Satoshi Disk Review – Mystery Revealed

Satoshi Disk is a new faucet/platform for the content creators to earn revenue. Their website is pretty basic and self-explanatory. However, note that just like any other business, the actual cap on the amount of money you can make depends upon number of buyers.

If you are thinking about using their platform, then continue reading our detailed review to find answers to all your questions.

Satoshi Disk Review

How does it Work?

The users who choose to work with platform can upload any text file or video within 50 mb to their server. Once the file is uploaded, you are required to enter your BTC wallet address and put a price on the content.

The minimum price is 0.01 BTC and the maximum amount is unknown. So, the amount of money of make directly correlates with your niche and the value it brings. It is a good sign to know that, the maximum limit is not capped.

However, there are very few people who could afford that kind of price tag. As far as the security of the payments are taken into consideration, it is too early to make any comments.

There are some fees associated with this platform, but it is very nominal and is applicable to any transaction accounting more than 10,000 satoshis. On the bottom left corner, the users can see the amount of sales they have got.

We do not know exactly whether the counter updates in real time, but the necessary information are all present. Moreover, the only frustrating part is the lack of information on the withdrawal part. They have not mentioned the time taken by them for processing withdrawals.

Potential Red Flags

First red flag we found on this platform is the anonymity factor. The details of the owners are masked and they are operating from the shadows. We do understand the privacy concerns, but still for an online business transparency is important.

Moreover, the employee details or even their physical address are not provided. So, if something out of the blue happens, it will be hard for the users to resolve it. If you are starting out with them, then it’s better to do transactions of smaller amounts first and then scale it up.

Lack of Communication

Customer service is one of the main aspect of any business whether it is offline or online. However, on this platform things are a little different. The only way to reach support is via a contact form present on their site.

No one knows the average time required to they take to respond. So, it is never ideal to deal with any firm or organisation which has poor customer support. However, if you are aiming at sales with smaller price tag, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you.

Domain Information

Below is a rundown of the details of this specific domain, thanks to the courtesy of and

Domain –

Registered On – 26/11/2017

Expiry – 26/11/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 1,242,817

Rank in India – 130,939

Audience Geography – India, Egypt, Bangladesh and Russia.

Is Satoshi Disk a Scam?

We don’t think so. The fact that their operational model is mysterious is true, but that alone does not prove anything. Our main concern is that, there aren’t too many testimonials about them on any of the popular forums.

Eventually, every business will create a stream of pleased or angry customers talking about their experience, but with regards to this once it needs a little more time. We suggest you to subscribe to our mailing list so that once we find more proof and update the article, you will be notified.

Satoshi Disk Review Conclusion

Satoshi Disk is an easy way to monetize your content. The payment system seems easy and straightforward. It would have been nice if we knew the counter party who owns this corporation, but that is something you can live with.

Tech savvy people might find this platform easy to navigate, but other users might get confused as there is no dedicated FAQ section addressing the common solution on the platform. Overall, as they don’t require up-front money, it is worth it to give them a try.

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