99Mining.cloud Review

99Mining.cloud is a Bitcoin mining pool that promises to provide an easy way for anyone to get started with mining. Recently there has been a huge misconception about the legitimacy of this firm, and many forums are somewhat neutral about this aspect.

This service has been active for more than a year as of September 2018, and the number of complaints against them clearly shows what type of reputation they have. Join us in this detailed review, where we will be going over certain facts which prove that they are a fraudulent service and the reasons to stay away regardless of what type of returns they claim to provide you.

99Mining.cloud - Scam Review

License and Contact Details

99Mining.cloud is an ICO wherein they issue contracts based on the investment amount promising the clients a certain amount of profits and using the funds to expand the mining operation. As the operational model of their business is a type of financial service means that they have to be regulated, failing which all the people running this firm will have to face criminal prosecution.

We thoroughly checked the FCA website for any details about this firm, but we were unsuccessful in our attempt which proves the fact that they are operating in an illegal manner. Do not get confused seeing the registration details they have put up on their website, as it is done deliberately to intrigue simpletons and appear reliable to the masses.

A registration certificate by no means can justify the kind of activities they are conducting. The contact details provided by them in case you have any queries for them are:-

Phone – 09951039

Address – 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

How does 99Mining.cloud work?

This company is a typical cloud mining service. They own mining farms and scale up their operation gradually over time to maintain a healthy profit margin. Our main concern about this platform is that they have not revealed enough details to instill confidence.

They have completely skipped over providing the detailed list of equipment they use, the maintenance fees they incur, the exact margin of profits, and the location of their farms. Without knowing the above-discussed basic details, how on earth can anyone access this service?

Further, the returns they promise are on the higher side, but we believe that high return claims are just being used as bait to captivate the visitors’ attention and rob them eventually.

Mining Plans

The major center of attraction for this company is that they provide a free mining plan. Once the payout threshold is reached, any person can withdraw them but just know that many platforms offer free plans, but they take an awful amount of time to see any results.

Apart from the free plan, there are 4 paid mining plans which are


  • Cost – 0.01 BTC
  • Earning rate – 0.0001728 BTC Daily
  • Affiliate Bonus – 30%


  • Cost – 0.1 BTC
  • Earning rate – 0.001728 BTC Daily
  • Affiliate Bonus – 40%


  • Cost – 0.9 BTC
  • Earning rate – 0.01728 BTC Daily
  • Affiliate Bonus – 50%


  • Cost – 5 BTC
  • Earning rate – 0.1728 BTC Daily
  • Affiliate Bonus – 100%

Affiliate Program

All the fraud investment firms offer huge incentives for marketers to lure in the maximum number of people. The relationship between the revenue of the firm and the number of participants involved is axiomatic.

99Mining.cloud - Affiliate Program

The commission rate an affiliate earns depends upon the contract purchased by their referrals, ranging from 30% to 100%. Think logically how can they or any legitimate solution offer a 100% bonus unless their main source of income is unaffected?

Domain Whereabouts

According to whois.com, this domain was registered on 17/06/2017, and it expires on 17/06/2019. The registrant details are unavailable as the people running this service use privacy protection services.

From the data based on the information provided by Alexa.com, we know that this website ranks 23,439 in Iran and has a global rank of 262,775. This site gets roughly more than 200,000 unique visitors a month, and the countries where the majority of their traffic originates from are Iran, India, Greece, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Is 99Mining.cloud a scam or legit?

This company is an undeniable swindle,

Over time, every company will get feedback from the customers, which will help the general public to know what they can expect if they sign up with them. Here is what a user on Beermoneyforum is saying about their service:-

Most of these sites asking for maintenance fee will only succeed with members who are not aware of scam tactics of mining site cos i can imagine I have money to withdraw and you asking me to pay a fee externally why not deduct it from my money in the wallet. Thanks for updating us@ mahfuz

The real user testimonials are very daunting indeed.

On July 22, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported losing $910,000 (!) for this scam:

The website www.99mining.cloud does not exist!

99Mining.cloud Review Conclusion

As cryptocurrency grows in popularity and achieves mass adoption, there will always be fraud operations perpetuated around them, as many people still do not know much about them but still want to try their hand.

Unless you are familiar with the fundamentals of blockchain, do not be eager to accept any offer regardless of what returns one might advertise. At the end of the day, it is your money, and you should be careful about how you manage it.

Have you been scammed by 99Mining.cloud? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Joe Meeks

    Excellent website for free bitcoin mining online.. I will definitely recommend this to all…

    • Lydia

      Lucky you.I was never ever paid even once by this company but i paid all the required fees.

      • Dave Stak

        Please leave your E-mail and we will be in touch once we gather all of the necessary information.



    Todos los sitios donde piden pagar para retirar son ESTAFA. Porque no descuentan de lo minado? Porque no dejan pagar con lo minado? sencillamente porque es una ESTAFA, digan lo que digan algunos comentarios de apoyo al sitio.
    ESTAFA = pagar para cobrar = ESTAFA

    All sites where they ask to pay to withdraw are SCAM. Why don’t they discount the mine? Why don’t you let them pay with the mined? simply because it is a SCAM, say what some comments in support of the site say.
    SCAM – Pay to Collect – SCAM

  3. Richard

    This is really unbelievable, at first I thought this is not true But Now I have proven it myself, Yesterday I paid maintenance fees 0.001 BTC and today I received 0.005 BTC in my account.
    Now I am 100 % sure 99mining is legit!!!

    • Dawn Moreno


    • Lydia

      Please pay me my earnings as i paid twice maintanace fees and upgraded more than twice now.Can you please check your records.I never ever got a single payout from you but paid the required fees.
      Thank you for your help.

  4. Tumi

    I’ve paid maintenance fee twice but still nothing came out of it this is totally a scam without a doubt no payout nothing

    • Lydia

      Im still waiting for my payout.But i paid more than twice upgrades and maintanance fees.Please check your records.I never got even a single payout.Please process my payout.

  5. Kenneth

    For many weeks now I have been searching for and investing in scam sites but I can confidently say that this site is legit.

    • Dawn Moreno

      ME TOO!!!

    • Lydia

      Till now waiting to get my payout as i paid upgrade fees and maintanance fees more than twice each.Please process my payout so as to recruit more investors to this company.

  6. Vincent

    Hello, today was the miracle day of my life. a couple of years ago I have been disappointed and lost lots of money in bitcoin, now I can sense a breakthrough through this platform. kindly keep up the good heart of blessing us who are still young in development.

  7. Lydia

    Admin,can you please check my account thoroughly that how many times i pay maintanance fees and upgraded without succeeding in payouts.Please im pleading in good spirit.

  8. King Slime

    I have invested over $1000 total and even borrowed money in order to invest because that is what the “trained” affiliates have been told to do and it’s starting to get to the point where I know it’s a fake guy behind a fake Instagram profile. It’s an Indian dude over the phone but it’s advertised as an 80 year old white man. I made a $25,000 withdrawal and it’s been pending for a while, something is up with this website I know so.

  9. George

    I bought another Mining Plan because I was satisfied with the last ones and the support. Legit Service at 99mining.

  10. Lydia

    I paid maintanance fees twice and upgrade twice without getting my payout.Please admin check your records thoroughly as im now waiting gor my payout.

  11. Sarah

    I paid 0.001BTC maintenance fees and I got my payout after 5 hours.

    • Michael

      How, I paid maintenance fees, but I didn’t receive any payments!

  12. Lydia

    How long to wait for the payout after upgrading?

    • Dave Stak

      Please leave your E-mail and we will be in touch once we gather all of the necessary information.


  13. Daniel

    Absolutely right Brianz.
    Previous month I paid maintenance fees for withdrawing BTC but I didn’t get my payout. I had upset after regarding this transaction. Then after I had read reviews about this site and I saw there are some positive and also some negative.
    That time I had a little confused about what to do?
    Then I mailed to admin of this site regarding my issue. They replied to my mail, they apologized for this problem and said we will solve your problem within 12 hours.
    Next day I received my payout!
    I am satisfied with their support system.

  14. BrAinZ

    I don’t understand why some people when they can’t withdraw they upgrade their plan… why do they still put it more money if they never cashed out in the first place.

    My opinion is to follow your heart and don’t listen to comments, some are negative and some are positive so you’ll never know until you try it yourself.

    Every site has its negative and positive opinions by people. I’m new here and I’m willing to get positive results. Thank you.

  15. Nancy Schlueter

    I am satisfied with the a regular basis payouts from 99mining.cloud . I am looking forward to upgrade my account.

  16. Lydia

    I sent the maintanance fee of $13 on the 1st July 2019 and im now waiting for my payment.I hope this time things will go well.

  17. Andrew

    I hope everything goes great for the times. Finally I got paid today!

    • Vikramrathod

      Please upload a payment proof and please send us a screenshot

      • Andrew

        click on below url for see payment proof!

        • Vikram Rathod

          That’s an fake pic , you just take a screenshot and send us a link ,
          Let we know

          • dawn h moreno


  18. Fernando

    Reach threshold and they wanted referral payment ! What waste of time and electricity fu 99 mining

  19. Lydia

    I upgraded and also paid maintanance fee but still having pending withdrawal always when trying to withdraw.Where is my problem?

  20. Charles McGee

    I am an upgraded user and I got paid on daily basis.

    • Manoj aade

      Show us payment proof … We already paid maintenance fee but we got nothing from them ….

      You show us your payment proof

      • Charles McGee

        Please open this link for payment proof!


        • Eddy

          Stop sending us this idiot link
          I seen 100 times the same link
          Same photo same number of amount so please don’t be cocki😡😡

  21. dawn h moreno


    • dawn h moreno

      Maybe because we are not an upgraded player we don’t deserve to be paid our mining winnings??

  22. Lydia

    Im still waiting for my witdrawal to be processed since i paid the maintanance fees.

  23. A R

    please explain to me that step by step procedure of withdrawing my earnings as I paid the upgrade and maintenance fees.

  24. Shawn Smith

    Yes. I paid my “maintenance fee and have blockchain receipt showing I paid and I got nothing from them

    • Tumi

      I’ve paid maintenance fee twice but still nothing came out of it this is totally a scam without a doubt no payout nothing


    I belong to a very poor family so I urge you to give me all the benefits I made in mine mine

    • Patricia

      Hi, Please contact admin they will surely help you in the mining process with 99mining.cloud.

  26. Moises Triumfante

    I’m a free user, i login may wallet ID then i start mining and I reach a minimum amount 0.005 BTC to withdraw. And i withdraw the amount and there is a maintenance fee amount of 0.001 BTC. And on May 16, 2019 i paid the fee, but until now the status of withdraw is pending and I did’nt received the amount. Please help me how to solve this issue.

  27. Lydia

    How much to pay so i can get paid?

    • MARION

      Just pay maintenance fees and waiting for withdrawal.

  28. Marion

    I don`t think this website is scam because when I was requested for withdrawal they paid me in just 24 hours.

    • Manoj Kumar

      Show us a payment proof …..If many of them are waiting for the proof… please show us

      • Anonymous

        Exactly Manoj , They are bastards .. Paid maintenance fees but received nothing .
        Why would we be upgrading plan . I even wrote to admin , they have but one formatted mail which they send everytime

  29. Lesley

    I too have not been paid and I paid the fee of nearly $11 aus

  30. Christopher Muldrew

    Yes I have been scammed by 99mining they won’t give me my payout

  31. Timothy

    I think I am the lucky user because, I got paid today from 99mining.cloud website. I love to do further mining process from this website.

    • Lydia

      How did you do to get paid?Please explain to me clearly step by step to follow so i can also be paid as i paid all the required fees like upgrades and maintanance fees.

    • Manoj Kumar

      Please show us payment proof …many of them are telling that ,this website is not paying and it is scam .. please show us payment proof 🙏

  32. Swdwmsri

    This 99mining is really scam,not paid btc i was withdrawl but not get nothing

  33. Ernest

    People who call this site scam, please follow all the instructions given by admin I will sure they paid you. Because the admin of this site always helps me in my mining process.

    • Lydia

      But i followed all the steps that the admin told me to but nothing helped me till now.Really im stuck.Can you please help me withdraw my funds.

  34. Wildan

    It’s really stupid, I’m also one of those people who are deceived by the Jews, really bad people, this is the model of people who deserve to go to hell, for those who agree they go to hell, amen!

  35. Lydia

    I followed all the steps to get my withdrawal but nothing help me ger it.I further listened the video concerned but still having pending withdrawal.I paid upgrade fee and maintanance fee but nothing helped me.Please help me get my funds.

    • Vishal

      Am really sorry to hear that you have paid the transaction charges. But they will nether respond nor will repay you..this 99mining once upon a time it was good and that to for some time but now it’s a scam. They even show you the payout but if you check with other sites even you see the same. This people will copy and mention that they paid it.

      I will recommend you the best one you please msg me to my email “gundlapalli.vishal44@gmail.com”

  36. Lydia

    How did you do to get your withdrawal cz im still struggling to get mine but all fees paid in full?

  37. Frank

    99mining.cloud thanks for my withdrawal. I will like to recommend all the people to invest in this website.

  38. tamdee

    You lie to me 99 mining . I sent maintenance fees 0.001already .but after then you chang wallet code address why you do like this. I don’t trus you Now I will remember you and tell every one what you do to people. If you don’t contacts me now I will do like I say .

  39. Irinaldo Soares dos Santos

    O administrador deste site por acaso conhece algum site legítimo, que não seja scam? Ou me parece que todos estes tipos de sites de mineração de bitcoins são fraude, são scam!

  40. vishal

    hi can anyone say me that can i go a head and pay the maintenance, as when i am trying to withdrawal it is showing as pending in stage ! so please can any one say me what i need to do i have 0.01125860 in my account.

    will they process withdrawal after paying the joining fee or do i need to upgarde for withdrawal


      I think they paid you if you pay maintenance fees.

      • Vishalgundlapally

        No it’s been 24hrs I keep on mailing them and even requesting them to process the withdrawal..they are not at a ll responding

      • Vishal

        No not yet, waiting from past 24hrs but no update from admin

    • Lydia

      Hi,im still struggling to withdraw my earnings.I paid the upgrade fee and maintanance fee but still i cant withdraw.It keep on saying pending withdrawal.Please explain the step by step to follow.

      • CECILIA

        When I have faced the same issue the admin of this site help me a lot and paid me in just 24 hours.

      • Budiawan

        Have you done verification id?
        The process involves ID verification using a passport, driver’s licence with photo-card

  41. Cecilia

    It is a good experience that mining with 99mining I would love to do further mining process with this site.

  42. tece

    99mining 100% SCAM…
    Jangan percaya, jangan deposit apapun ke web ini..
    ini adalah penipuan,,,

    orang orang yang chat dan mengaku withdrawnya di proses, adalah teman dari user web ini…
    web ini ada HOAX

  43. Hilmo

    Saya tidak bisa widraw di web 99mining ini padahal saya sudah di batas minimum 0.005. Dan sy dah kirim laporan, tapi tidak di respon. Bgmn sy mendapatkan hak saya

  44. James

    I got my withdrawal after communicate with admin of this site. Thanks admin for guiding me for withdrawal process.

    • Vishalgundlapally

      Hello can you please share me the experience and can you guide me how to do withdrawal step by step.

    • Lydia

      Hi,please ecplain to me that step by step procedure of withdrawing my earnings as i paid the upgrade and maintanance fees.

  45. Nick Aldridge

    I checked out bit miner io 99 Mining and start miner and they are all run by the same German company, They also registered with company house and have now been liquidated so don’t put your money into any fee’s they ask for.They keep telling me I have more than one account running from my IP address and I need to upgrade to a premium account.

  46. Cris

    I just join in about 4 days ago and for all these days i keep login and waiting to get minimum withdrawal amount 0.005 BTC and 10 minutes ago i got 0.005xx to claim so i click the withdrawal button and what a sh*thole they ask for maintenance fee which they didn’t wrote it down in F.A.Q before! I have check their domain .cloud and .com too but they use whois privacy. The strange thing is i always open their website address directly not using any referrer but in the account info they write it down i always use their .com website referrer!

    I don’t trust this website mining after 4 days non stop try to proof it, the question is simple, why dont they put option for user to cut the minimum amount with their maintenance fee when a user ask for withdrawal? See how tricky they are?

    And try to look to get the premium bonus account, how can a bee a mining website give a bonus 100% affiliation? It’s hoax!

    100% scam! avoid doing transaction with 99mining.cloud

    I will contact friend in UK government to check their address and their legalization after this!

    • James

      Hi Cris,

      I faced the same issue before 1 month ago. I try to withdraw my bitcoin but it is not successful because they don`t have the facility to cut the maintenance fees from earning balance so, I have paid the 0.001 maintenance fee and got withdrawal in just 24 hours. After some withdrawals, I have upgraded my package and now I am an upgraded user so, I don`t need to pay maintenance fees. But it’s up to you and your decision.

      • Cris

        Simple, they said they have data center in 3 countries, but they use who is privacy for their domain and no maintenance fee cut feature in withdrawal? Instead of making it simple they keep offering for free user to send money how ‘clever’ is that?

        And how they can describe buy premium account get 100% affiliation result? We are talking about Bitcoin here which is very limited resources but they offering 0.005 every 4 days non stop for how many users? You need more than 3 data center to make it happen! You need super computer for that!

        The premium upgrade and affiliation results totally doesn’t make sense either! It’s simple mathematics and statistics!

        If it’s not scam/hoax they need to open their public data and real proof. I don’t believe in their payouts data on their website at all.


      • Eddy

        You upgrade your plan one time or monthly ??
        Reply please

  47. Sam

    99mining.cloud is not kept the word as revealed it is free. It is not free at all. I sent email to acknowledge about withdrawal issue. Supporting team of 99mining.cloud advised me to send maintenance frees to withdraw bitcoin. Also withdraw button does not work.

    I think it is short off scam site

    • Diane

      I think you have to pay maintenance fees to withdraw your amount. I am also a free user with 99mining.cloud and when I pay maintenance fees I got paid in just 24 hours.

  48. Ghaffari

    In my opinion, all the sites that receive the first free entry for the first time, while they do not specify the terms at first, are fake sites.

    • Michael

      Hi Ghaffari,

      I used three websites from your list and from them, two are the legit websites because they paid me in free as well. 99mining.cloud and coinmining.website. The 3rd website is legitmining.website and they paid me in a free account for the first time but after that, they don`t give me my payment.

  49. Richard

    I am a very old user with this site and I got paid all the time from 99mining.cloud.

  50. Mart

    This website it is a SCAM when I try to pay maintenance fee the address change after I pay and the transaction in my E Wallet disappear at first I thought I just send the wrong address but after I’ve repeat the process of sending maintenance fee the pending address change again. It only gives money to some maybe but scamming others and many is bad.

  51. simanullangpro

    yap.. its right… no withdraw link at all.. just progress task instead is like jpeg page paper only…

  52. William


    For the people who tell 99mining.cloud is a scam. please visit this URL for payment proof. imgur.com/unvzB49

  53. Marilyn

    here is the proof of my payment. why until now i cant withdraw at the coin mining website i already pay the maintenance fee.. pls answer.. tnx
    Sent 0.00113131 BTC
    to 34du5zoZtWfF8YQdYs9n79giNS1w3ztK2w
    0.00013131 BTC
    Sent at
    03/29/2019 01:54 pm
    Reference ID
    Show Blockchain Record

  54. Daisy

    I got paid today. I paid maintenance fees before upgrading my account and after upgrading my account I got paid without paying maintenance fees.

  55. Gerald Carriedo

    I already paid the maintenance fee twice but still no withdrawal of bitcoin. I email them and sent inquiry but no response from them.

  56. Floyd

    I don`t know about other website but 99mining.cloud is one of the best websites to mine your Bitcoin because I got paid all the time from their website.

  57. GowthamKrishnan

    Don’t pay any withdraw fee or miner fee
    I paid to 99mining.cloud which they asked me to pay for miner fee 0.001 I paid it on 10.09.18 till now they didn’t paid me so be aware of scam
    It a scam so please don’t pay any fee

    99miming .cloud. scam
    Jetmining. Scam
    Reward miner.io. scam
    Startminer.com. scam
    Quickminer.io. scam
    Minerzone.io. scam


      See guys they edited my comment also. This site is also scam be aware
      Fake ass all around us

      • Admin

        You were trying to post affiliate links of scams. Next time you will be banned from commenting.

  58. Melinda

    I would like to tell everyone that 99mining.cloud is an amazing website for Bitcoin mining and I got paid. For those people who said that this website is a scam, please follow all the steps carefully and start your mining and admin of this site is very helpful.

  59. James

    I think I may have been scammed by 99mining.cloud. Ever since I paid that maintenance fee weeks ago. My withdrawal status still shows Pending. Thank you for the review. Obviously I have being scammed. Please let’s be careful.

  60. Cleveland Jones

    [affiliate link removed]

    Liars! This website is not a scam! I have already cashed out with them before.

    This site is legit! I am earning bitcoin in my sleep.

  61. Ruby

    I don`t know why people call this site scam because I am getting paid each and every time from 99mining.cloud.

  62. Tanveer

    Even “coinmining.website” is also a scam when I sent them the maintenance fees they suddenly changed it and even after sending again no withdrawal happened they changed the address again.

  63. Timothy

    When I was a free user in this site my payment was delayed so many times but after upgrading my package I got paid in just 24 hours.

  64. Ajmal

    This is scam i have lost my 5 dollar at this web site

  65. Geraldine

    99mining.cloud is one of the best and legit website for mining BTC. They are always paid me. I got paid in just 24 hours all the time.

    • Allen Jay

      Why don’t you send the bitcoin wallet address that you are using then I will log it in and check the finances.

  66. Sean newman

    I signed up as wallet 16qdkz8Xmz74uT72mXV6bKLxoLqoJNRqFT and the last number of funds it generated to 25. + and I hit withdraw and now you. Can’t even reach you web site what happen to funds I generated all that sweet and tears and you guys dont want to pay

      • Dawn Moreno


  67. Eaciall

    I always got paid from 99mining.cloud site. If anyone not gets paid than contact admin they will surely help you. When I was free miner at that time my payment was received in 24 hours but now I am an upgraded user so, I got my payment instantly.

    • baha

      how this!!!!!!!
      i have 25 btc i d’ont withdrow
      are you help me for withdaw

  68. darlsz

    If it’s a scam, why can’t cash out without some upgrading shit
    So from my own point of view that’s BIG F SCAM

    FREE USER should be able to cash out if it wasn’t a scam
    If they really wanted to make profits; it should be from the withdrawal fee but there’s none
    So it’s FAKE & A SCAM. 🤣😂

  69. Gregory

    I think this is not a scam I got paid after upgrading my package.

    • alvin

      fake one lar stupid you are the one hired by 99mining stupid idiot

  70. Arxonti Maria

    from the moment that they have a free mining why do they ask you to pay first and then to send you your earnings? they paying people with money taken from other people? YES SCAM IT IS… thank God i didn’t pay them at all…

  71. Richard

    Wonderful Bitcoin mining services provided by 99mining.cloud. The admin of that site is amazing because when I was in trouble they help me a lot.

    • baha

      how this man !!!
      I am in trouble
      i have 25 btc i d’ont withdrow it

  72. math

    I paid my upgrade fee but i can get my payment. its scam.

  73. Jason

    I think an upgraded user get their payment in just 24 hours. When I am a free user, at that time it will take time but when I have upgraded my plan I got my payment in just 24 hours.

  74. moosa

    fees are applicable to internal and external transaction, if any?
    I got to the limit, but it does not transfer my money to my wallet

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