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Westlandstorage.com - Scam or Legit? Review
Westland Storage is an ICO which is geared towards taking advantage of the reliability of the real estate market to make consistent stream of revenue. Their way of presentation is apt but the kind of profits they are guaranteeing the investors is making them go viral.

Many people are under the impression that it might be a ponzi scheme or might be a game of pump and dump which results in huge loses for the general public. Read our detailed review which will help you make a rational decision about them.

Company and Support

This company is said to have been around from 2001. The founders of this organisation are Brandon and Brain Williams. They apparently own commercial real estate throughout the United States. According to their platform blog they have more than 120,000 investors supporting their ICO.

The current CEO of this firm is a person called as Mathew Boyd. This firm is registered in the UK but do not take that as a guarantee that they are legitimate. There are plenty of ways to contact the support team if you happen to have any queries. Below we have listed the contact details put up on their website.

Phone – +1 8008410898

Email – support-team@westlandstorage.com

They have 6 branches –

1. 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015 paris, France

2. Calle de Raimundo Fernandez villaverde, 28003 Madrid, Spain

3. 875 3rd Ave New York, NY 10022, USA

4. 55 2nd St. San Francisco CA 94105, USA

5. T116 – 0002 Tokyo – to, Arakawa – ku, Arakawa, 7 chome 46 – 1

6. 1 kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994

What is Westland Storage and how does it work ?

The basic aspect of this ICO revolves around real estate. In today’s time unless you have enough capital to start with, buying and selling land is impossible. This firm has made investing easy for everyone by letting people get started with small amount.

They pool all the investment amount to buy or invest in real estate in the most economically attractive regions of the world. The diverse approach in buying the land in multiple places is said to give them an edge against the competitors.

Though in theory this idea sounds perfect, the execution is not that easy. The negotiation process for buying the land and later converting them into a fine place people would pay more to live in, spending on marketing these things are daunting to say the least.


This service guarantees the investors 1% ROI per day. Though we do not know how exactly the revenue is getting generated there are a lot of positive testimonials out there.

The amount of profits they are generating is impressive but naturally it raises a lot of concerns because most investment banks have never managed to reach those kind of returns in their life time.

Westlandstorage.com - Profit Calculator

As you can see from the image above according to the profit calculator embedded on their website if you invest $22,500 for 12 months then you will get $69,806.25. Doesn’t this kind of returns sound like a miracle ?

Affiliate Program

To reach the masses with their concept and to boost their adoption rate this ICO platform offers affiliate program. If you wish to become their affiliate all you have to do is sign up with them, grab your unique referral link and refer people by making them click on your unique link.

Once your referrals deposit funds you will get a slice of the deposit amount, commission percentage ranges from 5% to 10%. They also assist you when it comes to the promotions.

Road Map and Accomplishment

This ICO has been around from 2017 and has managed to accomplish many milestones which can be found on their platform. Here are the future plans of this firm :-

4 Q 2018

New investment plans with increased profit

Launching of an internal exchange for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

Connection of large payment systems

Introduction of long term investment plans

Conference on the island of westland storage

WLS token entering to the exchange

Sponsorship of global blockchain conference

The beginning of the construction of our own WLS technological park

Westland storage platform entering to the public blockchain

Launching the WLS city system

2 Q 2019

WLS social programs

Implementation of technology at the government level

3 Q to 4 Q 2019

Creation of a single IT platform for investment in real estate


Is Westland Storage a Scam ?

The goals set by them as targets are a little far fetched when compared to other ICO’s. In fact many people have started to question whether they are a hyip. There is no clear answer about the completion of this project and it is something only time can tell.

A lot of testimonials are featured on their platform but their identity cannot be traced so it is definitely not transparent. They do have a huge community of users but again there are mixed impressions. Here is what users on Bitcointalk.org are saying-

For me it looks obvious ponzi scheme as no one can pay fixed daily profit in a legit and real business so be careful, for hyip lovers this may look likea mid term program but i think serious investors should stay away from such ponzi schemes and should discourage them in every way possible.

Westland Storage Review Conclusion

Westland Storage has covered only few major aspects of their plan and still has to go a long way in order to reach the place where they want to be. They claim to have bought properties across 39 countries but then exact details are not shared with the users which is a huge red flag.

According to the information on their website they already own 13.7 million ft and have made more then 50.2 million dollars. Since there isn’t any proof supporting these data we cannot trust them.

Read our Updated Westland Storage Review

Did you invest in the Westland Storage ICO? Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Wilson Chinedu

    I can now see that WLS is A BIG SCAM.On my own part I have deceived many of my friends and family members who I lured to invest in the group.

    Your telegrams group really did a great job by getting the real names of these cheaters.

    I think the cheaters should be made to pay everything their victims lost.

    Great work you have done. Keep it up.



  2. BootyP

    Nowhere is safe it looks like for crypto investors, brst to leave your coins in your wallets with private keys safely stored.

  3. Wilson

    Hi, Your reports are inconclusive. You didn’t hit the nail on the head.
    Your reports only put doubts in the minds of people.
    Based on your investigations you could have made a clear pronunciation whether WESTLAND STORAGE is a scam or not.
    My advice to you are:
    1. You should go back to your drawing board and put things straight, then come back with better reports if any, if not, you should close your eyes, keep your mouth shut and remain as blind and confuse as those you are trying to lead.
    2. You should contact the security agents and give them the necessary information you know. By so doing you are helping the innocent masses, otherwise you have not done much.

    Good luck

    • Peter

      Hi Wilson! look at Telegram-group WLS VICTIM,s and you can read a lot of this scam – here the actors behind WLS : this are the real name our telegram group found it :
      1:Matthew Boyd – Carl Owen
      2:John Goodman – Kiril Verbitski
      3:Mark Polanksi – Alex Marsov
      4:Daniel Eastman – Sergey Feoktistov from Nizny Novgorod
      5: David Doerman – Oleg Kolesnichenko from Ukraine

      the same are in “Westland Founding”



  5. Nutildah

    “Is Westland Storage a Scam ?
    Not exactly,”

    No, exactly. It’s (it was) exactly a scam.

  6. Ananymous

    They not around any more, total scam !!

    • Selmir369

      …I followed and was careful…cause..even one George from WLS….was pushing me to invest.. ahh..crazy world…….

      • Peter Sobitschka

        this are the real name our telegram group found it :
        1:Matthew Boyd – Carl Owen
        2:John Goodman – Kiril Verbitski
        3:Mark Polanksi – Alex Marsov
        4:Daniel Eastman – Sergey Feoktistov from Nizny Novgorod
        5: David Doerman – Oleg Kolesnichenko from Ukraine
        for more information go to WLS VICTIM,S

  7. Namgung Moon

    I need to bring property to fraudsters cheated over Bitcoin $ 1000

    • Peter Sobitschka

      reporting.actionfraud.police.uk/login use this file to report in UK

  8. raj

    i lost my 2000$+ in westland storage… it’s scam ..

  9. joyce31004

    I am a person with a severe disability in an accident and can not do economic activities, so I bought all the money I got from Bitcoin.
    Is there a way to get this money back?

    • Peter Sobitschka

      one telegram group is working on it theirs name is “WLS VICTIMS” there we have a big file for the police in UK and will be transfer next week. you can also use this link direct : reporting.actionfraud.police.uk/login makke there a report

  10. Ketut Astawan

    1000% westland storage is SCAM!!!!

  11. Mail

    Skrg udh g bisa di buka yah app wls.

  12. maria elena

    que paso con la plataforma es una estafa?

  13. Kiss

    Exit SCAM cannot access tout website and app…30 novembre 2018!!

  14. Michael

    scam site they embezzled 38million dollars from peoples sweat

  15. Fcuk Westland

    i lost USD 250, scamming sh*t

  16. jerry leinonen

    I have a bad experience with Westlandstorage.com for their customer service and withdrawal times! Nothing yet, and i withdrawed ETH at 22.11.2018. now it’s 27.11.2018!

    0/5 from here to customer service, as they blocked me and my gf’s accounts live chat, and they don’t responde to my emails!?

    -Jerry Leinonen



  18. colin

    i invest 6.24 ltc in 6/0818 and everything was ok.. until nov. 22 they stop paying.. they pay me the 90 % of my investment.. but now since nov. 22 my withdraws still pending

  19. yaniv

    they stop paying. tottaly scam. beware

  20. Arjun Budha chhetr

    I invested more than 600$ hardly returned 200$ all is gone in vein now itsnot paying me since 14 november .all withdrawl is in the air supprot is only answering questions back but not returning any withdrawl beaware

    • hadj said

      WESTLANDSTORAGE est devenu un site arnaque

  21. Diogo

    I’d invested at Westland Storage, at the begin they paid well but now it has become a SCAM.
    They aren’t paying withdraws anymore.


  22. Duda

    No transactions received from 2 weeks ago
    Support chat for nothing, no help at all
    I haven’t received my investestment back
    I’m going to look for Vladis 🤕 and I’ll make him a big surprise 🙃😈
    Be careful with them !!!

  23. Rene Severino

    I have been with WestLand Storage so far they are paying, & I almost recovered 100 % what I invested. I knew their ROI was unbelievable. Only now my withdrawal was ceased for a while due to maintenance upgrade of their software.

    I would advise to invest, & once you recovers your 100% ROI, just play with it. The DiceLand Technology was developed by them, but do not know when it will last. If it closes at least you recovered your money.

  24. Tatiana

    Since november 14th withdrawals are impossible for me. Accruals work. They told me that they are undergoing technical work to update network. It should take up to 7 days to go back to normal. I will wait till next week. Hope it’s just what they told it is. Before that I always could withdraw. I am on the site since april 2018.

  25. salman khan mitu

    100% scam dont invest
    i am los my money

  26. Johnny Tango

    Try to search actual video of investment and withdrawal, like what I found,
    watch this youtu.be/NUMCoHEMdUA

  27. Zolani

    I nest 100usd on July after a month now balance

    • Naderi

      game over, just stay away before you lose your money
      the new option on the site, ( reinvest and westland island) is a trap.
      they will also send you a promotion code to your mobile and site, never trust them.
      try also to save your friends before they lose their money on westland.

  28. Craig Barton

    I have been with them since April. I have a relatively small investment as I was rather sceptical. I am now well over 100% ROI and have never had a moments problem, payment is very fast when withdrawing profit and I’ve even withdrawn the free tokens I received on sign up.

    • Craig Barton

      Sadly I have to report that since I made this comment I have had 3 withdrawals go missing and am struggling to get any replies from support. Take care

  29. Yohan

    I do use Westland storage yes, I invested 0.5 BTC, and everyweek i did transfer my weekly gain on Coinbase. I now have 0.5 BTC on coinbase due to Westland. From now, all benefit from westland is 0 risk for me, and i continue receiving 1.1% daily.
    Same story is for 3 of my friends who also invested, they are all breakeven since few days, and they all safed the money received.

    I can’t say it is not a ponzi, but i can say that i lost nothing and now i start earning 1.1% daily with 0 risk anymore. (Takes 4month to earn 100% of your investment)

  30. The crypto Detective

    Maybe you should check this before you invest your money

  31. Abe Hernandez

    yes, i have used them since april 2018.

    • Juan

      You should be 100% .. it only takes 4 months to 100% ROI

      • Mojtaba

        خوبید؟شما در این شرکت سرمایه گذاری کردین؟
        واقعا پرداخت میکنه؟
        شما چقدر تحقیق کردین
        ممنون میشم توی واتس اپ بهم پیام بدین؟

      • keian

        سلام وقت بخیر این چجوریه خوبه؟ اسکم نیستش؟ داش رضا اگه ممکنه به واتساپم پیام بدین 00989389624154 سپاسگزارم

        • hamed

          سلام نه داداش نذار فعلا پولتو – این تا یه مدتی میداد ولی یک دو هفته هست که واریز انجام نداده همش هم داره طرح جدید و جایزه میذاره و به قولی دون میپاشه – تابلویه که دیگه بالا کشیدن رفتن

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