Elirtex Review

Elirtex.com - Scam Review

Elirtex (Elirtex.com) is said to be in the business of managing investment fund portfolios since 2007 but our findings pointed otherwise.  Their offering is exaggerated but still falls in the believable category which is why most of the victims of this scheme are newbie investors who did not have enough knowledge to recognize the offers which are too good to be true.  

They claim to generate 180% ROI in 12 weeks which would make them exceptional in the sector but their statements are all fake. Before these crooks convince you to hand them your money go through our review which will show you the reasons as to why you should never consider indulging with them.

Company and Support

All the firms which operate in the investment management sector have to hold specific licenses in order to qualify as a legal entity.  Elirtex represents an ICO which takes in money from the clients to perform various revenue generating activities and the profits accrued at the end will be distributed among the clients which will be proportional to their capital.  

When we were trying to determine if they were truly validated, we could not find any hard evidence concerning their licenses. Even the FCA does not list them on their database which means they are not only unregulated but also illegal.

Elirtex features details of their registration certificate.  If you follow the link you will see their incorporation details but that does not mean they are authorized to invest on behalf of anyone.  

They are trying to appear legitimate so that the investors trust them and invest more funds thereby increasing their revenue. Support team can be reached via a contact form, the other contact information put up are as follows:

UK Address – 22 Old Kent Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5UU

Hong Kong Address – Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

How does Elirtex Work?

This firm claims to be involved in almost all forms of the major economic activities including the health and gaming sectors but apart from one line explanation they have not gone into the details regarding their actual execution plan.  Here is a list of things they are said to be their investment areas:

Public health, pharmaceutical products and medicine

Technological and innovative start-ups

Franchises of vending machines

Financial consulting and risk management

Solutions for corporate business

Educational training platforms

Game and entertainment industry

Automated sales systems

Production and manufacture of organic products

All of the above activities have the potential to reap excellent returns but unless you have a strategy or system which provides you some sort of edge or statistical advantage it might quickly burn a hole in your pocket.


The minimum deposit amount is 0.005 BTC and the profits they portray are 180% ROI after 12 weeks.  In trading it is unethical to promise any kind of profits as the markets carry enormous amount of risk at all times.  Hedging certainly helps you to diversify your risk but it cannot guarantee you profit unless you have infinite amount of capital.  

High returns in a ridiculously short period of time is a typical trait of every fraudulent program. Ask yourself if these kind of targets were easily achievable then why are they refusing to share verifiable information about their accomplishments?

Affiliate Program

Traffic is the main thing which fake platform like this one needs as that is the element which enables them to earn more money and profits.  In order to reach more people this firm offers an affiliate program wherein their operational model is very similar to that of a pyramid scheme.  

Elirtex.com - Affiliate Program

Any individual who refers people to this service gets a share of the deposits made by the investors. There are tier 2 and 3 levels available and the commission percentage depends upon the rank of the marketers but it is usually around 10% to 12% per day.  

Also remember that affiliates are not an active participant of the scheme so they do not have any potential risks.

Domain Insight

A search on whois.com showed that this domain was registered on 05/06/2018 and it expires on 05/06/2023.  The registrant contact detail are not traceable as they are using some privacy services. In terms of ranking and popularity this website has done a great job.  

This site currently ranks 3,107 in Iran and has a global rank of 154,518. The list of countries which this service has gained enormous traction are Iran, United States, Mexico, Egypt and Vietnam.

Red Flags

Elirtex.com - Employees

This firm showcases the details of their employees on their platform which may seem like a nice gesture but here’s the catch.  There is no information about these people on the internet, we searched LinkedIn to see whether we can find any information about them but sadly nothing relevant showed up.  Due to the lack of information we cannot trust anything they say.

Though their website gets a decent amount of traffic from the United States they are not overseen by the FTC which is a huge concern and further points out the unprofessional behaviour this firm upholds.  In case if anything goes wrong the customer’s chances of getting the money back are very slim so it is better to avoid them.

Elirtex Review Conclusion

Elirtex appears to be another lousy ponzi type scam which will collapse horribly.  It is impossible to double or triple your money every few weeks once, if it was the case then we would all be rich.  

The first thing you should be aware of when you start to trade or invest is having realistic profit goals along with appropriate risk diversification methods.  All types of schemes which promise instant returns will ultimately leave you high and dry.

Have you lost money to Elirtex.com?  Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.


  1. Silas

    I was a victim of this scam. Am from Nigeria and I invested $81 into this scam to have nothing to show for it.
    Any hope of return?

  2. Anne-Britt Ravna

    I lost 25000 eur to the smooth talkers at Rnbinance. I have my case now at Mychargeback.com

  3. Raymond

    Elirtex is very bad scam. For example they are not paying our daily profit right now. Probably elirtex will collect money as much as they can and then will go out of business soon. We all gone lose our money for sure.

  4. Yasar


    After 02.12.2018 there is no withdrawal. They are not paying and they will not pay. Don’t invest..

  5. Nik

    Cool company! I recommend to everyone!

  6. Nik

    I know Elirtex very well, I invest and have several deposits. The company works 5 months. Today it is the coolest and has a high rating.
    All payments come on time. I have already gone into profit, tomorrow after receiving the charges I will create a new deposit.

    Sign up for my referral link and earn: [affiliate link removed]


    Stay clear RNBINANCE as today they on my mobile phone talking to me or helping me transfer a few hundred euros from them into my bank,then my ban fraud dept phoned me on the landline telling me RNBINANCE were actually trying to withdraw £3200 from my bank account,but they blocked it and ofcourse RNBINANCE scum bags hung up and does not respond to emails.I got off lightly. PLEASE STAY WELL AWAY FROM RNBINANCE.

  8. John

    Hi all,

    Check out this website to help beat these fraudulent scammers! rnbinance.net

  9. Kyriakos

    You are lying, I got paid twice

  10. Ray

    Classic mistake, just lost £8k with RNBinance.com unregulated brokers – smooth talking scam merchants. Told them to keep watching their backs because one day I may just be there with a Machete or a 20ton lorry. Google them but don’t hand any money over🤬 don’t want to compliment them but they are very clever, believeable scum. Another crowd to keep clear off would Cryptoall day.com I would encourage everyone that has been scammed to complete online reporting at actionfraud.police.uk makes you feel better if nothing else.

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