Review – Low Profile Crypto Broker is a new crypto brokerage platform which is slowly gaining reputation in the trading sector. Their platform is very basic and easy to use. However, the main problem with them is the lack of data and transparency. The trading conditions with this platform at the time of writing this review is vague to say the least and that kind of behaviour doesn’t instill much confidence among the clients.

They claim to offer some kind of copy trading on their platform, but any additional explanation is not put up by them. We did find a few cherry picked comments sprinkled across their website and unfortunately, there is no way to verify the identity of their alleged clients. On the bright side, their interface is web based and contains most of the features which should be enough for the vast majority of traders.

The profit potential in the crypto trading sector is huge, but to take advantage of that you need a proven mathematical edge and a good broker. So, before you take any kind of decision, go through our thorough review and it will show you the complete list of pros and cons of indulging with them. Review

Firm, Licenses and Customer Support

The number of scams around the cryptocurrency markets are huge and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go down anytime soon. So, as investors and traders we must do everything in our power to stay safe and the first step towards that is by choosing a regulated and reputable broker. We are not declaring that all of the unregulated brokers are crooks, but sadly most of them are. This platform showcases two different addresses on their website and the only way to reach them is through email.

Looking at the way they operate, they clearly are trying to maintain an anonymous profile and that is not a welcoming trait by any means. Almost all of the reputable brokers are regulated and they always try their best to maintain transparency and good customer relations. After all, customer service plays a crucial role in any kind of business regardless of whether it is online or otherwise.

In short, do not expect top of the line quality service from this platform and note that, they don’t even have the basic courtesy to mention the average time needed for them to process the queries. If you are interested in joining them and have any questions which need to be addressed by their staff, then use the contact information we have listed below.

Address – A220 Westfield Ave, LDN E20 1HR, United Kingdom

Email –

Trading Platform, Asset Class and Charts

Intercryptos offers a web based trading platform which runs on most smartphones and computers with an active internet connection. The main advantage of web based interface is that they don’t require any kind of additional plugins or downloads. However, that also means that you will be missing out on a ton of features like copy trading and social trading.

Though, their platform contains all the necessary tools required for the average trader, it won’t be able to cater to the needs of all the clients. If you are someone who relies heavily on semi-automated trading systems, then lack of support for algorithmic trading is certainly going to be a deal breaker for you. The number of trading instruments offered on this exchange is reasonable enough for any crypto trader, but the downside is their leverage.

While most reputable exchanges offer upto 1:125 leverage, this broker doesn’t match up to the industry standards. Higher leverage always carries a huge degree of risk and if you don’t have necessary experience, then you should stay away from it at any cost. As far as charting solution goes, this brokerage uses the Tradingview interface and it is one of the best available options out there.

The script used for creating the custom indicators on Tradingview is different. However, if you are heavily dependent upon the custom templates and charts, then you can hire a programmer and create any type of indicator you desire. At the end of the day, the only flawless part of this platform is their charting software and there is no arguing about that.


Testimonials are used by the public to evaluate the reputation of the company and for many years this method was one of the most reliable ways to assess the kind of treatment you are most likely to get. Nowadays many fraud organisations have understood the consumer psychology pretty well and they have twisted the narratives to their favor by using bogus user profiles and manufactured back stories. Alleged Clients

This platform features a number of positive testimonials on their website wherein the clients talk about the drastic impact this platform had on their lives. There are some ridiculous claims about the returns made as well, but our main problem with that narrative is that there is no way to verify anything they say. Moreover, we couldn’t find any trading history on their platform.

In short, do not give them the benefit of the doubt just yet and unless you find verifiable data to support their theory, never dare to proceed with them in any way. After all, trading is all about numbers and if you can’t define your risk profile beforehand, then you have almost zero chance of making any real money.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The minimum deposit or withdrawal amount is not mentioned on their platform. Moreover, we don’t have a clue about their processing time as well. As far as fees are considered, the fund managers deduct 3% of your capital at the time of withdrawal and any transaction fees are said to be covered by the brokerage. The payment methods they use are also unknown and given the kind of lack of information, we certainly advise all our readers to stay very cautious while dealing with them. Review Conclusion is a crypto broker with little to no credibility. They operate in a mysterious manner and everything about them is alarmingly suspicious. Their operational model is tricky and their fund managers are unknown to the public. So, do not invest heavily with this broker and give it some time for the real testimonials to arise. After all, truth cannot be hidden for long, right?

Have you used as your primary Crypto broker? Did you find the trading conditions favorable? Let us know your answers by leaving a comment below.


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