Review – Confusing Crooks claims to be an online broker who offers binary options, forex and CFDs. They showcase an US address on their website, but claim to be regulated by the CFTC. At first glance, many investors or traders might believe this firm because it doesn’t contain the usual traits of a fake investment platform. However, if you dig deep, then you will quickly understand the actual reality which is daunting to say the least.

The details of the founders are not disclosed by this brokerage and the trading conditions are not clearly mentioned. There are a lot of loose ends in their narrative and given the traits we will cover in this review, it surely isn’t wise to continue with them in any way. Trading by itself requires a lot of efforts in order to be successful and choosing an appropriate broker is absolutely necessary to execute the strategies precisely.

Sometimes, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the information available online, but keep in mind that, one wrong move might cost you a lot. To know everything about this platform, continue reading our unbiased review and then make an informed decision. Review

Company, Founders and Contact Information

For the last couple of decades many people have lost too much money to the scams in and around the financial sector. Most of the time, the criminals manage to get away and given the current advancement of the internet, tracking them down is almost impossible. So, as investors we should make sure that we are dealing only with licensed and regulated authorities.

This platform claims to be regulated by the CFTC and even has the audacity to provide details of their physical location. However, we didn’t find any information about them on the database of any authority. In short, the creators of this so-called brokerage are obviously bluffing and they don’t have any rights to raise money from the public. Bogus User Profiles

We found a few details about the employees of this firm on their website. Unfortunately, the amount of information provided by them is insufficient and that means we can’t verify their existence. Given all the red flags we found across this brokerage, we certainly aren’t gullible enough to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Many scams use fake profiles to hide their true identity and if you spot any platform which does that, then do yourself a favor by staying away from them. We have listed all the contact information of this firm down below. Isn’t it strange that they only communicate with the clients through email?

Email –

Address – 10004, Battery Park, New York, USA Operational Model

The operational model of this firm is unclear and they claim to be involved in a lot of activities which have less degree of correlation. For starters, they say that they offer investment packages wherein the clients just have to deposit the funds and collect the profits after the maturity period. On the other hand, they mention that they make money by being a broker. The main issue with their statements is that they aren’t backed up by any credible data or evidence.

We as investors are not told about the strategy they use or the risk management measures they take. There is no free trial or demo account offered by them. Moreover, we didn’t even find trading history on their platform. Making money from trading any instruments require precise strategies and timely execution of the trades. Since, we aren’t shown any credibility boosting factors about them, do not be inclined towards indulging with them for any reason.

After all, there is no elevator to success, right? Moving on to the brokerage part, we don’t know where they are situated and we have no idea about their liquidity providers. Usually most legit businesses provide the investors a clear view of the win rate and drawdowns, but this platform doesn’t talk anything about the metrics. In short, regardless of which way you look at them, it just doesn’t make any sense logically.

Investment Packages

There are 3 investment plans offered by them and as expected, for more benefits the investors have to start out with a large amount of capital. The funny thing about them is that they never mention the actual amount of profit one can make by purchasing the packages. Most of the fake platforms display exaggerated claims and if you have reasonable experience in the trading sector, you can easily recognise those kinds of frauds.

However, the creators of this platform seem to understand the psychology of newbies pretty well and they have creatively come up with these kinds of offerings. Making money online without having to put in a lot of work always sounds exciting. Sadly, the world does not work in that way and anyone who suggests otherwise is either an idiot or he or she simply doesn’t have your best interest in their mind.


On their homepage, we found a few extremely positive comments about this firm. For the vast majority of the public, this kind of gesture will instill confidence and make them think that they are dealing with a transparent organisation. However, as there is no way to verify the identity of the alleged clients, we wouldn’t be inclined towards believing any of the statements. Many online services create fake user profiles and upvote their own content to create false impressions. Fake Testimonial

So, be aware of all the gimmicks used by crooks and never believe any random comments online which appear too good to be true. As far as this firm is considered, given their characteristics, we strongly believe that all of the profiles shown are bogus and random stock photos are attached to them. Review Conclusion is not a regulated or a licensed investment firm. Their whole operational model is shady and if you invest with them, then your chances of getting back your funds is almost zero. Since, they are violating all the mandatory guidelines and are clearly on the wrong side of the law. It is wise to avoid any kind of interaction with them.

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