Quantum Hash Review – Cloud Mining Ponzi Scheme

Quantum Hash is one of the latest Bitcoin cloud mining operations to enter the cryptocurrency realm. Claiming to be the next generation of cloud mining, Quantum Hash asserts their operation as the most lucrative and secure Bitcoin mining destination with no relative proof. As with most newly established cloud mining sites, Quantum Hash does not offer a sustainable business model which indicates to us that eventually this operation will self-implode and stop acknowledging withdrawals requests and most probably resort to straight theft.

Quantum Hash, which is hosted at QuantumHash.net, was created almost two months ago, on September 22nd, 2017. Now, since quantumhash.net is still in their early childhood phase, we have been unsuccessful in unearthing any complaints regarding this operation. Nevertheless we will still expose the truth behind Quantum Hash and share why this is not a trustworthy cloud mining site.

quantumhash.net - Quantum Hash

What is Quantum Hash?

Quantum Hash is your one stop shop to Bitcoin mining, or at least that is what their site would prefer you to believe. As you will catch on, Quantum Hash is the epitome of a get-rich-quick scheme. Your Bitcoin deposits are mined by their team of cryptocurrency miners where they will do all the hard-work for you. Within 10 short days, you will be able to execute a withdrawal to receive a cumulative minimum 100% return on your original deposit.

How Does It Work?

Prospective investors are able to choose between 3 separate investment plans available at quantumhash.net. The amount of your initial deposit will dictate which membership package you are eligible to enroll in. According to the site, no matter which plan you get started with will secure you daily earnings forever.

Plan 1

Investment: 0.50000000 BTC

Daily Profit: 10%

HashPower: 219995 GH/S

Plan 2

Investment: 6.25000000 BTC

Daily Profit: 12%

HashPower: 2134951 GH/S


Plan 3

Investment: 25.00000000 BTC

Daily Profit: 14%

HashPower: 17391304 GH/S

Quantum Hash Scam Test

Does the website promise unrealistic returns?

Most definitely! Quantum Hash claims to generate some of the most ridiculous returns we have come across in regards to cloud mining sites. While the most lucrative cloud mining operation has reported only an annual return under 30%, this operation is claiming to surpass that verified return in just 3 days! It is evident that Quantum Hash is another get-rich-quick scam that embodies the business model on a Ponzi scheme.

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Does the site provide any information regarding the owners?

As with most suspicious cloud mining operations, information regarding their mission statement and alleged business operations are discussed, but nothing really in regards to the owners or operators is made clear. On the Contact page, we are provided with information regarding the corporate entity behind Quantum Hash which allegedly is QuantumHash Ltd.

A CompaniesHouse search will confirm that QuantumHash Ltd is indeed an incorporated company that has been active since September 25th, 2017. Registered under the company number 10980074, this private limited company registered office address is 7a Marshalls Road, Romford, United Kingdom, RM7 7EL. Furthermore, the director behind QuantumHash Ltd is a 25 year old person, known as Andrew Summers who resides within the United Kingdom.

How old is the website?

A who.is search will inform us that this domain was brought into existence on September 22nd, 2017. The registrar behind this domain matches the appointed director Andrew Summers, which is a rare since most questionable cloud mining operations like Quantum Hash employ privacy blockers to hide their identity.

Who is behind QuantumHash.net

Does the site have a physical address?

The provided address on the site would be the same address that is registered for QuantumHash Ltd. This address is 7a Marshalls Road, Romford, United Kingdom, RM7 7EL. Perhaps if this site goes viral then the webmaster behind the site will go through the measures necessary to make their operation appear anonymous which, consequently, most end up doing in the long run.

Now, if Google maps is not mistaken, then this operation’s address seems to be residential:


7a Marshalls Road, Romford, UK

What is community feedback suggesting?

Most of the feedback regarding the legitimacy of Quantum Hash is inconclusive. While some reviews and videos can be found that are classifying Quantum Hash as a Bitcoin Ponzi scheme, it appears that the overall consensus of this cloud mining operation is unverified. Naturally most of these inconclusive reviews are including affiliate links in their reviews where they will earn a 10% commission bonus for each converted member.

How popular is the site?

During the time of posting this review (November 11, 2017), a SimilarWeb.com search showed that quantumhash.net had a global rank of 85,170, indicating it was quite popular, although much of this traffic is paid for, and not organic. Most of the visitors who browse the site reside within Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and Vietnam.

Quantum Hash Review Conclusion

Quantum Hash is an unproven and questionable cloud mining operation that has yet to suffer animosity from the general public. The unnaturally steep Bitcoin deposits required coupled with the unbelievable high ROIs certainly raises our suspicions in regards to the legitimacy of this operation. No source of income besides those who deposit into the site can be verified which makes Quantum Hash resemble a business model most similar to a Ponzi scheme. Our advice would be to avoid Quantum Hash and only invest your cryptocurrencies with Verified Cryptocurrency Solutions.

Review Verdict: Quantum Hash is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: QuantumHash.net

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