Review – Weird and Vague Fraud is a new type of investment platform which is making a name for itself in the online investing niche. They supposedly make money from both the food and the fishing sector, but there is no factual data to support their accomplishments. To validate their extraordinary claims and the way their business is structured, we tried to find relevant legal certificates and licenses.

Unfortunately, no such document exists which means, this firm has no rights to take money from the public and if they do raise money, it will be considered as an illegal activity. Many people who didn’t have a clear idea about the IPOs and market mechanisms have already lost a lot of money to this firm and it doesn’t look like they will be getting the money back anytime soon. To understand the actual agendas of this platform and their filthy motives, stick with us till the end of the review. Review

Incorporation, Legal Status and Support

Firms which offer financial services and carry a high degree of risk are subject to strict guidelines all around the world and they need to hold certain legal certificates. This firm raises money from the public to capitalise their operations and promise them certain returns in the future.

Technically, they should be under the radar of the FCA which is the regulatory authority of the UK. However, when we entered the name of this firm on their website, the results were disappointing and that clearly proves that people running this scheme will eventually face criminal prosecution.

As a rule of thumb, know that if any company is not registered or aren’t transparent with the public, then chances are it is probably some kind of a scam. Moving on to the contact details, the only bridge between the public and this firm is via email. So, that means they are doing their best to operate from the shadows and that is not the kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

How does Function? states that they have connections with commercial fisherman who can supply them the necessary fish at a competitive price. Once they have the fish, they allegedly distribute them to all the high end restaurant with luxurious margins. In theory, everything they say sounds easy, but let us take a look at a few facts. First of all, they haven’t provided any vessel numbers or documents to prove their connections with the fisherman.

Moreover, we don’t have a clue about the costs involved, wages and possible drawdowns of this business model. On top of all these confusions, the details of the creators of the administrative side remains unknown. Given these many loose ends, we bet that no rational investor would proceed with them and the degree of risk present is simply intolerable.

Profits and Account Types

There are 4 varieties of investment plans wherein the maturity period will decrease as your initial bankroll increases. The returns advertised goes upto 177% in 35 days which is amazing to say the least. Sadly, the world we live in does not support these fantasies and the numbers shown by them are simply not sustainable over the long term. Investment Plans

Looking at their bold lies, they might have put up these narratives only to attract the newbies and based on the number of victims, seems like they succeeded. Every business has its own merits and demerits which is why you always have to focus on the internal mechanics rather than the end net profit numbers.

Partner Program

Whenever platforms like this one gain popularity, it means that they had immense support from the online marketers. This firm works with anonymous promoters online and provides them with good cash rewards to connect them with appropriate audience. Since the marketers are paid heavily for their part, they create and spread false narratives and content which gives twisted impression to the public.

Due to this conflict of interest, you should never blindly believe the claims made by the creators and the promoters. After all, when the dust settles the only one to bear all the risk will be the investor and that’s why you need to research everything before putting up the capital.

Domain Insights

Below are the list of demographic data of their website and domain. Courtesy – and

Domain –

Registered On – 03/08/2019

Expiry – 03/08/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 567,228

Rank in Bangladesh – 7,248

Target Audience – Bangladesh, Ukraine and Egypt Review Conclusion has nothing to do with the fishing or the food sector. They don’t have the proper permits, storage facilities or the clients. Their only goal is to raise as much money as they can peddling a story, but ultimately once they have made enough, they will flee away and it is just a matter of time. So, don’t let them trick you into depositing with them and turn down their fancy offers because that will unfold in reality.

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