Petro Profit Review – SCAM Exposed!

Petro Profit is a new viral high-yield investment program that is looting the public. They provide outright insane returns on capital and make some of the most ridiculous claims ever.

Their operational model is said to be based on cryptocurrencies, but that is not the way it works. Many newbies might be attracted to their flashy and glittering claims. Before you indulge with them go through our review to find out about their true nature. Petro Profit Review

Registration and Customer Care

Petro Profit handles the money raised by the public. So, they must adhere to regulations. However, this firm has ignored all of the legal norms. We checked the FCA to see if we can trace out any details of this company, but it was nothing more than a dead end.

Whenever a company is not registered and is not transparent, then it is the first sign of trouble. They advertise themselves as regulated, but do not fall for that cheap gimmick.

There are a few contact information on their website. However, if you need any type of assistance from them, then know that it’s never going to happen. They might interact with you until you deposit with them, but once you deposit, it is game over. Below is the rundown of their contact details.

Address – 10-25 Queen St, Belfast, Glasgow, DC Fr 52.

Email –,

How does Petro Profit handle the Funds?

We personally don’t think anyone has the faintest idea about that. On their website, they state that they are involved with the ICO sector and day trading. Apart from the one-line explanation, there is no tangible proof to support their statement.

There are no verifiable trading records on their platform and they do not even shed light on their strategy as well. Without being aware of the underlying indicators, parameters, and accuracy of their system, it feels like gambling rather than trading.

Day trading is a profitable activity, but if you are not mentally prepared and equipped with a process, it is going to break your account. Easy money is always attractive, but remember to exercise caution whenever things are too good to be true.

Profits Advertised

More than 90% of retail traders lose. So, it is important for you to understand that it takes effort to make a consistent stream of income from the markets. This firm advertises returns which range from 12% hourly all the way up to 800% after 3 days.

Do you honestly believe this kind of return is possible? We hope not because it is statistically impossible to achieve it. Here are the details of the investment plans on their website.

Plan 1

Returns – 12% Hourly

Duration – 16 Hours

Minimum Deposit – $2

Plan 2

Returns – 5% Hourly

Duration – Forever

Minimum Deposit – $250

Plan 3

Returns – 250%

Duration – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $1000

Plan 4

Returns – 800%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $2000

Domain Insight

Below are the important details of this website. However, note that we couldn’t trace the identity of the actual creators.

Domain –

Registered on – 03/03/2019

Expires on – 03/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 913,830

Rank in Vietnam – 14,690

Major Traffic Sources – Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

Major Concerns

This aspect cannot be covered fully because it’s never-ending. So, we have listed the main topics below.

Fake Statistics

This platform portrays a withdrawal screenshot on its homepage. The image is clearly fake with just fake profiles attached to them. They are doing this only to seem like a professional institution while in reality, they are just crooks. Petro Profit Fake Proof

Social proof might seem legit to the unsuspecting eyes, but if you do not find solid proof, then do not sign up. Moreover, think rationally about why would they falsely represent their payouts, if everything was truly legit.

Ponzi Model

The only reason as to how they sustain their business model is a ponzi-type scheme. It is an ancient trick of the majority of the scams. Basically, they use the money brought in by the new client to pay the older ones. So, their income is mainly dependent on their marketing capabilities.

Since their model is flawed, they will gradually crumble and will flee away with your money. So, be careful if you come across their website. Regardless of how they might pitch their idea, never ride the hype.


The actual creator of this whole platform seems to be a professional scammer. We searched every way to trace out his identity, but sadly we didn’t succeed. This kind of behaviour definitely rings some bells and the air of anonymity is undeniably overwhelming.

Investing online is a nice and efficient way to earn a living but it is those kinds of companies that bring a bad name to the industry as a whole. In short, if a firm is unregulated, then it’s better to stay away from it.


On June 16, 2023, we received the following complaint from a Botswana person who reported losing $15: 

I sent funds to Petroprofits, a company claiming to be a Bitcoin mining company.

Petro Profit Review Conclusion

Petro Profit is just a classic HYIP that is rumored to have paid some clients in the beginning. However, given their rogue business model, it is not at all worth the risk. Do not let greed lind you in the world of hot sectors. Remember it is the skill and efforts which will earn you consistent returns over the long run.

If you have any feedback regarding this firm, then please let us know in the comments section.


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