Review - Scam Review is supposedly an international broker of the cryptocurrency market which is said to be actively trading in the major exchanges.  They claims to provide an easy way for investors to earn stable profits without doing anything except sending the funds to them.

This platform boasts of generating returns of up to 160% in just 3 days.  Most of the investors who have traded before can easily see through the lies sprinkled all across this platform.  When we were investigating this platform, we found enough evidence to prove that this platform is indeed a scam.

Before you proceed with this service go through our detailed review to find out why you should not participate in this scheme.

Company and Support Details is an ICO which raises money required for trading from a group of retail investors and according to the type of contract signed by them the investors are entitled to certain amount of money.  

While we were checking if there are any certificates or licenses held by this firm from regulatory authorities, we were disappointed to report that there aren’t any.  Since they also have failed to reveal any of the legal documents, they are most probably operating illegally.

These criminals state that they are registered but that does mean they are reliable or trustworthy.  The only contact detail revealed by them is an email address.

Email –

How does Work?

There is no information about what they do with the funds raised from the investors which is a very disturbing factor to say the least.  We do not know what technical parameters or fundamental events are considered by this firm before executing a trade.

There is no verifiable trading history of this firm so we do not know the worst possible draw down that we  can expect. We have no idea about their win rate. They have not talked about other related topics to trading like risk profiling which plays a major part in being profitable in the long run.  

Will you still trust this platform without knowing the answers to these basic questions? We wouldn’t.

Returns Offered

Cryptocurrency might be the most controversial topic in the recent times as it exploded in value reaching new  heights and gained a lot of fame. Most of the newbie investors still does not know exactly how blockchain work and their real world application.  

The lack of knowledge of these participants are exploited by this firm.  Take a thorough look at the investment plans this platform offers but though the offer might be tempting understand the fact that all the returns claims are just used as baits to catch your attention and are completely fake.


Returns – 120%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $10


Returns – 130%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $201


Returns – 140%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $501


Returns – 150%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $801


Returns – 160%

Duration – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $1,001

Affiliate Program

The amount of money these faceless crooks pocket is directly related to the number of victims they are able to find for their scheme.  To reach mass audience within short amount of time, this firm offers an affiliate or partner program in which they encourage individuals to promote their platform and provides them with handsome payments for doing so. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid 7% of the deposit amount made by their clients.  There is 4 level referral program on this platform which is something commonly present in pyramid schemes.  As we have seen in the past the affiliates do not have to be an active participant in order to get their commissions.


According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 25/07/2018 and expires after a year.

This service specifically targets users from Russia and Ukraine.  This website ranks 134,403 in Russia and has a global rank of 2,744,613.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum payout is $0.10.  The e-currencies accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Ethereum, Yandex Money, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  

There are not transaction fees on both deposits and withdrawals.  The withdrawals are said to be processed within 48 hours.

Is Scam or Legit?

In short they are a scam,

This firm fails to provide any documents or even clues which could help in tracing their identities.  They claims to be registered while they are not listed or overseen by any regulatory authorities.

After looking at all these facts it is clear that this platform is an overblown fraud which will run away at your expense but the only question is when?  Whenever opportunities like these which promise you instant riches arises run for the hills. Review Conclusion

There are numerous scam being perpetuated around bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general, undoubtedly is one of them.  This firm makes follows every trick in the book of a scams and has undeniable amount of resemblance to that of a ponzi scheme.

The amount of returns they offer is something which is simply miraculous and looking at they way their whole platform is structured, they are clearly targeting everyday people who does not have any experience in the financial markets as they are very easy to convince.  

Our best advice for you is to avoid platforms like this one which features just telltale stories without any sort of proof and focus on acquiring the right education about the markets first.

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