Review – Regular HYIP is a new platform which is currently gaining rapid popularity in the online investing sector. They boast about their regulatory status and promise the investors upto 300% ROI every 3 hours once. Anyone who has a reasonable grasp of the financial sector or economics would know that their claims are absolutely fake.

Unfortunately, due to their targeted viral marketing campaigns, many people who are just starting out are falling for this scheme and they have almost zero chances of recovering their money. Making consistent revenue from the markets requires a specific skill set and strict risk management measures.

Most people in the retail infrastructure never realise the hard work involved and naturally they will be inclined towards believing the inversion narrative. So, to avoid all the traps and understand the real intentions behind this firm, continue reading our review and it will point out all the facts you need to know about them. Review

Company, Legal Status and Support

The legal process for setting up a legit regulated investment firm is very complex. Government authorities around the world have made the process intensive and slow to filter out the fraud entities from establishing themselves in the first place. However, due to the advancement of the internet, crooks have easy access to the investors and the worst part is that it is very difficult to track them down.

So, as a precautionary method, regardless of the benefits you might be promised, never indulge with any kind of unregulated firms and exchanges. The platform claims to be operating from the UK, but there is no information about them on the FCA. So, without any doubts we can say that, they are operating illegally and they will face severe consequences for their actions.

Bluffing about their identity, real legal status are traits of every scam and as investors it is our duty to crosscheck every detail about them before proceeding with them in any way. After all, you can’t be too careful in the financial sector, right?

We did find a lot of contact information on their website, but it comes with a twist. Though they feature both email address and telephone number, the actual communication happens only through email. In short, the fact that they are trying to operate anonymously is undeniable. In case you need the information about their whereabouts, they are listed below.

Address – 679 High Road Leyton, London

Email –

Phone – +1-407-676-7377

How does Work? claims to be active in multiple sectors around the financial markets. Their so-called expert team is said to be involved in trading the forex and crypto markets. Our main problem with their platform is the lack of information. Though they boast about their returns, they have never mentioned any trading history or evidence to back up their accomplishments.

Moreover, as investors we don’t have the faintest idea about the parameters they use, trading strategies they employ and the safety mechanisms they have placed in case of a market crash. Without knowing the metrics no rational investor would commit their capital and if you are thinking about doing the opposite, then know that it is nothing more than financial suicide.

Moving on to the bitcoin mining part, the location of their mining farms are not revealed to the public. So, we can’t verify their existence and that is just a red old flag found in most of the scams. Retail investors always are attracted towards easy money making ways, but before you let greed affect your judgement, conduct thorough research on them. After all, there is no way to instant riches in reality.

Profits Promised

The returns promised by this firm ranges from 3% per hour all the way up to 300% after 3 hours. Numbers portrayed on their platform are attractive and it kind of pushes the newbies into a fantasy world wherein they can make money just by clicking a few buttons. Unfortunately, no such thing as easy money exists in reality and the claims made by this platform are an obvious trap. Investment Plans

If they really had the ability to triple their funds, then they wouldn’t give it up to the public for free and mathematically those returns are unsustainable over the long term. So, don’t fall for their fancy claims and too good to be true offers, because if you trust them, they will slaughter you financially.

Referral Program

This firm relies heavily on the affiliates to drive traffic to their platform and assist them in generating revenue. All the affiliates are paid 10% of the revenue they bring in and to make things interesting for them, they also offer additional perks and incentives. Moreover, all the marketers get custom marketing tools to further enhance their reach and increase their income drastically.

As you can see the clear conflict of interest with the parties involved, at the end of the day they all make money at the expense of the client or the victim who doesn’t even realise that they are getting scammed. For your own good, do not trust any random reviews or comments, because it is just a trap designed to feed you false impressions and make money from that. Review Conclusion is clearly a well designed fake investment platform which will loot their clients in a horrible manner. They have no real connection with the markets and they clearly are following the ponzi model.

The creators have covered up their tracks pretty well which means they are professional crooks and given the current scenario, if anyone sends them money, then they surely will never get it back. So, don’t be impulsive and don’t let their viral campaigns mess with your head and walk away from any offer they might throw at you for your own good.

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    • Hans Sapei

      I invested, grew my account to USD 1000. Requested for USD500 withdrawal.
      I was asked in chat to “activate my mining API” with USD200 before I can receive payment when I deposited through my bitcoin wallet.

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