Topworth Investment Limited Review – An Obvious Scam?

Topworth Investment Limited ( is said to be a registered company in the United States.  However, they do not showcase any of their certificates on their website. This company is supposedly involved in trading and mining Bitcoins.  

We tried to trace out the identity of the creators of this organisation, but unfortunately there weren’t much information.  As a result we couldn’t track them down. During our investigation we found several factors on this platform which points towards south.  

Returns advertised by these crooks tops out at 75% ROI monthly.  These type of number might appear reasonable, but do not drift away from the reality.  Go through our impartial review which will expose all the filthy secrets of this firm.

Topworth Investment Limited Scam Review

Company and Support

Any investment platform dealing with the retail client have to hold proper legal documents in order to do so because of the risk their offerings carry.  Topworth Investment Limited is an ICO, it raises funds from a private pool of investors for trading purposes.

In return the investors are promised some amount of profits after the contract expires.  As this firm claimed to be located at US, we checked with the FTC. As it turns out they are not regulated by them which means they are operating not only anonymously, but also illegally.

This platform does not showcase any license.  The funny thing about them is that, though they claim to be US based firm, they have featured the address of an office located in Bangladesh.  Here is a rundown of the contact details.

Phone – +88 0123456789 (Most Probably Fake)

Address – Garden Street, Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

Email –

How does Topworth Investment Limited Work?

There is no clear explanation about this topic.  They say that they are involved in Bitcoin trading and mining, but any further information is not provided by them.  

We do not know what type of strategy they are using.  Their alleged performance cannot be verified as they don’t reveal any trading history.  They do not talk anything about the important parts of trading, such as risk diversification and position sizing.  

In short, the investors are kept in dark.  We don’t know the location of their data centres.  They do not reveal their mining capabilities either.  

Frankly, without exact rundown on the amount of expenditure they incur, how can anyone possibly reach a conclusion?  Moreover, we do not even know the machinery they are currently using.


Markets provide exciting opportunities.  However, without skills you cannot tap into the rewards.  This firm is implanting an idea of making seemingly easy money into your head.  Though, it is hard to resist the temptation know that easy money is an unreal thing.  Take a look at the investment plans.

Amateur Plan

Returns – 5% Daily

Validity – 1 Time

Minimum Deposit – $100

Professional Plan

Returns – 2% Daily

Validity- 1 Times

Minimum Deposit – $1,000

Weekly Plan

Returns – 35% Weekly

Validity – 1 Time

Minimum Deposit – $10,000

Monthly Plan

Returns – 75% Monthly

Validity – 1 Time

Minimum Deposit – $50,000

Referral Program

Fake platforms always rely on their marketing capabilities for their survival.  In order to grow their profits and market themselves in a cost-effective model, they feature a referral program.  Anyone who has access to web traffic can sign up with them.

Topworth Investment Limited Referral Program

The affiliates have to drive traffic to this platform and they will get paid for every successful purchase made by their referrals.  Commission percentage is 10%. On the other hand, affiliates need not have an active investment which means they do not carry any potential risks.

Domain Whereabouts

Below we have gathered the important facts about this website with the help of whois,com and  However, due to the lack of data we couldn’t track their traffic sources precisely.

Domain –

Registered On – 05/08/2018

Expires On – 05/08/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 3,089,224

Red Flags

Testimonials are the modern way of creative effective campaigns.  Comments from real users encourage people to trust the platform more as it instills confidence among the investor.  These crooks have twisted things to their favour.

Topworth Investment Limited Testimonials

All the cherry picked comments from users do not have any sort of social media link attached to them.  Therefore, we can’t verify whether they are from real users or not.

Majority of the investment solution provide demo accounts.  The sole reason for doing that is to show people the effectiveness of their strategy without demanding money from them.  This firm lack this feature, which might be due to the fact that they do not have any skills in trading.

Topworth Investment Limited Review Conclusion

Topworth Investment Limited resemble a ponzi type operational model.  The returns they promise is unsustainable. Considering their anonymous nature and the history of the way the fake platform operates, it is better to avoid indulging with them in any way.

Have you been scammed by Topworth Investment Limited?  Share your story with us by commenting below.

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  1. sandeep

    Be careful with this site. i lost 2200usd here, these guys looks good, but they scam and block u once u keep higher amounts. never go to them, pls reach me for any wuerirs.

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