Vortex Profits Review – It Does Not Look Good…

No, Vortex Profits (vortexprofits.com), the website used by this new HYIP scheme pusher, does not look good, no matter how we turn it around. When you run into headlines such as “We Provide Financial Advices”, “Being Expertise” and “We Do Thing in a Smart Way” it is just impossible to take anything the site says seriously. This whole setup looks like the winner of some kind of a race to the bottom, where even more or less proper English is unheard of.

Yes, in strictly technical terms, poor English may not matter. When it comes to a company masquerading as some sort of financial advice-dispensing organization with a “global reach” though, it instantly raises a massive red flag: how can a company like this not afford to pay for someone to write proper copy or to proofread the existing one?

vortexprofits.com - Vortex Profits

What Exactly is Vortex Profits?

To make a long story short: it is a textbook Ponzi, carrying every single one of the traits of a pyramid scheme, with pride. That makes us think that this operation may just be aimed solely at those who are not familiar with Ponzi schemes.

The Vortex Plans section of the site makes this painfully obvious. It peddles three investment plans, the cheapest one of which is the “Bitcoin” level. Exactly what the cryptocurrency has to do with the plan, is quite unclear though…The scammers apparently want people to believe that the profits guaranteed by this plan come from investments in Bitcoin.

The plan spans 88 days, and its guaranteed minimum daily return is 2.5%, which is indeed the definition of “too good to be true.” That would add up to about 75% return per month.

Where the true colors of the setup shine through though are the Referral and Binary percentages promised to participants. These are the rewards they will allegedly receive for building up the pyramid below them. The required investment amount for the Bitcoin plan is $22-$999.

The Gold Plan requires a minimum investment of $1,000 and – you’ve guessed it – it earns its proceeds from investments in gold. This plan is essentially the same as the previous one, with slightly higher percentages offered across the board.

The Oil plan is at the top of the tier-ladder. These people must be really skilled trading oil, because this plan offers the most generous returns while featuring the steepest buy-in costs.

Through these plans, these people are telling us that they can generate monthly returns of 75% trading Bitcoin, 75%-105% trading gold, and 105%-135% trading oil. The case can indeed be rested right here…

Vortex Profits’ Background

The About Us page of the Vortex Profits website gives us the expected nonsense about the operator’s investments in Bitcoin, gold and oil. Obviously, none of this adds up in any way.

Surprisingly, there is a name given on the page, that of the person who is allegedly behind the whole thing. Unfortunately, this name – Griffin Wrights – seems entirely made up, with no records of it available anywhere online. This is hardly surprising though…who would want their real name on a Ponzi scheme as obvious as this one.

The company behind the operation is apparently Vortex Profits Ltd. based at 22, Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. According to the registry of Irish companies, the company was set up on September 15, 2017, so it’s barely a couple months old. All this falls well in line with the Ponzi angle.

The company director is apparently Karen Corcoran, and Shabbir Garana fulfils some kind of a corporate role too. Whether these are the names of real people or not, is difficult to tell at this point.


With the operation being this new (and its pitch this transparent), it comes as no surprise that there are no complaints about it out there yet. Probably no one has fallen victim to the scheme yet. There are plenty of reviews about a certain Vortex Assets though, which may just be related to the reviewed operator.

The Vortexprofits.com Domain Name

The domain name was registered by the same Griffin Wrights mentioned above. The registrant’s phone number available in the whois data is +46.769438328. The domain was registered on August 8, 2017. The registered admin organization is Vortex Profits Ltd.

VertexProfits.com - WHOIS


The Vortex Profits Support can be reached through a live chat feature from the site, as well as through the above mentioned phone number (+46.769438328). The support email is helpdesk.vortexprofits@gmail.com.

Vortex Profits Review Conclusion

Vortex Profits does not look like a trustworthy operation from any angle. Its “business model” is painfully obvious and it is indeed based on a pyramid scheme, which the pushers of the operation are not even really looking to hide. Steer well clear of this one!

Review Verdict: Vortex Profits is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: VortexProfits.com

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  1. Williams Lyons

    I need to get into my Back office, please.

    • Isack

      How to login?
      Am now unsuccessful, what’s wrong!?

  2. Owen

    Dear all
    I would like to know how this business works please, I have just registered and have an account but am having problems on how to pay through my visa card from here Malawi. can anyone help me to get into the boat please.
    thank you all
    +265 999 056 928
    +265 888 617 550

    • Yefter mkumbwa

      Please ancle I need your help I want to be registered to vortex profit

  3. Edwin M. Kihara

    Thanks for the above article. I applaud the author for educating the less educated on what really happens with these scam operators. My suggestion would be…..before nose diving into any “too good to be true” kind of business or investment plan, do your research first. And by research, i not only mean reading or trusting articles written by others about companies or groups willing to help others invest, i mean deep research. …….to the root research. Why i say this is because some individuals or companies may be out there to scandalise others’ efforts. So be careful people.

  4. Stephanie

    All those who called Vortex scam, sorry to disappoint you, they are back and better since yesterday 💃 💃 💃

    • Dan

      No nothing their page its unreachable 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  5. beezwax10

    Lazy people always want too good to be true easy way out..

  6. Monica

    It has now taken approximately 6 days from 10th February and people are not able to log in into Vortex profits. What is happening. People worried so much. The message on the screen is that it is under maintenance. 6 days?!!!!!!!

    • UncleJam

      Let’s give them, a full week even two weeks, but de time will tell💪

    • David

      Never has making money been that easy. Vortex whatever that is resembles ”The monkey bussiness..”
      The villagers waited and waited but the merchant never returned and the offices were shut down…! when the deal look so good think twice

  7. Monica

    There was also bullishtrade sometimes 2012..

  8. Vinny

    I think vortex profits is really a scam, what kind of maintenance untill this moment. Investors can not login to their accounts,

  9. UncleJAM

    vortexprofit will be back soon dont worry guys no need to worry your money is good as afe

    • Nduts

      Hi UncleJam,
      do you have inside info on why its taken soo long to come back and today it even went off completely with Error 403 displaying when one tries to open the site?

  10. Addoz

    Vortex are doing business here because they are searching for money,the writer of the article searches for money,and all vortex members searches for money….so everyone searches for money you just have to be smater to get it,be smart guys.

  11. Zulfiq


  12. Atukuzwe

    How about the expire date shown

  13. Brandon Motsilanyane

    Vortex profit is not a scam i get my payments everyday since i joined in January and the only problem is that payeer and advcash is not withdrawing funds to my visa cos of our country Botswana.

    • Emma

      so if you are not able to withdraw your funds because of your country, then how are you going to get the money into your bank account?

      • Brandon Motsilanyane

        I withdraw my funds through my friend who is studying Russia then he bank wires the money to me.

        • richleaderslead

          Can you show me proof of screenshot??

  14. emmanuelkaaya

    Hello there my people ..i real appreciate the author’s explanation .
    But all written is all about authors research and thoughts but in realistic we wanna prove it wrong because if i have invested and am getting paiyed according to the agreement we agreed before what do you need more .and also if i can sell my income from my vortex profit what do you need more? This is research and author’s thought of proof but for me, am a witness that everyday am getting my IRO as stated by vortex profit
    For more information we wanna help everybody from any location who wish to know more before investing in this company
    [affiliate link removed]
    Join my team
    Karibuni sana …

  15. magnus nyamba

    Formular: any investment that encourages people to join and them trading on behalf of them,this is 100% scam , we have seen many examples like d9 ,global 9 agam atlantic and so many , it will perish if not today ,next month if or coming few yrs you wont see them.

    best regards,


    • Segomotso Galekgatlhege

      I joined on the 24th of January, so far i have been receiving my daily ROI and i even requested a withdrawal to linked wallets which was also successful. The only problem i encountered is when i tried to withdraw from Payeer Account to my Bank account, my country (Botswana) is not supported. So i choose to reinvest the money

      • Masego V. Modongo

        so does this mean u will keep on reinvesting your money… until when or the problem will be sorted mr galekgatlhege.

        • SE

          Ditsala tsame weee…this guy is talking about the pyramid model…obviously you wont have any problems because the company had just started, but at the end when many people had invested, the company might run away with the money because maybe the are not trading with your money…but its just circulating among you…like Peer to Peer Stokvels

  16. Pinky

    i paid $1000 with Bitcoin but my payment is not verified. Lets hope i will be able to get my money and all this comments be proven wrong

  17. billionaireee

    I wish i could explain in proper english.. guys am the vortexprofit investor and am get paid everyday, i never loose any amount i cant blv to that lierAuthor…. vortexprofit pays me more than $100 everyday, and am about to be rich now… anyone who will like to invest and get paid just like me, simply check me on watssap and i will catch ur hand and show u the way to gooo…#+255719651305

    • Tempy

      Show your account statement with all the payments. We dont need the balance just an evidence of being paid

    • kik

      Kaka is about the time hiyo hela unayolipwa is part of your cash. This is scam as D9, DEci and any other kind of scam

      • Ismail

        Show me what you get nijiunge right now

  18. kiran dhotre

    Ethtrad is big scammer
    Wher is my btc bullcoin scamer

  19. Rosemary Inyam

    Thank you for explaining to us how Scam Vortex profits is. I always say that the best way to invest in bitcoin is to buy bitcoin(s) from an exchange, wait for the price to go high and then sell the bitcoin(s). Always remember to store your bitcoins safe. Don’t allow to be tricked by scam websites like Vortex Profits because they will always take all your money and disappear. I salute the author of this article. GOOD JOB!!

    • Masego V. Modongo

      hw do u do that I mean to buy bitcoin from an exchange. because I think it makes sense by buying and selling when the price is high not this idea of investing ur money for someone to trade on ur behalf noooo noooo. N the way this Vortex profits is fuming in Botswana am really scared for these poor people. None of them has come forward to say here is the money/interest I have made from vortex instead they are busy fantasising about the big profits. heeeeee

  20. Purity Mwangi

    This is a scam website. I paid $50 to subscribe for my package via bitcoin but they said that they did not receive my payments even after sending them screenshots proof of the payments. Now they are not replying my emails. I wish i had read this article before i had agreed to pay. This Vortex Profits company is not real.

    • prince

      am not sure of your comment but they always listen to the customers, i paid via bitcoin but it could not be verified to the vortex company i contacted then they told me to send the block chain link payment i sent to them and verified to my account, try to contact with them properly they will help

      • nomsa

        Hi, i also new about this I transferred $84 this morning paid via bitcoin but it could not be verified to the vortex company I have contacted they promised to help but I have log a complain about 3 times and not getting help its still not showing.

  21. Mwenda

    I wish to correct the author on the issue of interest earned. 1. There are 22 trading days and not 30 in a month. So the 75%, 105% and 120% interest potrayed is wrong. It is even unrealistic… You need to put into consideration that the interest is based on ROI. Therefore do the math and you will realize that the profits are actually between 1.8% to about 2.5% which in forex trading is actually on the lower side for those who understand the business of Fxt………

  22. Mwenda

    Vortex profits is still operational and is making payment to investors daily. Did Ng’eno go through a middle man and lost his money? Kindly shed some light on how you lost this investment….

  23. Titus Ngaruiya

    Vortex has paid some people to actively publicize their operation. This people will post customized screenshots on social platforms to convince you how it is safe and secure to invest through them. There are people who has started loosing money to this scam website (Vortex Profits). Be very sure that all your money will be stolen once you start investing with them. They don’t do what they say. VORTEX PROFITS IS A SCAM

    • Nduts

      I am not an advocate of scam but i like facts. How has one of the ones who lost money lose theirs? I just want to know whats happening.

  24. Ng'eno Kipkemoi

    It is founded by a Kenyan and a Nigerian guys who were the founders of Public Likes. Beware that you will lost all your money once you start. I have lost $1000 to this Vortex Profits Scam

    • Nduts

      Pole sana Ng’eno.
      But how did you lose your 100K? seems Vortex is still well in operation?

  25. David

    a scam like TRADEOBUG.COM…seems like it has been founded by the owners of TradeOBUG.

    • rug

      my interest is to predict when this can shut down

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