Review – Subtle Crypto Fraud is an alleged investment firm which is involved in trading and mining the popular cryptocurrencies. There are quite a few details about their whereabouts and their so called team which might seem like a transparent gesture at first. After we did a little digging, their entire narrative was found to be bogus and we are going to discuss that part in detail later in the review.

Fearing the consequences for their ill motivated actions, this firm hasn’t revealed any actual details about their whereabouts. In case if you are wondering about the legality of their operation, then know that they are in direct violation of law. The number of things wrong with them just seem to increase every time we take a closer look at them.

Before you take any kind of decision regarding them, go through our review once and let the raw facts give you the clarity. Review

Founders, Company and Contact Details

Almost all of the legit investment firms boast about their background, accomplishments and founders. After all, a team is what makes a large firm succeed, right? This platform proudly shares the details of their employees and talks in-depth about the founder Ryan Silbert who allegedly made millions trading cryptocurrencies. Fake Profile

There are a number of images showcasing their members on their website. However, when we tried to validate their story, things started falling apart way too quickly. For starters, we couldn’t verify the existence of any of their employees and the entire story of Ryan is nothing, but a fantasy. Moreover, the images used by them are stock photos which means they have bluffed about pretty much everything.

Think for a minute, why are they creating false narratives unless they have evil motives? As they have not disclosed any of their contact details, we couldn’t verify the existence of their firm. We searched every regulatory authority website to find any details of this firm and the results were disappointing. They clearly are not authorised by law and as such, they will inevitably cause a huge hole in the pocket of the investors.

How does Work? claims to be active in mining and trading few select cryptocurrencies. Their website only contains the general information about the way the blockchain technology works and the mining concept. None of the available data supports their wild claims and that is a big old trait of a scam. Without knowing their approach and parameters of trading, investing with them will be like gambling and that is not the odds you want to work against.

Moreover, how can they even expect the public to believe them without showing any verifiable history or performance reports? Just like every business, trading also suffers from drawdowns and if anyone claims otherwise, then it is better to avoid them for your own good.

As far as mining is considered, they have not mentioned any of the details of the equipment either. The investors are not told about their physical location and the electricity costs involved. Considering all these facts and the attempts to manipulate, ask yourself are the rewards even worth it?

Return on Investment

If you have been following the news around the world of finance and cryptocurrency in particular, then you already know that, it is the hottest thing in the market. Each bull cycle of cryptos has created a few thousand millionaires and the numbers keep on growing. Considering the volatility these asset class showcase, it is no wonder that, it is quickly gaining a lot of traders and investors attention. However, just because cryptos have these qualities, it doesn’t mean that everyone who indulges with it will become rich.

Since the vast majority of the people are still new to this whole sector, many crooks are creating twisted stories to exploit the greed of the newbies. This platform claims to generate 20% ROI per week, if you do the math, for every 5 weeks they should be able to double their capital. At this rate, everyone can become rich without the need of any skill set, but we all can agree that, it is not something which falls within the realm of reality, right? 

Domain Insights

Below is a run down of the demographics of this website. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 25/09/2019

Expiry – 25/09/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion in the most basic level is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. Their cash flow directly depends upon their marketing ability and once the amount of participants go down, their scheme will crumble to pieces. So, do not let this sinking project take your money because if you give them a chance, they will loot you for sure.

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