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World Way Capital Review – Viral Ponzi SCAM

World Way Capital is a new trendy fraud perpetrated around the trading world. Their way of presentation is top notch and is enough to convince or confuse any newbie out there. They have put in a lot of efforts about their marketing campaigns.

However, sadly many investors fell prey to them. The following they have on Youtube and on other social media channel is huge, but never ride the hype created by them.

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Go through our entire review to know how these clever scammers work and the reasons because of which you should never indulge with them. World Way Capital Review

Team, Company and Support

This firm is said to have an enormous amount of successful traders handling the funds. They have put up a lot of videos on YouTube wherein they discuss about the general topics of trading.

However, there isn’t enough information about the personalities mentioned by them. Looking at some of their clips, it seems like they have hired an actor to read a script.

Moreover, any trader who performs money functions in a bank or behind a proprietary desk should hold proper documents. Unfortunately, with regards to this platform we didn’t find anything to support their claims. World Way Capital Registration Certificate

They feature a certificate of incorporation on their website, but that is just another deceptive trick. We checked with the regulatory authorities of Canada and they don’t recognize this firm. So, this platform is 100% scam.

The ways to contact support team are as follows, but remember they are extremely professional in their approach and once they have your funds, it is literally game over for you.

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Address – Assembly of Manitoba Chefs, 200-275 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB.

Email – [email protected]

Phone – +1 204 818 84 45

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World Way Capital Operational Model

World Way Capital claims to be active in trading major stocks, index and currencies. They supposedly have a group of traders who handle the funds. There is also a roadmap on their homepage.

Once you look past all these fancy stuff, the explanation provided by them does not make any sense. Moreover, there is no verifiable trading history on their platform. In short, there isn’t any tangible proof to instill confidence.


Day trading and the finance as a whole is a way of earning a living for millions of people, but it is not a get rich quick scheme. Trading and earning consistent profits requires a process which has been backtested, and even if you have it, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you success. So, ask yourself are you ready to trust these crooks to handle your money?

Investment plans

There are around 8 investment plans on offer by them. For high returns, the investors are pushed towards spending more up-front capital. This is a classic example of how fraud platforms take advantage of the innocent day traders and investors. Note that, regardless of all their promises, chances of getting your money back is almost zero. Take a look at their popular investment plans.

BTC Light

Returns – 2.60% Accruals

Duration – 70 Weekdays

Minimum Deposit – 0.005 BTC

BTC Medium

Returns – 2.80% Accruals

Duration – 70 Weekdays

Minimum Deposit – 1.5 BTC

BTC Heavy

Returns – 3% Accruals

Duration – 70 Weekdays

Minimum Deposit – 5 BTC

Referral Program

The main reason behind the virality of most of the scams is their referral program. In short, the creators of this firm know that they need ton of traffic to make more revenue.

To achieve that, they are paying high cash incentives to all their marketers and that is the reason for all the positive comments and reviews on the web.


If you come across anyone who is persuading you and is providing you with a referral link, then turn down the offer at any cost. At the end of the transactions, the only loser will be the client in this scenario. So, do not offer them a chance to rob you.

Domain Insight

We were able to trace out the owners of this firm. Moreover, here are certain important details about their domain whereabouts which we got with the help of and

Registrant Contact

Name – John Walters

Organisation – World Way Capital

Address – Assembly of Manitoba Chefs, 200-275 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB.

Domain –

Registered On – 25/10/2018

Expiry – 25/10/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 25,754

Rank in Iran – 1,507

Audience Geography – Iran, United States, Netherlands, Brazil and Vietnam.

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This service has a reputation in the online world. There are a number of positive comments as well, but do not be blinded by that, Most of the favorable comments had referral links attached with them.


So, we won’t suggest anyone to even try them out because it will be suicide. Check out the comments on Beermoneyforum, you will understand the gravity of the situation.

They have YouTube videos showing them in their office and they explain some stuff there.also they have some photo and other stuff in other social media.they seem to be transparent but as old investor i have seen this kind of stuff again in the past. what is your opinion people,is what they claim to be true? I really like the website and have already invested there in the 1.5% for 16 days but what about the 1.8% with 500$ minimum?anyone tried?do you think i will get my capital back in the end??

World Way Capital Review Conclusion

World Way Capital is the epitome of manipulation and fraud in the online investment sector. They have done their best to snub any content which might discourage the investors to work with them, but the fact remains the same.

Looking at the way they are currently structured, they will go down in the most horrible way soon. Moreover, they rely on ponzi model to create the cash flow. So, their death will be inevitable.

Do you have any experience with World Way Capital? Feel free to share your feedback below.

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    • AJ

      The main question is has anybody lost money with this company.
      If so please share your experience with a few documents on transaction with this company to make it more genuine as a reason to be a scam.

  1. Leo

    As a Canadian, I am angry that they are using an important part of my country’s heritage to promote their scam. Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, they are using using that name? That’s a Canadian first nation advocate group. They also claimed to be backed by the Bank of Canada. My country’s central bank said otherwise. They claimed to be regulated by IIROC. Not according to IIROC. All of their English promotional video doesn’t sound Canadian at all. They all have eastern european accent. I’ve traced them back to Poland. With the latest John Walter video, I am almost certain that they are the same people behind the scam called, Fix Club.

  2. DaxRobot
  3. Hernan

    This HYIP is actually paying. It is paying now but we don’t know when it will stop. I made 2 payouts already, with no hesitation will be depositing again. This is good to invest for now as this is still new site so they can’t run without good reason. Check their plans – [affiliate link removed]

  4. Gasmy Zamor

    I do not have any complaints about worldwaycapital, i get paid each time i request payment. This company is legit and paying. It will not last forever if you want to give it a try please use my link: [affiliate link removed]
    i will return you (in BTC) the commission i get from your deposit GUARANTEED.

  5. Jon Doe

    Added me through Instagram and after asking the typical due diligence questions, he asks, what you need all that for?! Seriously? After he deletes all his posts in which he started from mid April. Which was all in relation to day trading, big money, swag and all that non sense no professional company would ever be posting.

    • Rheena

      I’m into world Way and our daily earnings are super huge and great considering we just sit and wait and earn. I Can be of assistance if you like to join my team .

      Here’s my link for free registration.

  6. Marcin

    The company works very well, withdrawals are made in a short time. I have no complaints about the company itself.

  7. Hakan

    Bezahlter Artikel um WWC zu unrecht schlecht zu reden. das hier ist nur als ein Fake bezahter Artikel der Konkurrenz anzusehen, da WWC seit Jahren stets pünktlich auszahlt!

  8. DaxRobot
  9. Charles

    I have been approached on same by a friend.I have seen their documents and I automatically noticed they have no dates yet official documents.Cons and criminals generally leave a lead .This is a big NO

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