Review – SCAM makes some pretty big claims in terms of profit potential. They claimed to be SEC compliant and their narratives are simply yet effective enough to convince the newbies.

If you take a look at the returns they promise, it ranges between 800% to over 1000%. The funny thing is that they never talk about the time frame required to reach the end goal.

Also, it goes without saying that all of their statements are absolutely fake and manipulative in nature. This firm in reality is led by cyber criminals and the real identity of the people involved are hidden for obvious reasons.

If you are thinking about using this service, we suggest not to do that because it will never ever end well. Cryptocurrency and forex markets are indeed legitimate.

However, making money via trading isn’t easy and anyone that claims otherwise will have a hidden agenda. Stick with us till the end to learn about the sneaky ways used by this scam to loot the public.

Is Really SEC Registered?

This firm claims to be registered with the SEC. They are trying their best to appear just like a legitimate investment firm. Nonetheless, if you do some digging, it isn’t that hard to find the truth about their real nature.

For starters, know that they are not regulated. Almost all of their claims in terms of legality is a bluff and the kind of activities they are conducting are criminal in nature.

The only reason they have artificially enhanced their profile is to convince people into depositing with them. So, do not fall for their traps instead see through the false narratives and it will shield you from a lot of harm.

After all, regulators would never allow firms that promise triple digit returns in the first place, right?

Contact Details

One of the easiest ways of gauging a firm is to look at the contact details. Regulated firms are always open with the clients and they make it a point to stay connected with the people.

Scams on the other hand, use the kind of communication methods that enhance their anonymity factor and nothing else bothers them. does not share any information about their whereabouts and apart from a generic email address, there is no way to get in touch with them.

Now, the question is, do you want to get tangled with a firm that refuses to maintain transparent relations with the public?

Don’t you think it is an obvious trap?

How does it work?

According to the data we found on their platform, this firm supposedly makes money by trading forex and cryptocurrencies. The content on their website talks about general things surrounding the markets mentioned above.

However, there is no detail or evidence put up by them to back any of their claims. For example, they never talk about their actual trading strategy. The way they manage risk is unknown and trading history or audited reports are not available.

As there is zero proof available, if anyone proceeds with them, then it is nothing short of a gamble. Broken narratives and lack of details are traits of a fake investment platform.

As far as this firm is considered, they have every red flag one can think of. Since the signs are obvious, it does not make any sense to associate with them in any way. Returns and Claims

Cryptocurrency and forex markets experience a lot of volatility on a daily basis. While people love volatility, you need to be careful or else the consequences might be severe.

This platform guarantees returns running from 800% to 1,000%, but the catch is the maturity period is not known. Moreover, given their nature, the chances of getting money back from them is zero.

Using high pressure marketing tricks and incorporating big numbers is what scams do. While the temptation kicks in, just make sure to think rationally. At the end of the day, as long as you are patient enough to think things through, you will be safe.

Coming back to the returns claims, it is also a lie for sure.


Regardless of what this firm claims to be, the user feedback says otherwise. Apart from one or two comments on Trustpilot, there is no information about them on the web. Of course, they seem to be handling the hatred very well.

Nonetheless, the stories of the victims will make its way to the top and it is just a matter of time. If they were really helping their clients make money, then don’t you think they would be a viral entity by now?

Keeping a tight grip on user generated content online is something only cyber criminals would do. So, next time if you cannot spot any social proof, then proceed cautiously. Remember, lack of transparency with scarce data is always a telltale sign of a hustle. Scam in a Nutshell is a scam and there are no second thoughts about it. They are unregulated, operating anonymously and they have got every reason to stay in the shadows.

Investors are bound to lose money if they buy any of their so-called investment plans. Plus, the amount of irregularities present with them is long and almost impossible to cover. For best results, avoid platforms like this and talk to a financial planner before you pull the trigger.


Cryptocurrency and forex related scams on the internet are something that spreads like cancer. For the time being, it is impossible to put an end to them. So, the only way to prevent the damage is to spread awareness.

Once enough people are aware about the reality of the markets, these kinds of frauds will disappear.

Do not indulge with firms like that claims to make you money overnight!


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