Tess Line Review – Smart SCAM Alert!

Tess Line is the new fraud in the online investing niche. Their presentation skills are literally out of this world. They might seem like an all-in-one solution for your trading needs. However, remember that looks can always be deceiving.

We searched the details about their so-called CEO on the internet, but nothing relevant showed up. So, the number of false narratives around this platform is huge.

Moreover, the details about the real owners are masked which means they are professional fraud. Join us in this detailed review to know everything about this online breed of scammers and find out why you need to avoid them.

CEO and Team

The CEO of this firm is Iain Cameron. Along with the details of this alleged employee, there is a ton of information about the other so-called important members as well on their site.

For a beginner, this might seem like the most transparent firm ever but do not get confused. We tried to trace the identity of the people and as anticipated they all turned out to be fake. Tess Line Alleged CEO

The images shown are stock photos that can be found for free on the internet nowadays. So, think for a moment, why would they lie about the employees unless they are trying to hide something from us?

Company and Support

Investment banks and finance-related activities should be overseen by regulatory authorities in most countries. This platform showcases an incorporation certificate on its homepage. However, it is not mean that they are legit. Tess Line Incorporation Certificate

We did a search on the database of the FCA and found no details about them. So, without a shadow of a doubt know that Tess Line is a scam. Fake claims about their legality are put up just to earn credibility in the investors’ community by pretending to be a big institution.

You can contact the support staff of this firm via telephone and email. Note that, they will answer your emails as long as you are willing to invest with them, but once they have your credit card details, you will be blocked forever.

The contact information is as follows.

Phone – +353 1 443 3309

Email – support@tessline.com

Tess Line Business Model

This firm claims to be a trading solution. Though they boast about generating high returns, there isn’t any tangible proof to verify it. We checked their platform to see if there are any information on how they handle the funds, but nothing credible showed up.

There is an infographic showing their alleged distribution of funds, but that is nothing more than a flashy presentation. The investors do not know about the kind of trading process they use and are completely unaware of the statistics like maximum drawdown and win rate.

On top of all that, we do not know the details of the fund managers. Keeping all the disturbing facts we talked about earlier, never be the one to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Investment Plans

There are two investment packages they feature on their website. To earn higher returns, investors are led to believe in starting with the maximum deposit amount. The idea of getting rich through trading is exciting to think about, but do you really think you can make money by pushing a few buttons?

We hope not because it will not happen in reality. Check out their plans below.

Plan 1

Returns – 1.60% Daily

Duration – 30 Days

Minimum Amount – $50

Plan 2

Returns – 205%

Duration – Not Specified

Minimum Amount – $2,500

Affiliate Program

Many promoters use affiliate marketing as a way to monetize the traffic of their blog or vlog. Though the concept of affiliate marketing is not harmful, in this case, the intention is.

The creators are giving a part of the revenue they earn from the investors to the marketers which is why many shady networks are recommending them.

In short, if anyone is creating fancy tales about how they made money with them and pushing you to work with their platform, then they are all looting you. So, if you see any advertisement or endorsement, run away from it in the opposite direction.

Domain Insight

Since the owners of this website are tech-savvy, we couldn’t trace them out. However, below are the key insights about their domain.

Domain – Tessline.com

Registered on – 24/01/2018

Expiry – 24/01/2026

Alexa Global Rank – 25,729

Rank in Japan – 9,367

Audience Geography – Japan, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Germany.

Lack of Social Proof

One of the things we keep track of when it comes to analyzing a platform is feedback from the clients. Sadly, there aren’t many testimonials from customers who have used this service.

We strongly believe that many investors were smart enough to detect the real agendas of the firm. However, you are more than welcome to share about your experience down below in the comments. If you come across any comment with a referral link, then stay away from it for your own good.

Tessline Reviews

On May 3, 2023, we received the following complaint:

Tessline Investment took away the entire amount of $2,500 just a few weeks after I deposited it. This occurred in June 2019.

Tess Line Review Conclusion

Tess Line is a pathetic Ponzi scheme that will end in a horrible manner. They are creating manufactured backstories about their firm to lure people in and are not hesitant to go to extreme lengths.

Doubling up your capital seems like a rewarding venture, but remember that it’s not sustainable. On top of all these flaws, they are operating anonymously. In short, they are not at all worth your time and money.

Have you lost money to Tess Line? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Fikri

    Saya fikri dari Indonesia, saya mintabpertabggung jawaban Tessline untuk mengembalikan uang saya karena saya sudah d rugikan oleh tessline

  2. Akhirudin

    Saya kehilangan uang sebsar $160.untung masih sedikit.

  3. Mike

    Hi Guys you can contact all the company they formed Tessline, nobody done a proof of identity, give them a call or an E Mail!!!!


    • Ruiz

      It dawned on me back in April this year that Tessline was nothing but a scam investment company. The whole experience was nothing but a nightmare. I had to resort to unconventional means to recover my funds.I’m open to share my experience. rucostsas37@gmail,com. Feel free to reach out.

  4. Francesca Bot


    Do not waste our time. We have to make an international complaint to FCA or to SEC or your local investm authority and to police

    Have a look to these sites





    hanno anche lo stesso numero telefonico e stessi recapiti….attenzione alle truffe……

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