Review – Gambling HYIP is a gambling platform which supposedly has used machine learning concept to make insane returns. Just like all the scams, this one too has not revealed any details about their creators or employees. Moreover, even the certificates they have featured on their platform are misleading the public. They do not have any kind of insurance policy as they portray on their website and they are conducting activities which are outright illegal.

Making money from pretty much any sector is never easy and requires a ton of effort. While online gambling sector is both exciting and entertaining, do not think of it as your one way ticket to the riches. Join us in this review and find out the flaws on this platform and the reasons as to why you need to avoid them. Review

Legality, Creators and Customer Support

Any firm regardless of which sector it operates in are subject to certain guidelines, especially when they are raising money from the public for their activities. Due to the high conflict of interest gambling sector has always been plagued by scammers and manipulators. After all, your win means a direct cut in their pocket. So, always put up only the kind of amount you can afford to lose and never let desperateness push you towards wagering more.

We ran a search on this firm and there weren’t any details about them on the database of any regulatory authority. So, without a shadow of doubt know that they are bluffing and are bound to face criminal prosecution sooner or later. Almost all the legit firms remain completely transparent with the public and that involves revealing the details of the founders and creators.

However, this company is not like that and given the facts we discussed above isn’t it obvious that they are remaining anonymous for a reason? As far as customer support goes, the only way to interact with them is through email. So, the bottom line is they clearly understand how to cover up their tracks and it will be a herculean task to trace them.

How does Work?

According to the narrative on their website, the clients just have to choose the amount they wish to deposit, wait for the predetermined period and then collect the profits. In theory, this way is certainly everyone’s dream, but the problem is the world never works in that way. Gambling at the end of the day carries enormous risk and unless you have a clear statistical edge, you won’t be able to make money.

They say that, they have incorporated machine learning to decode the poker game and win consistently. However, they haven’t put up any kind of evidence to support their claims. If they really developed a bot which could simply beat the entire gambling system, then why are they hesitating to offer free trial or offer demo services?

The main reason, they are avoiding it is because they have nothing of value to offer and they are only interested in getting access to your funds. Once they have the money, they will make the clients dance to their tunes and will loot them sooner or later.

Returns Promised

The funny thing about this part is that, they guarantee upto 80% ROI per month. Let’s get a little nerdy and do the math, if you compound the returns and sustain 80% monthly, then you will surpass Warren Buffett’s net worth in roughly a couple of years and become a billionaire. Main question is, do you really believe in this kind of opportunity? Plans

If getting rich was so easy, then why aren’t everyone on Earth doing it already? Their idea is simple, they are just implanting easy money making ideas on the mind of innocent people and are making a fortune for themselves.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials

On their website there is a dedicated section for reviews and testimonials wherein they showcase all the comments and so called payment proofs. For newbies, that might be a transparent gesture, but in reality their motive is a lot more evil. All the comments seem to be from anonymous user profiles and there is no way to verify anything they say.

Moreover, there isn’t even a single negative comments so far. So, it is clear that they are filtering comments and are approving only the good ones thereby creating false impression. Now, hopefully you understand the trap they have created and that is why as a rule of thumb you shouldn’t believe anything you see on the internet blindly.

Domain Details

Below we have gathered the general info on this website. Source –,

Domain –

Registered On – 03/12/2019

Expiry – 03/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 205,770

Rank in Russia – 12,930

Target Audience – Russia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan Review Conclusion is not connected with any reputable gambling platforms. They have created a story around the poker game and are following ponzi operational model. Their only true agenda is to take your money and if you indulge with them sooner or later you will get scammed. For your own safety avoid interacting with these crooks and never chase any get rich quick schemes.

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