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It’s no secret that there is a ton of money floating around right now in the form of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Of course, when there is a lot money involved in any kind of market, there are going to be scammers. We’re here today doing a Bitcoin Trader ( scam review to get to the bottom of whether or not this seemingly bogus trading app is the real deal.

To give you a little hint, the presentation video is full of celebrity appearances that are not allowed, the owner is mysterious, and the promise of unrealistic profits has us asking more questions than we ever have.

Bitcoin Trader software is indeed very suspicious and a lot of it just does not make any sense at all.

We’re here to further investigate Bitcoin Trader trading software because you need to be made aware of just how dangerous and malicious this software is.

What Is Bitcoin Trader Software?

Well, in theory, this program is supposed to allow you to trade Bitcoin, while always making huge profits and never being at risk of losing your money.

Hmm, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Usually we’d go further into a description here, but as you will see, based on all of the negative evidence we’ve uncovered about this obvious rip-off, there just is not any point.

How Does The Bitcoin Trader App Work?

One of the most ridiculous aspects of this whole thing is that we are told that the Bitcoin Trader app works by being faster than anybody and anything else.

The story goes that it is something like 0.001 seconds faster than any other trading computer, broker, automated service, or real life human trader.

This is clearly a lie, because if this program were so fast, it would have put every other trader in the world out of business already.

Moreover, in order to be so much faster than the rest, Bitcoin Trader software would have had to come up with some truly advanced, sophisticated, and revolutionary technology.

However, there is never any mention of how this program was made to be faster than the others.

Moreover, we’re also never informed of what trading strategies are in place or what the overlying algorithm does.

In essence, the crooks running the show never really tell us how the Bitcoin Trader app works to generate cash for us.

We can’t trust a program with such a lack of details and neither should you. - Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader Scam – Laser Accurate Performance

Another red flag we encountered, one that clearly signals that a scam is afoot, is the promise of enormous profits and awesome risk ratios.

Whoever is behind this junk software told us that Bitcoin Trader scam software has a 95% accuracy or ITM rate.

This would mean that it only loses 5 out of every 100 trades.

That is way too good to be true. Not even the best of the best BTC trading systems in the world can manage that.

Unless there is a guy who can literally tell the future running the show, this is totally unrealistic and absolutely impossible.

Moreover, telling us that we can triple or even quadruple our investment in a single day, every day, is just as nonsensical as the whole ITM thing.

Automated trading apps just can’t muster these kinds of results. Period, end of story!

Bitcoin Trader App & Falsified Celebrity Commentary

Another indication that Bitcoin Trader software is a complete money thieving scheme is the fact that Bill Gates and Richard Branson clearly never talked about it.

To clarify, the Bitcoin Trader website states that Gates and Branson have had some extremely positive things to say about this app.

Furthermore, in the presentation video, we actually see these men talking about Bitcoin.

Now, what most people probably did not notice is that Gates and Branson, while they talk about BTC and crypto-currencies, they never actually mention Bitcoin Trader software.

We the viewer are being intentionally misled to believe that Bill and Rich actually endorse this software.

The criminals in charge here are just trying to lend some false credibility to their horrible software by trying to associate it with some rich folk.

The reality is that neither Bill Gates nor Richard Branson have ever said a single good thing about this software.

Some people might even go so far as to say that claiming to have these men on your side is illegal. Be warned people, Bill Gates does definitely not approve of this software.

Who Is In Charge Of The Bitcoin Trader App?

The sad truth is that the people running the show choose to stay hidden in the shadows.

The presentation video features a voice narrator who never tells us his name, nor does he ever state which company or individual funded the Bitcoin Trader app.

We are never even provided with any real contact info.

The bottom line is that you should never trust trading software with your money when it is anonymous.

If you don’t know who is running the show, you can’t do anything if and when your money inevitably goes missing.

A query is of no help to us in this case since the creators of the Bitcoin Trader are using a privacy service to hide their identities.

Bitcoin Trader App & Scam Brokers

The final thing that definitely needs to be mentioned is that you only get to use one broker with these scam artists.

Whenever you only get to use one broker you can rest assured that there is only one reason for it.

The reason is that the specific broker chosen because he is meant to scam you.

The broker used here is totally unlicensed and unregulated, which means that they aren’t governed or controlled by any real rules or laws.

In other words, they have the absolute power to steal your money right out of your account and there is nothing you will be able to do about it.

The brokers available with the Bitcoin Trader App include PWRTrade, FM-FX, HBCBroker and CFDCorporate.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Final Verdict

The bottom line is that you just can’t just the Bitcoin Trader app.

There is way too much evidence which goes against all of our better judgment.

We just won’t risk our money with this obvious thievery!

Verdict: Bitcoin Trader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted site: (formerly:

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