Review – Ponzi Mining Scheme is a cloud bitcoin mining solution which supposedly helps crypto enthusiasts earn passive income without having to deal with any kind of technicalities present. Since this service has been around for a considerable period of time, it has left a lot of testimonies behind, but sadly they give mixed impressions. Any information about the owners of this organisation is unknown and we couldn’t find any legal certificates on their platform.

At first glance, their business model might appear genuine, but once you look at their affiliate program, it becomes pretty clear that they are following the ponzi model. The volatility in cryptocurrency markets is huge and it is one of the things which attracts a lot of newbies into the sector.

However, never assume that you can get rich just by investing in them, because it is never so easy to make consistent returns. To know everything about this manipulative mining program, continue reading our unbiased review and then take an informed stance. Review

Company and Contact Information

When it comes to investing online, you need to choose whether you will proceed with regulated, reputable firms or unregulated firms with little to no track record. While there are few benefits of choosing platforms that are unregulated, we strongly believe that it is not worth the risks involved. This firm does not feature any details about their physical location and they don’t even have the courtesy to reveal a single legal document which could act as a credibility booster.

This kind of strange and mysterious behaviour is a red flag and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Almost all of the legit mining solutions take customer satisfaction seriously and they offer more ways of interacting with them in case they have any queries. interacts with the public only through email and they don’t have any strict processing deadlines. This kind of unethical way of handling the clients should tell you a lot about them and at the end of the day, it just doesn’t make any sense to indulge with them.

How does Work?’s operational model is similar to all the bitcoin cloud mining solutions out there. They ask the investors to specify the terms of the contracts and based on the inputs, they show the profit curve and the profits they get at the end of the contract period. In theory, everything they say makes sense, but in reality due to the scarce information put up by them, it is impossible for any rational investor to deposit with them.

For starters, this firm is not transparent with the public and they don’t even share any details about their mining farms. We have no idea about the equipment they use of the scripts they employ. Moreover, we don’t have the faintest clue about the measures they have in place to combat the volatility of the underlying cryptos. With so many unanswered questions, it is certainly not wise to invest with them.

Regardless of what kind of returns you might have been promised by them, always remember not to trust empty assurance and as investors every decision you take needs to be based on hard core facts or else it will be a mere speculation. After all, to make money from the markets one needs to be extremely strategic and logical.

Mining Contracts and Profits

We don’t know whether there is any minimum or maximum limit on the contracts as they are not specified on their platform. However, the process of choosing the contract is simple enough. The users just have to select the number of GHS they want and the maturity period. After feeding the inputs, if you are happy with the projected returns(0.5% to 1.3% daily) you can opt in to buy the contracts.

Theoretically speaking, their operational model is simple and flawless. Sadly, the reality is entirely different and without tangible evidence it would not be worth your time to even indulge with them. As there isn’t a single report on the costs involved or any other parameters to measure potential risks, investing with them would certainly be worse than gambling.

Earning passive income always sounds exciting and amazing, but do not buy into anything unless you truly know the sector inside and out or else you might end up with a big dent on your pocket.

Affiliate Program

This firm just like most online businesses offer affiliate programs. If you are a website owner or have access to any kind of web traffic, then you can use the partner program to monetize your traffic. Currently, they are offering 25% of the cumulative revenue amount deposited by your referrals. However, do keep in mind that you should promote a platform only if you truly believe in them and use it personally.

After all, being transparent is the key to success in any online business and make sure not to employ any kind of unethical traffic generation methods. At the end of the day, affiliate marketing by itself is not harmful, but if you twist it for your own needs and mislead the public, then it would become a dangerous tool.


Any viral platforms always leaves a ton of testimonials and client feedback on popular forums. As potential investors, we can use them to judge the quality of a service. Below, we have listed the comments made by users on Trustpilot, take a thorough look at them and it should be more than enough to give you an idea about this firm.

I am so frustrated with, It is really a good place to invest. I invest in it since october and have no problem withdraw whatsoever. After 30th January 2020 suddenly the withdraw is no longer instant and becomes queue, i manage to withdraw more than 10 time and it got me confident to invest more.

I suggest people not to invest in this website and don’t trust what ever they claimed and payment proof they made. You guys can see the payment also in small amount, no big amounts.

I really hope that VMF will be a great place to invest but i am totally wrong. To whomever already invested in VMF, Keep on withdraw while you still can, after certain period they will freeze your account and withdrawal will pending forever.

Just my 2 cents. All the best guys!~


Dont invest in virtual mining farm. It pays for a bit small payment of other peoples investments.and if there funds are low you go in a queue,i haven’t received 5 or 6 withdrawals,stoped paying after i put more money in it,and my referal has give up trying to get a payment out of them,seriously dont waste your bitcoins.there are genuine cloud mining sites out there.not like these set of clown

Domain Insights

We used and to find out the demographics of this website. However, we were unable to find the details of the creators of this platform as they have masked their registration information.

Domain –

Registered On – 21/10/2017

Expiry – 21/10/2028

Alexa Global Rank – 18,163

Rank in Venezuela – 595

Audience – Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina Review Conclusion is not a trustworthy mining solution. The data they provide is scarce and incomplete. Testimonials from earlier clients are clearly negative and simply put, there isn’t anything about them which enhances or radiates confidence. So, do not purchase any contracts from them and remember there are a lot of alternatives available and you just have to put in the time to find the one which suits your needs.

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