TDFMarketOption claims to be a “unique broker using their own custom built trading platform for binary options, forex, crypto currencies and cfd’s [sic] on stocks and most recently have included in the mining of bitcoin.”

…this rings a bell. Oh wait. It’s the same exact description of another “broker” we have recently reviewed –

TDF Market Option (

This seems to be a newer rendering of the same exact site. While was registered on November 2018, was registered on May 16, 2019 (just 4 months ago; and already it’s doing better traffic-wise than its older sibling.)

Again, the address of TDFMarketOption is a fake, non-existent address: “Rock Street, San Francisco.”

The phone number is fake too: “1 (234) 567-891”

Contact Information

Email address:

There’s also a contact form and a live chat widget on the site.

Conclusion: Is a SCAM?

Our tendency is to classify every company which offers binary options as a scam since binary options trading in itself is illegitimate and illegal in the US as well as Europe and other countries.

Granted, we don’t know for sure that this specific brokerage is a scam since we haven’t received any reports from people who have been scammed by them. (Make sure to let us know by commenting below if you have been defrauded by them.)

Still, like with CMTMarketOption, the review of leads us to a strong disrecommendation.

Avoid trifling with TDF Market Option and other binary options brokers!

And please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Got any questions? Let us know. We’re always happy to help.


  1. Badi

    Yea its a scam they have scammed me 350$ after that they wanted me to deposit more R 7500 claiming that my account need that money for me to be able to withdraw my earnings . Im disappointed cos i trusted that lady called Elisabeth.

  2. mario pereira

    Im being contacted on whatsapp by MATIAZ EL GONZALO claming to be a account manager and asked me to pay an initial amount of 330 USD with an estimated earnings of 3050 USD and sent me the company name to register with asap.

  3. Tseko

    It is a big scam, I deposited money that was 300 dollars. I was told that it cost more for the signal and my account was suspended. I had been in touch with a lady called Alyesky Elizabeth.
    She sweet spoke to me on what’s app.
    So I deposited and my account got activated again.
    After trading for a week, I asked her that I will need a small amount. She said i will have to wait 48 hours until the trade is over.
    In this time she stopped chatting with me on what’s app.
    The withdrawal request does not work.
    They do not answer that email.
    Do not be like me.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes this site is a scamming site the people pictures are fake, the address and contact are fake. Once you put money in you will neber get it back

  5. Rual

    Yes this website is a scam i deposited three hundred dollars after being lured and they told me afterwards that the account has been suspended due to not having enough funds

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