SuperMining.Website Review – Just Another Cloud Mining Scheme!

SuperMining.Website vigorously insists that their platform is not a Bitcoin mining Ponzi scheme, but we suspect them to be delusional. Incepted on December 12th, 2017, SuperMining.Website has bedeviled the Bitcoin realm with empty promises and blatant misleading marketing tactics to better allure their illicit operation to unsuspecting investors. Gather all the facts circulating this malignant crypto parasite and learn what other review sites are concealing from you throughout our comprehensive review.

What is SuperMining.Website?

SuperMining.Website is an online cloud mining site that enables investors to mine Bitcoin through their platform. Like most virtual mining operations, crypto enthusiasts looking to have bitcoins mined on their behalf must deposit into their platform where they will become eligible to receive one of their premium cloud mining packages. The more an investor is willing to deposit upfront the more incentives that investor will receive in return.

While in theory this may sound like a great opportunity to most individuals, finding a legitimate cloud mining operation, like NiceHash for example, is much easier said than done. You see, SuperMining.Website exhibits the routine conditions that we encounter when investigating most cloud mining operations. Blatant lack of ownership information, no disclosure of mining hardware or rigs are entailed while the most common denominator tends to be offering ROIs that are not only unsustainable but too good to be true.

How does SuperMining.Website Work?

SuperMining.Website claims to function as an online platform with cloud mining capabilities. Meaning that investors who enroll with one of their memberships will be able to have bitcoins mined for them with an expected daily ROI. Getting started with SuperMining.Website is straightforward enough that even a complete novice could enroll through their platform. All investors have to do is visit their site then select from one of the 4 following mining packages.

Micro Package

Deposit: 0.01 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.00360 BTC

ROI/Minute: 0.00000250 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 30%

Cumulative ROI: ~0.648 BTC

Mega Package

Deposit: 0.1 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.03024 BTC

ROI/Minute: 0.00002100 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Cumulative ROI: ~5.4432 BTC

Giga Package

Deposit: 0.7 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.30240

ROI/Minute: 0.00021000

Affiliate Bonus: 50%

Cumulative ROI: ~54.432 BTC

Tera Package

Deposit: 3 BTC

Daily ROI: 0.36000

ROI/Minute: 0.00025000

Affiliate Bonus: 100%

Cumulative ROI: ~64.8 BTC

According to the SuperMining.Website FAQ page, each plan lasts for a duration of 6 months. For ease of calculation, each cumulative ROI shown above was calculated off of an 180 day span to provide our readers with a better understanding of how deceptive and ludicrous the ROIs promised through SuperMining.Website are. Membership Packages

Who is Behind SuperMining.Website?

As with just about every illegitimate cloud mining operation we expose, SuperMining.Website tries to hide behind a UK based corporation to serve as their credibility token. However, SuperMining.Website fails to identify their operation with an existing corporate entity. While the Contact page featured at SuperMining.Website indirectly indicates that SuperMining Limited is their corporation, numerous search queries conducted across UK based corporate databases fail to generate any credible results.

Furthermore, their disclosed corporate location of 20-22 Featherstone St. London, EC1Y, UK is not a real address, according to Google Maps. When searched, the address computes to 20 Featherstone St, London, UK and reveals Tindlemanor, which is a company structured to empower women’s activities and organizations. According to our findings, the only true way to reach out to SuperMining.Website would be to use their submission form on their contact page or send them an email at

Question Marks and Red Flags

SuperMining.Website tries to bluff inexperienced investors by deceiving them into believing that they are backed by a corporate entity when in reality they are not. Furthermore, the ROIs promised through their site are preposterous at best and are clearly assembled to lure newbie investors who aren’t aware of the dangers they are facing.


SuperMining.Website reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 132,755 with an Indonesia rank of 12,072 as of January 21st, 2018. Over 50% of the sites visitor traffic comes from users who reside within Indonesia and Brazil while approximately 20% of all the sites traffic is referral based.

Can SuperMining.Website be Trusted?

As the evidence disclosed above suggests, SuperMining.Website is not a credible or trustworthy cloud mining platform. The creators behind this scam incorporate deceptive elements into their site with the sole intention of trying to accrue credibility and trust when it reality it is just a cesspool of lies and deceit.

SuperMining.Website Review Conclusion

SuperMining.Website is an actively functioning Ponzi scheme that relies on the deposits of new investors to fuel the withdrawal requests executed by previously existing members. As with most Ponzi schemes, SuperMining.Website keeps a fat portion of incoming deposits for themselves and will seize to exist as soon as the volume of withdrawals exceeds the volume of incoming deposits. Do not trust your bitcoins with this scam operation. It won’t be long before they collapse and leave countless investors out of their investments.

Review Verdict: SuperMining.Website is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: SuperMining.Website

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  1. chalk it up

    yup just got got phuct by them today for 0.23098 BTC also got scammed by what i think is the same company Speedmining Website pretty sure they are the same people so be on the look out id you read the abouts and disclaimer its word for word the same just different cosmetics to make people believe its different so blast these scumbags on every site you can happy mining

  2. Granville

    If you want a real bit mining company that pays out within hours go to genes-mining. We investigated there operations last week and found out that all contracts were honored and payments were made to customers in a timely fashion.

    Once you get your first couple of payments post your success there and get free Airdrop Bitcoins head by PDD international.

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