1minutetrading.mtro.club Review – Overblown Fraud!

1minutetrading.mtro.club is a new trading platform which claims to generate returns ranging from 50% to over 200% within 4 days. They boast about their strategy by saying that it carries little to no drawdown, but just like every other scam platform, there is no credible evidence to support their claims. The founders of this firm are maintaining a low profile and given the list of illegal activities they are conducting, it is just a precautionary step taken by them to avoid criminal prosecution.

We didn’t find any kind of legal documents on their website and their contact information includes an email address only. In short, anyone who invests with them is almost guaranteed to never get their funds back. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to recognise the traits of a fraud organisation and those types of individuals are the ones most likely to fall for the traps set up by these crooks.

Trading any markets can bring a lot of monetary rewards, but it requires a specific skill set to reach that level. Before you make any kind of decision regarding this firm, go through our review once to find their actual agendas.

1minutetrading.mtro.club Review

Company, Founders and Customer Support

Any company or organisation which offers high risk investments to retail clients and raises money from the public for trading activities have to be regulated. If any firm or individual is violating the law around the finance sector, then the consequences for their actions are going to be harsh and severe. This platform is basically an investment solution and as such they have to be authorized by few regulatory authorities.

As they didn’t showcase any legal certificates on their platform, we personally ran a background check on them and as it turns out, they are not under anyone’s radar. So, the fact that they are operating illegally is crystal clear and as such you can’t even justify indulging with them in any way. Most of the reputable and licensed platforms share the details of the creators to maintain a healthy relationship with the public.

However, this firm has completely ignored those gestures and that kind of shady behaviour should tell you a lot about them. Lastly, note that they communicate with the public only through email which means they are going to extreme lengths to operate from the shadows.

1minutetrading.mtro.club Operational Model

According to the narrative and videos posted on their website, this platform claims to make money by trading binary options markets. The sad part of their explanation is that they never go over the strategies they use or the fail safe systems they have employed. We as investors do not have a clue about the indicators they use, the lot size per trade they follow and their average win rate is also a mystery.

Moreover, they haven’t even published any type of verifiable trading history. Unlike most reputable platforms, this one doesn’t offer a demo account for the users. So, without knowing a single statistical edge, how can we proceed towards depositing our money with them? Trading for the most part is all about finding proven strategies, tweaking it as and when necessary and having strict risk management plans.

If you try to rush the process or think about delegating your decision making process to someone else, you will most probably end up burning a hole in your pocket. So, say no to easy ways and start by educating yourself about the markets.

Profits Promised

This firm promises guaranteed returns ranging from 50% to 200% every week. On paper, the numbers shown are marvelous, but when it comes to reality, it is impossible to sustain them especially if you are following a strict diversified portfolio. Many fake investment firms like this one showcase huge numbers and exaggerate their capabilities to lure in all the investors who have less experience in the sector.

However, once they get access to your funds, you will either get blocked from their platform or they will simply ignore your messages forever. Making consistent profits from trading is certainly possible, but it surely isn’t as easy as these crooks portray. After all, you can’t make a considerable amount of money by clicking a few buttons, right? If it was truly easy to make money in the markets, everyone would be rich, but sadly that is not the way the world works.

Fake Testimonials

We found more than half a dozen positive comments on this platform. However, note that we didn’t find any way to verify the profiles of the users and given the factors we discussed so far, we certainly aren’t gullible enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Customer feedback is one of the oldest and reliable ways of measuring the reputation of a firm. Unfortunately, nowadays many fake services are manipulating the aspect and twisting the narratives to their favor.

1minutetrading.mtro.club Fake Testimonials

So, for your own well being do not trust any random comments and unless a firm is transparent and regulated, do not even consider their offers for any reason. After all, the only way a scam makes money is by bluffing about their activities and they will go above and beyond to convince you otherwise.

1minutetrading.mtro.club Review Conclusion

1minutetrading.mtro.club is obviously a fake investment firm and every narrative including the job offer found on their website is just a fancy trap designed to take your money. They have no connection with the markets and the activities they are conducting right now are strictly illegal. In short, do not believe a word they say or else you will be looted by them sooner or later and sadly, chances are they will successfully get away with it.

Have you joined 1minutetrading.mtro.club platform? Were you able to get your money back? Let us know your answers by commenting below.


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