Review (Primary Crypto = SCAM!)

Primary Crypto ( is an investment firm that claims its goal is “to develop and secure channels of investment that enable individuals to take responsibility for their savings.” They provide their customers with tools and information that will allegedly allow them to invest money “independently and successfully with minimal risk and minor fees.”

Should you invest with Primary Crypto, or is this a misleading investment opportunity, perhaps even a scam? This is exactly the question we will address during this review. - Primary Crypto Review

The first thing we need to find out when trying to determine the legitimacy of an investment company is who is behind it. What’s the name of the company? Are they licensed to offer investment advice? Where are they located? How can one contact them? You definitely don’t want to invest money with an anonymous company.

According to, the team who runs this site “includes former high-level financial experts, successful floor trading veterans, and some of the most highly-skilled analytic minds in the financial sector.” No names are mentioned.

The domain was registered on October 26, 2017. A privacy package was purchased which makes it impossible to find out the identity of the person or company who registered the domain.

In the footer, after a lengthy disclaimer which states they assume no responsibility for loss of your deposited funds, a name of a Slovakia company is disclosed: Dwork LTD. They are said to be located at Horna 54, Banska Bystrica, 97401, Slovakia.

We were able to confirm this by searching for “dwork” on, the Slovak Republic Business Register. The company is called Dwork s.r.o. and it’s a private limited liability company (ID 51 215 411) registered on November 21, 2017. The address is indeed Horná 54 Banská Bystrica 974 01. The sole managing director is Ing. Jozef Kremnický from Jelenia 1, Bratislava – mestská časť Staré Mesto 811 05.

Interestingly, in Jozef Kremnický’s other operation (, he seems less concerned about his anonymity. 

How can one contact

According to the site’s contact, their office is located in England, specifically in the following address: 24 Percy Street, London, UK W1T2BS. A phone number (+442038080044) and an email address ( are provided, as well as a contact form.

Now that we know who is behind this operation, let’s take a closer look at what exactly they are offering.

Primary Crypto is a cryptocurrency investment firm which also provides education, market news, data and analysis. They offer a web-based trading platform with “a choice of over 200 assets, an array of 20 adjustable technical indicators, and a direct feed from the best data suppliers in the industry.”

Deposits can be made in USD or Euro. The minimum deposit amount is 100.

The education corner offers a minimalistic explanation of cryptocurrencies and a few videos embedded from different YouTube channels. No original content is provided.

Primary Crypto Scam

After going over the website, we are not impressed to say the least. It seems that the site is ran by a one person company, and not be a serious investment firm. The site is brand new (4 months at the time of posting this).

The information provided on the site is lacking. Not even a clue regarding what kind of trading is offered – whether it is binary options, CFDs or cryptocurrency trading.

According to SimilarWeb, the site is not at all popular with the exception of Norway, where it is ranked 108,321 as of February 2018.

The conclusion of our review is that you ought not to trust Primary Crypto. We believe it is most likely a scam.

Review Verdict: Primary Crypto should NOT be trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

In case you have any experience with, please leave a comment below this review and let us know if you believe our conclusion is wrong.


  1. peter kgosimang mathebula

    mike chase please help me withdraw my investment as u have promissed to help me been trying to withdraw for two months

  2. Nick

    Looks like I have been scammed. They claim to have sent E2000 to my credit card but have received nothing. Their email addresses just bounce back “unknown”

  3. David White

    What is this b.s.? Who wrote this piece of crap article? I work for primary and we are a totally legit company and people actually make money with us, what the hell is wrong with you people? Are you disgracing other companies so you can promote others? I means seriously, you can’t get any more legit than Primary. We actually trade Bitcoin and exchange it. None of out clients ever complained about not getting their money out or being scammed. Then you guys show up with this B.S. And for the ones that commented they got scammed, I want to see your account names. I don’t believe you’re for real.
    And this: Reviewer: Guy “Guy” very convincing.
    Author Rating 1 star. And you actually want us to believe you.
    And the tittle “Primary crypto = SCAM” Are you f…ing kidding me? Nothing in your own article says we’re a scam. You just put the tittle there so you scare people off.
    Please retain yourself for making anymore posts like this or I will follow legal procedures against you for misleading and scamming people.


    • john Brailsford

      I reported Primary Crypto for fraud. Credit shown on website could not be withdrawn. Company shown with an Address at 24 Percy St., London WIT2BS but no Primary Crypto at this addess.
      I went there to check it out and the receptionist said she had been working there for 17 years and there was no Primary Crypto in the building.
      So if you transfer money to a bank address in Slovakia you can kiss it GOOD BYE! As I have done.
      I guess positive comments on this webiste come from Primary Crypto itself.
      Investing in Primary Crypto is a very quick and easy way to lose money.

    • Tony Bajada

      Hello, I’m one if your clients. I requested €2000 but transaction on the next day was REFUSED. Its been a whole week now and it seems that either all of you went for a holiday or all types of communication is offline. If you are a serious company you should respect you clients. I’m doubting alot if you are scammers for rwal

    • john Brailsford

      Looks like paar for the course. It was impossible for me to draw out my money.

    • Asle

      If Primarycrypto is (WAS) not a totallyt SCAM, mr. David White, then WHERE IS THEIR WEBSITE THEESE DAYS?? WHY HAVE I NOT RECEIVED ANY INFORMATION FROM YOU?!

  4. Nadia El-Kholy

    They stole money from me, closed my account didn’t return £3500 deposited let alone the £11k earned trading and now the emails and phone numbers do not work. 100000% SCAM. The “account managers” all have generic names so good luck finding who you were actually dealing with. I never received a penny.

  5. John Balter

    I have been with Primary Crypto for 3 months and I am soo happy with my results…

    • Tony Bajada

      Ask them for some profit pay backs and see if you remain Happy!

  6. Shilla P


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