VasCrypto Investments Review – SCAM!

VasCrypto ( is a new service in the cryptocurrency sector which is pretty vague in their approach. If you have come across this platform, chances are you might be wondering whether it is a signal service or asset management company.

Fortunately, we have done all the research so that you have a clear idea about what this firm is all about. You might be tempted seeing the kind of results they portray, but before drifting away from reality, read our detailed unbiased VasCrypto review to learn more.

Company and Customer Support

All the companies which provide investment advice and services around the financial sector should be regulated. Since, this firm also operates in a similar manner, we conducted a background search.

As it turns out, they are not regulated by any entity which means they are most probably operating illegally. From transparency and ethical point of view, this whole platform is certainly not something you should get involved with. They have provided certain contact details which are as follows

Head Office – 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003 – 1502, US

Japan Office – Nakanoshima Center Bldg. 30F, 6-2-27 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku,Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-6691

Email –

Phone – +1 (917) 426-9953

vascrypto investments review

How does VasCrypto Work?

At first, we thought this platform might be another signal service which is mainly focusing on the crypto pairs. However, that is not the case. Basically, they raise money from the private pool of investors and allegedly use them for trading the markets.

Though they explain in detail about the general concepts of cryptocurrencies and elaborate on certain specific terms. It does not go over any of the actual technical aspects involved in trading. For example, we do not know which parameters they consider before entering a trade or the exit rules they follow.

Their accuracy rate is unknown and the kind of draw-down they might experience is also not put up by them. Without these crucial data, how can you possible justify to trust them with your money? Furthermore, they have not provided any verifiable proof to support their claims.

Returns Promised

This platform offer 3 types of investment plans. For higher returns, the investors have to commit with more up-front capital. Though, the returns featured by them which is anywhere between 1% to 2% daily seem believable.

Do the math; it adds up to a staggering 720% on an annual basis. Unless you are a newbie, chances are you already know that, these claims are outrageous.

Starter 1

Minimum Deposit – $50

ROI – 1.6% Daily

Duration – 132 Days

Plan 2

Minimum Deposit – $5,000

ROI – 1.8% Daily

Duration – 198 Days

Plan 3

Minimum Deposit – $20,000

ROI – 2% Daily

Duration – 264 Days

Affiliate Program

This platform offers an affiliate program just like most of the online platforms out there. Any individual can choose to promote this platform and they will get paid for doing so. The commission percentage ranges from 5% to 15% of the cumulative deposit made by their referrals.

We always suggest our readers to be very cautious while dealing with these kind of platforms, because there will always be some affiliates who give fake information just for the sake of commissions. Promoters and marketers need not be an active account holder of the firm.

Domain Insight

This website was registered on 28/12/2017 and it will expire on 28/12/2019, according to There is no information about the registrant or the people responsible for running this firm as they are using privacy protection services. According to, this website ranks 2,871,752 globally and has a rank of 842,961 in the United States.

Is VasCrypto Legit?

Most probably not, looking at the ambiguity present in their platform, combined with their outrageous claims. If you deposit, the chances of getting back your money from them is very slim. Moreover, they do not offer any hard evidence to prove their claims.

Most of the trusted investment solution operate transparently, but this firms lacks that also. Keeping everything we discussed in mind, it is not worth risking your money on an unregulated platform like this one. If they had provided a demo account to test out their efficiency, we could have given them the benefit of doubt.

Unfortunately, this firm does not even offer that. So, you cannot measure their profitability without risking your hard earned money.

VasCrypto Review Conclusion

VasCrypto isn’t the platform you want to get indulged with, simply because of the lack of data exhibited by them. There are no comments about this platform on any of the popular forums, which means they have succeeded in operating anonymously.

If you want to be consistently profitable in the market, then instead of searching for the holy grail system, gain education. Never drift away from reality when you hear easy money claims and do a thorough check before spending money on any platform.

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  1. PJ

    ^ IDK WTF You’re smoking, as i’m also an investor and i don’t have faith. i still havent gotten my first withdrawal honored. good chance they’re scammers. good thing i went in for a small amount. only time will tell i guess but i am pretty sure its just a ponzi.

  2. Patricia Krenik

    I’ve been with Vascrypto for more than a year. Unlike other investment companies that use your money and give you a high return I still have confidence in this company. That is because they keep in touch and let you know what is going on. We are subject to their rules, which they can change at any time, but I feel their intentions are good are really are there to help others make money. When they change something, they notify us and keep their word. They have improved the mechanics of the blockchain and now it runs smoothly. I have received most of my money invested back, and they has said in August they will start paying again. We will see.

    • Melinda

      8/17/2019: They have been offline for a few days…Hmmm and they have my $$.

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