Bit ICO Community AKA Review

Bit ICO Community is a perfect example of a high-tech breed of fraud organisations which is emerging on the online world nowadays. They present themselves as an organisation which is allegedly involved in a variety of things including Cryptocurrency trading and financial auditing.

Join us in this review wherein we are going to unravel all of their agendas and present you with factual information which will give you a crystal clear idea about their whole sketchy company.

Bit ICO Community Review

Ownership and Support

There is no information about the people orchastering this scheme. However, on their platform they do feature a certificate of incorporation. The main reason for doing so is just to convince the public into believing that, they are dealing with a legit organisation.

In reality, their whole model is just a ponzi type scam. Do not get confused just because a firm is registered. Most of the scams portray incorporation certificates only because it is easy to procure them. We checked the database of the FTC to find any information about this platform, but just like we anticipated, they are not listed there.

So, by textbook definition, they are a full blown fraud which is already in violation of law. There are some details about the location of the firm and contact information.

The funny thing about them is that, they are all bogus. If you ever need any real assistance then the only way to reach them is through email. Ask yourself, isn’t it strange for an investment firm to operate in this manner?

The sole reason they avoid any interaction through telephone is because they know that, it will help in tracing them out. So, to avoid any criminal prosecution which might arise, they operate from the shadows. Here are the details of their location put up on their website.

How Does Bit ICO Community Work ?

This firm allegedly deals with the Cryptocurrency sector wherein they supposedly day trade and invest in ICO’s. Their presentation is on point and is enough to convince any newbie but do not let that fool you.

They have not featured any in-depth information as to what they do with the funds raised from the public. They are just trying to implant the idea of making easy money in to the minds of the newbie’s.

Always remember one thing especially when it comes to anything online related, whenever something is way too good to be true, stay away from it. Moreover, there is no tangible proof to support any of their claims.

We do not know the names of their employees or traders. There is no verifiable trading history on their platform. Keeping all these in mind, how can anyone even justify investing with them ?

Unrealistic Returns Promised by Bit ICO Community

This firm claims to generate returns ranging from 7.16% per day upto 341% per couple of weeks. At this rate, if you compound your profit, then you can become a millionaire within a year without doing any hard work.

Sadly, these numbers are all imaginary and just like anything in life, there will be no rewards without efforts. Exaggerated profit claims are a classic trait present in most of the scams to capture the viewer’s attention.

Always remember, the main goal of every scam is to make money. So, they will structure a narrative which will be enticing, but before you proceed, make sure that you validate their claims. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Domain Whereabouts

Transparency is a key aspect when it comes to reviewing any service. Since the office address featured on their website was bogus. We tried to trace out their website registration details.

Sadly, the search ended in vain as they have masked their location. Here are some key information about this website from and

Domain – Bit –

Registered on – 20/02/2019

Expires on – 20/02/2021

Global Rank – 723,801

Rank in Brazil – 55,037

Major portion of the traffic are coming from Brazil, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Russia and Pakistan.

Red Flags

Here is a list of all the flaws on their platform and their operational model.

  • Unverifiable claims along with over exaggerated targets which are statistically impossible to achieve.
  • They falsely represent themselves as some mainstream fund management company doing a wide array of things. However, in reality we have no tangible information about anything.
  • There is no details or records of the fund managers. So, how on earth can we trust them without seeing their past performance?
  • The number of testimonials on their website is huge. It is just another example of how these crooks go to extreme lengths to convince you otherwise.
  • Bit ICO Community Testimonials
  • We tried to trace out the identity of the so called real customers but that was also a dead end. Ask yourself, why would anyone put misleading content on their website unless they have something to hide?
  • One of the main reason because of which this platform gained a lot of popularity is their affiliate program. The creators of this fancy fraud offer huge cash incentives to the promoters. It is because of this reason, there are many positive reviews about their company on the web. However, that is also the reason as to why many people lost money to these schemes. Always remember whenever you are presented with any kind of money making opportunity online, regardless of the hype, if they are unregulated then it is not worth the risk.

Bit ICO Community Review Conclusion

Bit ICO is a ponzi type investment program. They might pay some of the earlier clients every now and then, but ultimately they will collapse. There are few screenshots of the withdrawals on their website, but they all turned out to be a fancy work of photo editing.

So, if you ever invest with them, then it is very unlikely to get any returns from them. Moreover, do not forget that they are illegal as well. If you value your peace of mind and consider yourself as a rational investor, then you should stay away from them for your own good.

If you have any feedback regarding this company, share it with us in the comments section.


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