Harperoption.com Review – Silly Crypto Scam!

Harperoption.com is a new firm which allegedly has achieved massive success in the crypto niche. They are said to be active in mining and trading popular cryptocurrencies, but just like every other fake platform out there, they don’t have any evidence to back up their claims. The owners of this platform are maintaining an anonymous and low profile which indicates that, they are seasoned crooks who will go to extreme lengths to manipulate the public.

Almost everything about them is shady and as they accept only cryptocurrencies, chances of recovering your funds will be very slim. Majority of newbies always get excited whenever they are presented with so called shortcuts to wealth. However, those kind of paths often will be nothing more than mere exaggeration. So, to know the common traits of bogus investment firms and recognise all the flaws on this platform, read our detailed review.

Harperoption.com Review

Legality, Certificates and Customer Support

For the last couple of decades, the financial sector has been plagued by scams and frauds. The law enforcement agencies have tweaked the policies around the niche a lot, but the sad reality is that, they never actually managed to eliminate them. So, as investors or traders your first duty is to make sure that you are dealing only with authorized and regulated firms.

After all, security of the funds and fair treatment are crucial for success especially in this sector. This platform does not feature any of the legal documents such as incorporation certificate, licenses on their website. However, they do accept people from all over the world and yet somehow their details are not on any database. In short, they are following an illegal business model and that makes them blatant criminals.

The only contact information featured by them is an email address and they don’t follow any kind of systematic process to address your queries. These kind of online scammers communicate through email just to make it difficult for others to track their true origin. So, given these many red flags about their legality, it is clear that you shouldn’t trust them for any reason.

How does Harperoption.com Work?

Harperoption.com makes bold claims about making money from mining and trading the top cryptocurrencies. Their narrative consists of general information around the blockchain and trading concepts, but neither of them provide any real value. All the legit firms open share details regarding their performance and they also disclose the parameters they use.

This platform does not do anything of that sort and they don’t even have the courtesy to showcase the names of their self proclaimed expert fund managers. Moreover, there is no free trial or demo accounts offered by them. So, if you decide to invest your funds with them, then it is worse than taking a shot in the dark. Moving on to crypto mining, the details put up by them is scarce and is not at all convincing enough to make a deposit.

Mining sector is not as easy as it used to be and nowadays in order to make money, you have to be strategically positioned. One small mistake or crypto crash can wipe off your capital and worse case scenario, you might lose more money than what you initially invested. Making money through investing or any kind of way which doesn’t include active work might sound interesting at first, but don’t let the crazy get rich ideas blind you from seeing the obvious truth.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 4 types of trading schemes offered by this platform. For higher returns and frequent recurrals, investors are pushed towards spending more upfront capital. Returns promised by them range from 25% to 40% on a daily basis. In theory, this kind of numbers always manage to capture the attention of the public, but do you really believe in them? Isn’t it obvious that they are coming up with fake claims just to take money from gullible investors?

Harperoption.com Investment Plans

Many people earn a living from the financial markets, but don’t assume that it can be done through clicking a few buttons. Making money through cryptos requires careful evaluation of risks and proper implementation of strategies which takes a long time to master. After all, nothing rewarding comes from being lazy, right?

Referral Program

This firm depends upon affiliate models to get consistent web traffic. Simply put, they pay fixed commissions for online marketers to drive traffic to them and if they outperform, then they get additional perks and cash incentives. Since we have already proved that, this platform is illegal, as such they allow the marketers to indulge with all the unethical ways of persuasion and marketing.

Bluffing about the results, coming up with false narratives and giving them positive reviews are the duties carried out by the promoters and due to this conflict of interest, you should never trust any of the parties peddling them. Sadly, most people do tend to fall for the traps we mentioned above and according to statistics, they were never able to recover the money lost.

Harperoption.com Review Conclusion

Harperoption.com is clearly a scam platform and their only real agenda is to loot their clients. They lure people in by viral ad campaigns and ridiculous claims, but at the end they will leave them empty handed. Keeping in mind the traits displayed by them, we firmly believe that their chances of getting caught is slim and that is what makes them so dangerous. So, be cautious and never give them access to your funds.

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