Review – Real Deal or Not? is a service which aims to recover funds from the growing online fraud platforms. There is no one particular owner linked with this firm, but considering their reputation that is something which we can certainly overlook. Many people often find themselves in the clutches of some type of online scams which always will leave them high and dry.

Though, the government authorities have done their part in creating awareness, it just isn’t enough to keep up with the online breed of crooks. If you want to know the techniques used by various types of scams and the way their business model works, then this service will help you learn all about them. Read our entire review to know how this service will help you retrieve your funds from scams and more importantly understand all the processes involved. Review

Organisation, Motto and Contact Details

Ever since the rise of the internet, many financial services have been plagued by scams which till date has been a major problem. This platform will help people not only to recover the money, but also to sport the fraud services based on their characteristics and traits. Even if you are not a victim, one look at their website will help you a lot when it comes to the do’s and don’t of the online world.

The efforts made by them to educate the public is unparalleled and it is definitely something which is well appreciated. Moving on to the contact details, you can reach the support staff of this firm via email and telephone. Due to lack of feedback, we don’t know the quality of the customer service or the average processing time for emails. Either Way, if you want to connect with them, below are the information you will need.

Address – Headquarters World Financial Center, 220 Vesey Street New York, NY 10281

Phone – +12082153528, +15186756434

Email –

How does Work?

The main aim of is to track the fraudulent transactions and trace out the identity of the parties involved and use the debit or credit card chargeback process. By following their current methods, if you are a victim of fake online shopping websites or most other white labelled niches you can easily get back your money because usually most of them leave clues and you should just be smart enough to know where to look.

Of course each case is different and some might be harder to track than the others, but as long as you take immediate action, chances are you will be successful. When it comes to crypto transactions and recovery, we are not sure about the process as it is very hard to trace the identity, but remember you can always get in touch with the support staff for more precise information.

Due to the nature of their operational model, they haven’t mentioned the costs involved upfront. We think that the end fees might be correlated with the amount lost and that is usually the way this sector works.


There are a number of testimonials on their platform from earlier clients. Though we couldn’t verify the profiles of the clients, we tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, because of their nature.

We even searched many forums in their niche to find any information or feedback about them. However, since they are a new service there isn’t much to talk about and it might take some time for them to appear. In short, they do not showcase any alarming signs and appear to be trustworthy.

Domain Insights

Since this domain and website are relatively new, we couldn’t trace the details of the founders or the general details. However, thanks to and, we did manage to gather the following details.

Domain –

Registered On – 14/02/2019

Expiry – 14/02/2021

Alexa Global Rank – Currently Not Listed

Target Audience – Unknown Review Conclusion

Billions of dollars are lost to scams each and every year and the growing numbers have paved a way for recovery businesses to thrive. This firm in particular offers so much value up front and educates the audience before making any kind of sales pitch which means they do not have any conflict of interest. Try them out if you have been a victim of fake online programs and schemes. Hopefully, they might end up helping you regain all the funds you lost or paid to the crooks.

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