Bitcoin Multiply Times Review – Legit Doubler or SCAM?

Bitcoin Multiply Times ( is a Bitcoin doubler which is quickly gaining popularity all over the internet.  They accept people from all regions and are unregulated. By the time we finished our investigation, we were more than convinced about their actual nature.  

Returns they advertise are capped at 1000% after 5 hours.  At this rate you will be the richest person in the world within a week, but that is just a fantasy.  

There is no information about the creator of this platform.  Before you give them your money, go through our full review which will expose all their agendas.

Bitcoin Multiply Times Review

Company and Support

Firms which are indulged with the financial markets, for the most part has to be regulated.  Regardless of the nature of their operation, whenever a institution accepts funds from the public, they are obligated to some strict rules.  

Bitcoin Multiply Times represents an ICO.  They raise money required for their operations from the investors.  In return, the investors are entitled to some amount of profits in the near future.  We checked FCA and FTC to find out, if this firm is regulated. Unfortunately, we did not find any details about them, which is a huge concern.

Moreover, this firm also refuses to share any license details on their website.  They are operating from the shadows intentionally. The only contact details they feature is an email address.

Email –

How does Bitcoin Multiply Times Work?

This platform says that, they have found some kind of bug in the blockchain.  Apparently, that flaw has enabled these guys to scrape themselves a profit each time a transaction occurs.  

This narration will be absolutely ridiculous for those of you, who know how cryptocurrencies work.  They are trying to manipulate the newbie investors into thinking that, they know what they are talking about.  

Unfortunately, many people made the mistake of trusting them and lost their funds.  There isn’t any flaws in the blockchain as they state, even if it was true, then why would they tell it to the public instead of making money for themselves?  

Earning profits without getting exposed to risk is impossible.  However, the only thing you can do is to diversify them so that you have better probability of success.


They offer 4 types of investment plans.  Profits of 1000% daily is certainly every investor’s dream, but sadly it will just remain unreal.  Cryptocurrency in general has the most amount of volatility, but that does not means these kind of profits are achievable.  

Moreover, they haven’t featured any payments proofs.  Do not give them the benefit of doubt.

Plan 1

Cost – 0.03 BTC to 24 BTC

Returns – 3 BTC to 24 BTC

Duration – 24 Hours

Plan 2

Cost – 0.25 BTC to 0.99 BTC

Returns – 25 BTC to 99 BTC

Duration – 12 Hours

Plan 3

Cost – 1 BTC to 9.99 BTC

Returns – 100 BTC to 999 BTC

Duration – 9 Hours

Plan 4

Cost – 10 BTC to 100 BTC

Returns – 1000 BTC to 10,000 BTC

Duration – 5 Hours

Domain Whereabouts

Below we have gathered certain key details of this website with the help of and

Domain –

Registered On – 04/03/2017

Expires On – 04/03/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 9,956,165

The registrant contact details are untraceable.  Though, this website has been around for more than a year, there isn’t enough data to trace their traffic sources. For more details about this website, visit

Red Flags

Majority of the investment solution uphold transparency.  This firm operates in such a shady way that they are almost unidentifiable.  Moreover, considering the potential risks and the obvious fake return claims, we strongly urge everyone to stay away from them.

This platform showcase few testimonials.  All the comments are extremely flattering.  The alleged early users talk about, how this software helped them earn a lot of money.  

Bitcoin Multiply Times Testimonials

However, do not get carried away by those fake comments from bogus user profiles.  In case, if you were wondering there isn’t any way to track down those users.

Bitcoin Multiply Times Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Multiply Times is most probably a ponzi scheme.  They might process some withdrawals every once in a while, but it will ultimately end in a horrible way.  Whenever an opportunity too good to be true arises, do not impulsively make any decision, regardless of the kind of convincing narration these fraudsters come up with.

Have you lost money to Bitcoin Multiply Times?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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