough money to pay everyone else. I am paraphrasing this, but that’s the basic jest of it. I will not rest until I see these MRer’s caged! Here are some names for you…. Claus Bouchard…. Gilbert Thompson… Brian J. Ingram…. Bobby Clifford…. John Bao Meng… Miguel Arturo…. IF ANY of these people ‘friend’ you on social media or try to get you to invest, report them immediately. They are scamming cowards! I only hope one of them read this and want to meet me! ….. oh yeah, and they still haven’t paid me squat AND their web site is down!

          • carnelian

            Bryan they better pay everyone back what sort of nonsense is this. I should have trusted my guts …… I am so praying that they get caught. Could someone get Interpol to help

  9. Chris Whitehead

    I called and actually got someone who answered the phone @
    (609) 301-0232 but they just told me to text them my issues and they would look into it. His name was Gary. British accent.
    This number is different than what is on their website. I am STILL waiting for any kind of feedback or return of my investment.

    • John

      LAUREL SPRI, NJ. is where this number showed up on my search online. This was a scam, so unless someone find the person who ran this scam your money is gone.

      • Chris Whitehead

        Well, it is a Google Voice number. You can select a Google number from almost any area code. Though the number is Laurel Spring, NJ he could be in Seattle or Baton Rouge.

  10. Sophia Vorster

    I am so disgusted and frustrated with Unicoin Trades!! I also believed in them because a friend which I trusted referred me to them… But for the past TWO MONTHS I have been trying to withdraw money, but NOTHING happens besides the auto reply email that you get after applying. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THESE BITCOIN SCAMS THAT I TRUST NOBODY ANYMORE!!! Could you PLEASE ALSO ADD MY NAME TO YOUR LIST when making a case against Unicoin Trades???

    • nunabtc

      Hi Sophia.. dont be mad at your friend.. Your friend probably didnt know it was a scam.. I was like that too. .Promoted, promoted, and when it was time to withdraw, nothing.. I began to realize they ALL have FAKE profile accounts, Anyone tagged in their posts are apart of the scam and Gilbert Thompson is the worst!

      • John

        yup, I am the reason Gilberts profile got deleted. I found the real persons FB profile that they stole it from. And the real guy reported Gilberts profile to FB and FB deleted it. The real guy was from Australia. All the profiles are copied from real people.

  11. Bryan Deaver Ryan

    Unicoin Trades is a scam! IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY, keep it away from them! IF an idiot by the name of GILBERT THOMPSON tells you he is going to have ANYthing to do with your money RUN RUN RUN!!! HE will run away, stop communication and not ONCE did their customer service EVER respond to ONE, SINGLE ticket that was ‘generated!’ We are still waiting for our withdrawal but honestly after ZERO communication, ZERO returned emails, and not ONE returned call, we have initiated a request for our FULL money back! We will go to war over it. We are planning complaints w the cyber fraud unit of the fbi, releases of all communication to media outlets, and release of info to other government regulation agencies to include EVERY Attorney’s General of EVERY state they do business! If anyone wants to join this fight, email me at Dritrades@dri3.com and stay tuned!

    • Dinah

      I am also a victim and there is a number of people i know who are in the same boat. I want to join the fight against these scammers.

      • Bryan Deaver-Ryan

        We are planning to turn THOUSANDS of documents and profiles over to federal authorities! Email me ANY info you want to include at DRItrades@DRI3.com

    • Kevin

      I invested $ 10 000 into Unicoin and my story is the same as everyone else – beautiful display of returns, but no response when attempting to withdraw.
      A colleague invested $ 1 000 and lost it like I did.
      In the even of investigators obtaining records, these are the two registrations
      kevin@bigb.co.za and admin@bigb.co.za
      I will help in any way I can.
      +27 081 5285289
      South Africa

    • Peter Chikasi

      I am also a victim of Unicoin trades I have lost thousands of dollars together with all those I also introduced. Now I feel that I should not have encouraged any other person. Let some one assist us get our money back.

  12. John

    Here is one of the fake profiles – facebook.com/davidt.wilson.5268

    • Bryan Deaver-Ryan

      Yeah, he is one of the little scamming, punk-ass-bitches that blocked us on facebook when we found out Unicoin Trades was nothing but a big scam!… If you see this goon on social media, run bc he is a POS!

  13. John

    Unicoin is a scam. I found a real facebook person profile who was using a fake profile to promote unicointrade. All photos were same, but some of the photos on the fake account are private photos on the real account. So how does someone steal your private photos? This is why I think I have found one of them.
    All the facebook profiles are fake. Bobby Clifford is one of the fake accounts. Admin, I would love to know where the IP location is coming from? I can share more with you on this, if you want. Email me please.

  14. (hidden) so the scammers don

    Admin, can you get in contact with me. I have found a lot of info on this. Would be glad to share what I have found with you. I too was unfortunately scammed, but thankfully only small amount.

    • Hidden

      Please share the info with me. I have a possible address where one of them is operating from too. Do they steal and use pics from real people and then operate the profiles? would like to understand how they manage to do what they did.

  15. Eric

    Unicoin is 100% a scam. I was contacted on Facebook from this group and I deposited money and left it there for 5 months. Upon requesting a small withdraw the “account manager “ told me it takes 2 days to receive my money. Here we are 3 weeks later and now the account manager is not returning my messages and I am not getting a response from customer service. Also no bitcoin in my wallet. 100% a scam.

    • Christy

      Eric, I agree, I have also been scammed. my account manager was very helpful at first but now ignores my messages since last week

      • Bryan Deaver-Ryan

        Let me guess…. Gilbert Thompson?

  16. Duba

    I am the recent victim as i deposited my $200 on sunday without reading these and upto now the investment isnt reflecting and their customer service and account manager aint responding.Their phone provided on the page isnt going through.Would you provide us with the legitimate sites.

  17. Lioness

    Yes, Unicoin Trades is scam that is defrauding people and stealing their money! Warning, don’t invest!!! After a $500 investment for the period of 36 business days; many e-mail inquiries to customer support center; no withdrawals can be made! Just many useless support tickets issued! I phoned the tel.no. provided on the website on 25 April and a man (who sounded like an Indian man) answered the phone. When I confronted him and asked him what is the problem why I cannot withdraw my profits that they promised on their website? he said he is very busy and he cannot speak to me now, then he ended the call. I send a few Whats App messages to that same number with screenshots from my dashboard showing the proof of the profits that they owe me. I saw on the confirmation check marks that he read each message everyday until 27 April. Then he deleted the Unicoin trades profile photo and didn’t answer any calls or messages again. But, they still leave their website open to unsuspecting people to ‘invest’ into their fraudulent scam! People should be warned and their website should be shut down!!!

  18. nunabtc

    Hard to admit it but Unicoins is a scam. i was invested, pushing hard and then time came to withdraw and nothing.. no support, no email no money! they seem legit with all their posts but its not real.. definitely a ponzi

  19. Chris Whitehead

    I made an initial transfer with them of just over $1000. Thankfully it was money that I had not budgeted for so if I don’t get it back I won’t be too heartbroken. Disappointed, yes, but not heartbroken.

    I have put in multiple support tickets, received ticket number generation emails but never any follow up for anything that was not deposit related. It currently looks l iike they just got $1000 of my money and $230 of my son’s money.

  20. Daff Kugis

    I invested the minimum amount $100USD, cause I wasn’t 100% trusting of the platform? To this date 19/04/18 I have $220USD, and I have tried 3 times just to withdraw $100USD back out and NO SUCH LUCK! I received confirmation emails to say withdrawal will take a few days to process, and guess what? NO SUCH LUCK! “STAY AWAY”! Unless you want to lose your MONEY like I did 🙁

    • Deon

      Same here. Made withdrawal of $1 250 which is 50% of initial investment. I got paid out $160 only. This was on 9 April. Support is non existent.

      Please go to my site where I want to expose them. Surely we must be able to do something to have them arrested or something.


  21. Deon

    I have been with them since 26 February 2018. I just got a mail stating that Pool 0 & 1 only pay out now after 30 days and not 20. I must say that this leaves me uncomfortable. Support also does not reply within 30 minutes as stated here on page 11: unicointrades.com/images/UNIVERSALCOINTRADESbrochure.pdf

    Will appreciate some comforting news from current investors.

  22. Eric

    Where is all this coming from?
    Have been with unicointrades for 8 months now and I don’t have any problem nor complains ..so please watch it

    • Admin

      Seems like another fake comment. The IP is very similar to the one used by “Bobby Clifford” below.

      • John

        can you please email me? I want to help expose these frauds. Would like to get your thoughts on what I have found. Thanks

      • Bryan Deaver-Ryan

        That is bc Bobby Clifford is a fake, coward who is part of the fraud and scam!

  23. Gabriel penn

    This information isn’t founded, cause unicointrades pays me constantly and has transformed my financial status.

    • Admin

      This is a fake comment which came from the same IP as the comment from sanc112425225 below.

    • Bryan Deaver Ryan

      You are fake! Unicointrades is a scam!

  24. Bobby Clifford

    I invested with Universal Coin Trades and I got paid and I’m still getting paid. I don’t think they’re scammers.

    • Catherine

      I’m sorry I ever reached out to you and inquired about Unicoin Trades, Bobby. You were so nice over FB chat…even flattering to me. Was that just to make me feel good about my investment? I was taken in by the promises of this scheme, but to date I have never received a single penny back from my investment with this company. I have tried more than once to withdraw. I waited days before inquiring each time, to allow plenty of time for the process to occur, but nothing ever comes through to my BTC wallet. The one time I got a response they told me that their servers had been updated so all withdrawals had been reversed, so I should try again. So, I did and…nothing. Support is almost impossible to reach. I have opened ticket after ticket that are ignored. Once in a blue moon, I might get a response, but that is not normal. But, I have asked more than once…who is my account manager? Where is my withdrawal? Why are you holding my downline’s Litecoin hostage, when you told them after they deposited that you don’t accept Litecoin? They are not responding to these questions. I guess they are just too difficult to answer.

    • Bryan Deaver Ryan

      You are fake! Unicointrades is fake!

    • Bryan Deaver Ryan

      Then where did you run to like a little punk you are? You and your girlfriends block us and steal our money and block us… You are fake and Karma is a bitch, just remember that buddy! This guy is part of the SCAM!

  25. sanc112425225

    Read this post till the end and dissapointed is an understatement. Lol.
    You guys even know about Unicointrades?
    Been with them for about 17 months now.
    I’m a writer and this writeup is a sorry piece, get to really know about the company.
    E for effort 👎

    • Bryan Deaver Ryan

      The only ‘sorry piece’ is you and these fake-ass scammers. It is CLEAR by your comment that you are one of these scamming prics! Karma will catch up with you all some day!

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