Twelve for Twelve Review - Scam Review

Twelve for Twelve ( claims to be an interesting and easy way of making money for everyday people by taking advantage of cryptocurrencies.  They also talk about coming up with their own tokens in the near future.

The headlining feature about this firm is the profit they are portraying to the potential customers which by the way is 12% daily for 12 days and it is renewable after that.  Their profit claims clearly blew their cover and points out the hypocrisy of their service.

To learn how to detect the frauds in the trading world and the reasons to avoid this service continue reading our comprehensive review.

License and Support

Firms which depends upon its clients for funds for investment purposes are supposed to have very specific licenses to do so otherwise they will have to face severe consequences for their actions.  

Twelve for Twelve represents an ICO wherein money raised from several investors are pooled together and used for trading cryptocurrencies, the profits are distributed in a way which is proportional to their initial capital.  Though we believed that this was unregulated we checked FCA which is the central authority responsible for overseeing the investment firms located in Uk but as expected there was no information about them.

This firm has put up their registration certificate and company number on their website which will trick majority of the newbies into believing that they are legitimate but that is not the case.  Just because they have registered their company does not mean they can start raising money from the public.

In case if you have any queries or need clarification on any matter, this firm can be reached through email, phone or a contact form, either way do not expect fast replies especially if you are complaining.

Email –

Address – 25 North Row, London W1K 6DJ, UK

Phone – 02033186478

How does Twelve for Twelve Work?

This firm says that they have access to some of the top miners in the sector who offer them Bitcoins at a bargain price which they later sell it out in the market for higher price thereby generating profit.  Does this narration make any sense to you?

No one will ever sell any coins if the profit margin is not big and even if they do have plenty of coins to spend around why would anyone give those coins to this firm instead of generating profits for themselves?  Mining involves a lot of expenses and it is literally impossible for any person to generate revenue like these crooks claim to do.

Cryptocurrencies have volatility which is unlike anything we have ever seen but that does not necessarily mean everyone who trades it will make a fortune.  Do not be gullible enough to trust their sloppy narration instead equip yourself with the right kind of knowledge before stepping into the trading arena.


Ever since the cryptos made their debut they had controversies and speculation around them but it reached new heights when it reached record highs in the early 2017.  Since the media showed all the people who became millionaires majority of the population is under the impression that it is easy to replicate those methods.

It took them years to reach that kind of financial position and regardless of what you do it is impossible to generate 12% ROI every single day.  Fast profits offered by them are just a way of luring the public and taking their money, be smart and say no to these sleazy shortcuts.

Affiliate Program

The degree of success each fake scheme gets depends upon their ability to stay under the radar of government authorities while expanding their user base exponentially.  To expand their scheme they offer an affiliate program in which enticing amount of money is given to the marketers who help this firm achieve their goals in terms of revenue. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are only required to send traffic through their custom link and whenever a lead turns into a customer they get paid 5% of the deposit amount.  There is multi-level referral program which means the revenue of the promoters can be further increased if they choose to recruit more marketers.

As you can sense already they do not incur any risk but all the expense are levied on the investor.

Domain Whereabouts

Though this website was registered just 3 months before they have marketed their service really well.  According to this domain was registered on 10/07/2018 and it expires on 10/07/2021.

This website ranks 2,830 in Switzerland and it currently has secured a rank of 318,669 globally according to alexa traffic ranks.  They use ad networking sites which is the main source of their traffic. Most of the users coming to their website are from the following geographical location Switzerland, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and Ukraine.

Red Flags

One of the main concerns regarding this firm is that they have not only chosen to operate without licenses but other aspects like transparency and integrity have also been compromised by them.  At least they could have featured the details of the fund managers showing their achievements for preferably the last 3 to 5 years.

Assuming that they really want to maintain low profile in this sector, if their strategy actually yielded results like they claim then why on earth are they refusing to come up with a free trial or revenue sharing model?

Twelve for Twelve Review Conclusion

Twelve for Twelve looks like a ponzi scheme.  Right now they have enough stream of new investors signing up to keep their loop going but inevitably the end will come.  

The very first thing every trader and investor should be mentally prepared for is the risk management aspect, enormous profits are appealing but they are unreal, learn to distinguish between reality and the false lies floating around the internet, by doing that you will not only earn consistent income but save yourself from losing a lot of money to rookie mistakes.

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