Review – Illegal Ponzi Scheme is turning a lot of heads in the online investing sector, but be warned as things are not as clean as they appear to be. This firm is led by alleged traders and investors who are said to have all the necessary skills and have supposedly mastered the art of trading. They are running ad campaigns across all the major social media platforms and Google, which means they clearly have exceptional marketing abilities.

At first glance, most retail investors can’t even find the flaws present in this platform, but don’t worry as we have done all the hard work for you. To know all the unethical tactics and methods used by this firm to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account, go through our detailed review till the end. Review

Founders, Company and Contact Details

On their website, this firm shares the details of their employees which at first might seem like a transparent gesture. However, things will start looking sideways once you dig deep. First of all, the people mentioned do not have any regulatory status and the profiles created on social media appears to be bogus. So, as their existence couldn’t be verified in any way, it certainly is a huge red flag. Fake User Profile

Moving on to the company certificates, they accept people from all around the world and as they accept cryptocurrency, legally there is no way of stopping them. We ran a search on this firm across all the regulatory authorities, but no relevant data or information showed up. In short, the fact that they are operating outside the boundaries of law is undeniable and they will face criminal prosecution if caught.

Lastly, if we look at the way they interact with the public, it is only through email. Given the flaws we already discussed combined with the fact that they use anonymous methods of communication should tell you a lot about them. Operational Model claims to make money by trading cryptocurrency using custom tools and parameters along with employing institutional approach. They state that, the clients just have to deposit with them and watch the profits roll in each and every day for the rest of their lives. By looking at their narrative, it is clear that they are after financially naive people and are using emotional triggers to convince the public to deposit with them.

After going through their entire website, we still couldn’t find any raw data about the strategy they follow or the performance reports of their so called expert traders. None of their achievements are documented and worse of all, they just do not have any specific mandate to follow. So, investing with them has higher odds than gambling and as such that is not the kind of activity you would want to indulge in.

Profits Advertised

Regardless of your starting capital, this platform promises to make you 3.6% ROI per day forever. If their numbers are indeed true, then each and every client of this firm will become a billionaire in less than a decade with little to no efforts. Plans

While it is everyone’s dream to make money without working, ask yourself, do you really believe in their marketing tagline? Isn’t it obvious that they are doing their best to sell you on a dream which will never unfold in reality? Never let those big fancy numbers fool you and accept the fact that, there is no elevator to success, everyone has to take the stairs.

Affiliate Program

Every short lived scam like this platform cannot achieve their targets without proper support from their marketing department. To sweeten the pot for all the promoters, this platform provides them a fixed percentage of the revenue brought in by them. In short, both the creators and the marketers are working side by side and at last the entire bill is being paid by the innocent investors.

All the cherry picked comments and reviews you come across on the internet are just a desperate trick to convince the public and if you make the mistake of believing them, then you will never ever see your money again. So, always research about the source of your information online and never take anything for granted.

Fake Testimonials

On forums like trustpilot and many more, this firm has tons of positive feedback, but they are all fake. There are roughly more than 200 reviews which gives them 5 star recommendation and on top of that, if you keep on scrolling the comments get repeated.

In short, it means the creators have flooded the platform with a lot of bogus accounts and are up voting and creating buzz about their firm which is highly unethical to say the least. Do not entertain any person or platform which is peddling this firm because chances are they are getting paid for it and they will have conflict of interest.

Domain Insights

To get a clear idea about the demographics of this website take a look at the following information. Courtesy – and

Domain –

Registered On – 09/12/2019

Expiry – 09/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 65,650

Rank in Venezuela – 863

Target Audience – Venezuela, Brazil and Russia Review Conclusion is a fraud platform which does not have any links with the actual financial markets. They have no legal status and their actions are outright illegal. By leveraging their online marketing expertise, they are able to keep their ponzi scheme going, but eventually, the whole scheme will crumble and they will disappear overnight with your money. As the risks present with them is practically undeniable, stay safe and don’t give them your credit cards details at any cost.

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  1. Edson Saras

    It really is a pyramid scheme, so much so that the site is already down, they are the same people, they open a site steal the crowd and close it, then open another site and so it goes from blow to blow !!! Unfortunate!!!

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