Review – An Elegant Scam is a new platform which supposedly offers services around the cryptocurrency sector. They are said to be involved in both mining and trading the major altcoins. However, apart from the exaggerated claims all around their website, they do not have anything to show for it.

As expected, the people running this scheme hasn’t revealed their identity. Moreover, they are operating without proper regulatory supervision as well. We work hard for our money and before we hand them over to anyone, don’t forget to do a little homework about them. Review

Legality and Support Details

The regulation laid on firms operating in the financial sector is strict. After all, when the public’s money is involved nothing can be considered as too safe. Sadly, regardless of the development of the governing bodies, scams are ever growing and the only way to combat that is by being educated about the sector.

This firm claims to provide a way for investors to earn automated income through trading and mining the major cryptocurrencies. However, they are not listed under any government authority. So, it is clear that they are operating in a questionable manner and it might have severe legal consequences.

As far as the structure of their support staff go, it isn’t the most convenient one. If you require assistance or have any questions, you can reach them via email and telephone. Below, we have gathered all their contact details.

Phone – +17866078766, +15089749503

Email – Operational Model has one of the most confusing business models ever. They claim to be a mining pool as well as a trading firm. Usually, the firms operate in one niche or the other and it is very rare to see the combination of both these services under a single name. Moving on to the strategic part of the trading part, they haven’t published any of their accomplishments.

Even their strategy and parameters are unknown which means investing with them is worse than gambling. We searched their platform to see whether they have revealed the location of the mining farms, but nothing relevant showed up. In short, there isn’t anything verifiable about this firm and it is a huge red flag.

While crypto still continues to gain popularity and adaption from the masses, do not go investing in it blindly. The account managers images are shown on their website, but they have used stock images. So, it is clear that they are all bogus profiles with fake background stories.

Mining and Investment Plans

There are three mining plans with different expiry dates. For more revenue, you need to go for longer contracts. The problem with their presentation is that they haven’t mentioned anything about the costs involved and there is no definite answer to how much you will be earning on a monthly basis. Mining Plans

Considering the humongous cost involved, do not step into the niche lightly. Remember, one wrong move can make a big dent on your pocket. Here are the present mining contracts offered by them.


The relation between public relations and profits is undeniable. Many people use the customer feedback of a service to decide whether or not to proceed with them and that is why testimonials are so important to the businesses. There are a few hand picked comments on their website which are obviously positively inclined towards them. Testimonials

However, the profiles of the alleged clients are incomplete which means there is no way to verify whether they are from actual customers. Moreover, there weren’t even a single negative comment on their website. So, suppression of the truth is becoming very probable scenario and that is not an ethical way to conduct business.

Domain Insights

Since their website is not even 6 month old at the time of writing this review, we weren’t able to find out the kind of people they are trying to reach. On the other hand, we couldn’t even trace out the details of the people as they have masked their details. Below are the details about this domain.

Domain –

Registered On – 25/07/2019

Expiry – 25/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Currently Not Listed Review Conclusion is not the service which you want to bet on. Their initial deposit requirement is steep and given all the facts discussed above, it is not at all worth the risks involved. Remember not to trust any random comments on the internet about this service blindly and if something seems a little too good to be true, then don’t chase it for any reason.

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