Review - Scam Review calls itself a global blockchain platform which allows the investors to earn high returns on investments.  Their smart trading platform allows you to trade cryptocurrencies, forex and mine valuable altcoins.

They also offer binary trading which might be illegal depending upon where you live.  There is no information about the corporate office address and looking at the way this exchange is being handled from the shadows we certainly feel that you should either be very cautious with them or avoid them altogether.  

This service may seem easy to use but when considering the risk of dealing with unregulated entities it might not be worth the returns.  Go through our review which will show give you an insight about the way this so called exchange work.

Company and Support

Majority of the brokers and the firms which in any way deals with the investors money are subject to regulation from authorities and it is mandatory for all the companies which operate in this space. represents an ICO wherein investors are given an opportunity to get involved with mining and get a share of the revenue the company makes but percentage of returns depends upon the initial capital and the plan chosen by the client.  In the About Us section of this platform there are details about their office but any information concerning their licenses is kept hidden from the view of the visitors.

As a precautionary measure we checked FCA and FTC but we did not find any relevant information which leads us to the conclusion that they are unregulated.

Usually all the exchanges, brokers and ICOs feature their registration information at the footer of the website but this platform lacks that also.  The customer support team can be contacted via email only. They have put up the address of their offices which are as follows:

United States – 225 Atlantic Ave 2nd Fl Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone – +1 3479902069

United Kingdom – 338 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 3BT, UK

Phone – +44 1865920244

Netherlands – Herengracht 619 1017 CE Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone – +33 197005031705

Australia – Sydney 140 Sussex Street, Brisbane 100 Edward Street

Phone – +61488894158

How does Work? in the most basic form is an all in one solution aiming to fulfil all the needs of a crypto enthusiasts.  With regards to exchange and trading we always urge everyone to use licensed and regulated brokers only because of the peace of mind it ensures unless you know exactly what you need from a particular platform.  

They do offer cloud mining service but they lack any explanation on how they conduct the operations.  First of all we are not told the location of their data centres which means there isn’t any way to verify their existence.  

The investors are not provided a detailed description which reveals the revenue and the fees incurred during a specific period of time, without this information how can anyone decide whether it is profitable or not to invest with them?  

Apart from the fact that they use HashCoins scrypt, SHA-256 and GPU rigs you won’t find explanation on any other related aspect.

Contracts and Returns

This firm offers 3 plans wherein the differentiating element is the GH/s and the hardware specification.  All the contracts are valid for one year. The returns are not stated because it is not an independent variable, it depends upon the mining difficulty which is getting harder day by day and on the price of the asset.  

The only thing we can advice you is not to expect some outstanding kind of returns as the crypto sector is facing a steep down trend in general and the margin of profit is really not something which will make you quit your job unless you have sufficient capital.  

Here is a rundown of the contract details:

Scrypt Cloud Mining

GH/S – 100

Price – $500

Hardware – HashCoins Scrypt

SHA-256 Cloud Mining

GH/S – 1000

Price – $1,000

Hardware – SHA-256

Super Hashpower

GH/S – 10,000

Price – $5,000

Hardware – GPU Rigs

Domain Insight

We tried to trace out the details of this website and the sources of traffic they are relying on but for some reason there is no information available about them on both and  

On the though we were not able to find out the details about the registration and expiration details of the domain we gathered the following information:

Domain Name –

Organization – Mali Dili B.V

Phone – +31 205315725

Fax – +31 205315721

Red Flags

The most daunting thing about this platform is that there isn’t enough data about them on the internet.  Moreover we could not find any real user testimonials anywhere except their website. If you go through those testimonials they do not only look cherry picked but also the user profiles are not linked beneath them, for all we know they might be bogus profiles with stock photos attached to them. - Testimonials

Lack of information regarding their legality combined with an uninspiring amount of anonymity found on this platform will surely drive most of the experienced investors away.  In recent times keeping the ever-rising number of frauds on the internet in the mind, it is never worth the risk to take a shot with any unregulated firms.

There are surely some legit unregulated companies but distinguishing them is the main problem which after some time becomes too tedious. Review Conclusion

Mining is the main offering of but due to the lack of clarity and the number of issues surrounding this firm we advise you to stay away from them.  Their operational model is very unclear and no one has the faintest idea about the person or the team responsible for running this firm.

Given the history of many mining related scams in the recent times the only thing left for you to think about is whether to choose them or not? before you decide think twice as the risk is enormous.

Have you tried  Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment.


  1. Rob Meyer

    Thanks for your comments Kenny! I have really struggled with this whole deal! Trying to convince myself that MAYBE it is real but knowing in my gut that it is NOT. What a roller coaster ride of emotions!

    If you need someone to talk to send me an email at

    Take care!

    • AJ Rey

      Here is that Coinprofitex scam experience video I told you I was going to do. Lets go after these crooks. Feel free to share this video at other scam sites you have been involved with. There is some eye opening info on here. It’s a long one but I needed to try and cover as much as I could. Hope this helps.

  2. Rob Meyer

    Kenny, let me see your address. I want to compare it to mine…1CWT4cDxNEHbq2PCDEEpsDDzaGS9m39w3E

    They now want me to buy a ICC International Code? What the hell is that? They want $15k for it. What a bunch of BS! It is super hard to believe that I have lost all of this money, but I need to cut my losses and move on! My fake account is growing at 5% daily and is up to 98 BTC. I think it is just a bunch of fake # trying to get more money out of me so I can take some profits. Oh well time to move on with my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kenney Andrews

      NO Dont get a ICCN International code its FAKE! They told me to get that too for $4900 or upgrade to premium to bypass it. And they told me i cant use my roth to buy it. like the IMP Cert, they told me i could withdraw after i got it but was still never able to to withdraw it then. My bitcoin address on there is 18bWS1xzEvi4uDJ7RMuHFNvn4b9kAAgUJ3. And my LTC Address is MLjxwaXE2rupSkcdVGV4FzSLJLBiiWZZaH on there. Because i had enough money from roth to upgrade last month i attemped to upgrade and they havent processed it nor have they responded to my emails. And what really caught my attention was i created 2 other fake coinprofitex accounts and the cryoto address was exactly the same. So idk if now each location if they have different Bitcoin addresses. And when i looked online to see on a bitcoin transaction site it shows $0 balance on it. Also because i sent them my passport picture for the IMP Cert that i wasted money for, I have been getting so many scam callers so i had to cancel my passport and get a new one

      • AJ Rey

        Another Crazy Issue that I had with them that I will be putting in my scam video about them is that after waiting for 3 days for my transactions to go from my Coinbase account to my Coinprotitex account, I had to e-mail tech support as to why it hasn’t gone through. A day later it was in. Twice it went in multiple times to the same address. What I think was happening is someone was manually inputting the amount after they requested screen shots of my transactions. Problem for them was two of their tech’s inputted the same amount and I got credited twice. Also almost all my Alt coins where giving me bad address notifications and wouldn’t go through. At least I saved those from being taken. And the reason why I’m replying to you is YES that Bitcoin address is the same as mine.


        • AJ Rey

          This is also my Litecoin address MLjxwaXE2rupSkcdVGV4FzSLJLBiiWZZaH and since nobody has posted this you can compare this is my Ethereum address 0x5a85297732389541E37F6294bdE8EEE9761887f4

          • Rob Meyer

            Yes my ETH address is the same as yours!

        • kenney

          You had to email Tech Support so that they can credit to your account because they were taking your funds and posting FAKE numbers to your account. Sending crypto to a address 100% of the time should get automatically credited without support from anyone.

  3. Kenney Andrews

    Coinprofitex domain changed to I still cant withdraw. Im looking to file a lawsuit which will occur in the next 2 weeks.

    • AJ Rey

      I’m ready to join you. I’ve been ripped off by a semi-high profile guy, given minimal amount of info. Decided to trust him, then found out I needed to deposit more money just so I can withdraw funds. I’m in the process of creating a video to expose the truth on this.

      • Kenney Andrews

        Yeah ive posted on lots of forums on this. Its sad ppl still continue to get scammed from it. By posting a youtube video over it will definetly help prevent other ppl from doing it. im gonna report to the domain that there is a scam so that way they remove it like they did to

  4. Kenney Andrews

    Domain name:

    Mali Dili B.V.
    Point ML administrator
    P.O. Box 11774
    1001 GT Amsterdam
    Phone: +31 20 5315725
    Fax: +31 20 5315721
    E-mail: abuse:, copyright infringement:

    Domain Nameservers:

    Your selected domain name is a Free Domain. That means that,
    according to the terms and conditions of Free Domain domain names
    the registrant is Mali Dili B.V.

    Due to restrictions in Point ML ‘s Privacy Statement personal information
    about the user of the domain name cannot be released.

    If you want to report abuse of this domain name, please send a
    detailed email with your complaint to
    In most cases Point ML responds to abuse complaints within one business day.

    If you want to report a case of copyright infringement, please send
    an email to, and include the full name and address of
    your organization. Within 5 business days copyright infringement notices
    will be investigated.

    Record maintained by: Point ML Domain Registry

    I just found this online. Does this help with research anything scamwise?

  5. Kenney Andrews

    Hey No problem! I also struggled to find someone to talk too about this scam. I think its overall new the coinprofitex site thats why lil to no info online. I currently dont know if my coins are gone either but im almost sure it is. I just logged in to see if i can trade and that works. Just a few more days until a month has passed on my investment in coinprofitex. Supposably according to them i can withdraw 1 month after initial activation as they claim monthly payout. I highly doubt they will and instead tell me to upgrade investment or other buy other BS certs therefore just loose more money. I live in Texas. Been blasting my twitter account about as well as other forums trying to get the word out so other ppl dont get screwed over it. $10,000 is way too much for me to loose its emberresing

    • Mr Moore Fred

      Its of my friend, but always take it easy, dont conclude so fast, i use to think the same way but i took the risk now i play with my investements, i invest and withdraw like no man business.

  6. Kenney Andrews

    Coin is a scam. I fell in the boat too. Tyler S at acting like hes a real Youtuber on Bitcoin and Litecoin. i bought the silver package then 2 weekes later they told me i needed the IMP Cert for $4500 in order to withdraw. 2 weeks go by and i still cant withdraw. i opened another account and saw that the wallet addresses are exactly the same as mine. I reported it. More than likeky i wont ever get my 10K in Litecoin back. We need to spread the word to get this exchange shut down and put the ppl behind it thrown in jail for life. Its a bad scam

    • Rob Meyer

      Thank you for reply you made about Coin Profitex scam! I have struggled to find anyone else online who has dealt with them, there is not much out there! I keep HOPING that my coins are safe but I think they are gone! A very painful experience for sure!

      I live in Alaska, where are you?


    • Mr Moore Fred

      We keep calling the good and the bad investment companies scam, i use to think this way not until i follow everything up with patient and listen to instructions, one of our major problem when it comes to investing money is we conclude very fast and we are always in a hurry, because you were ask to do this or that or you did not withdrawal on the suppose date did not make a company a scam, yes we all want to get our returns from our investment but dont be in a rush to give up or conclude.

      A good investor is a person with a lion heart… i can say it very loud that Coin-profitex is not a scam.

      My account is growing very well and i order for withdrawals its comes peacefully.

      • Kenny Andrews

        Lol will this one is a scam. Then explain why do i still cant withdraw after upgrading so many times? And why dont they tell the ppl whats all the requirements before they choose the investment like all the certs you need. i mean $4450 for the IMP cert, ICCN Code for $4800 Insurence DNF Cert $ 3300 Insurence Cert for $10,000 before able to withdraw on a $5000 investment or upgrade investments then you run into other certs and you cant use your earnings to get that. What kind of BS is that!?? Its FAKE.

  7. Rob Meyer

    I was contacted by someone pretending to be Heidi from Crypto Tips from You Tube. It has been one hell of a roller coaster! I was suckered in by crazy returns if you invest with them. I liked and trusted Heidi so I sent in 4 BTC and then I found out she was not who she said she was! I started with the Standard Plan, they keep telling me if I upgrade to the Ultimate plan I can withdraw and make even higher % gains. I was so devastated and knew I lost all of my coins! Then this fake Heidi confessed who she really was Shirl Devlin but I am still not convinced of that! Any way she said she would help me get to the Admin plan and make 1% daily returns if I would pay her back. She put in enough to get us close and then I added another 1 BTC or something like that. Then they tell me I did not make the upgrade fast enough and will need to pay $10,000 for some Insurance certificates, WHAT! I was so pissed! But I am in so deep now and I can see my account growing everyday by 1 % I decided to buy them. And then they added the Family Plan and said I would need to upgrade to that by adding enough to get to the $100,000 level. As I write this, I feel so incredibly stupid that I continued! Shirl said she would help me by adding 15 BTC If I could do the rest, I did not want to but I added another 1-2 BTC and we hit $100k. Then they tell me I can not take any profits for 30 days and let the account grow at 5% daily. I checked it every day and sure enough it was growing BUT is it REAL? So 7 days they deactivated my account and said I need to add 15 BTC before I can take any profits, are you kidding me! I am blowing another gasket! There is now way in hell I am paying that! So my referrer Shirl said she could come up with 12 BTC if I can do the rest she promises me that we will get our money back. I feel like she is working for them (she says she is not) adding some fake coins to my account to just within my reach so I will add 1-2 more coins telling me that THEN I can take my profits! I say BULLSHIT! I have learned a hard lesson and I am not looking forward to the day I have to tell my wife I have lost around 6-7 BTC! Especially when it goes over $20k!!! My Coin Profitex account is showing I have 63.5 BTC in it but I can not move any of it. I do not have any faith left that it is even real! I have told my Referrer that if she can deposit 15 BTC then GO FOR IT! I have nothing else to give! I should have my balls cut off for even making this far!!
    Live and learn the hard way☹

  8. Fred Moor

    Yes I have invested with coinprofitex I had a perfect deal with them.

    • Rob Meyer

      I would like to talk to you about that if you don’t mind! PLEASE
      I feel like I have lost all my coins!

      • swordholder

        Hi Rob, I also have invested am getting suspicious…very similar story to yours..I had always been skeptical and i fear this confirms all ..hard lesson indeed..

      • swordholder

        i found this..Rob, I share a very similar story :/

    • kenny

      This guy is talking BS. i bet hes in with the scam. DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM AND DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY INTO COINPROFITEX!!! watch I post my BTC wallet address and you look at your BTC wallet address to see they exactly the same addresses!

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