BitB Pro Review – is a SCAM

BitB Pro is a new investment solution which is turning heads in the online investing world. They feature some of the boldest claims we have seen in a while. There are many newbies who got tangled with this service and later realized that, it was indeed a huge trap.

When we investigated this platform, we were baffled by the number of flaws on their platform. Before you decide or judge anything about this organisation, read our comprehensive review which will unravel all the harsh truths about this bogus investment service. BitB Pro Review

Legality, Employees and Customer Support

In most developed countries investment solutions are regulated heavily and proper licensing are required. This firm features a registration certificate on the homepage of their website but do not be fooled by that. In recent times most of the scams have been doing this to gain the trust of the potential investors.

We personally browsed the data centers of the Financial Conduct Authority, but we couldn’t find any information about this company. So, without a shadow of doubt know that they are a scam. Moreover, since they are already in violation of law, they can and will disappear with all the investors money whenever they like.

There is no information about any of the employees of this organisation. In other words, the lack of transparency, they are exhibiting is beyond tolerable. If you ever need assistance on their platform, then consider yourself unlucky. It doesn’t matter how many rings or emails you send to them, you will never get a reply.

This kind of unethical behaviour should tell you a lot about them. Below are the contact details of this platform, just in case you need them.

Address – 223 Langham Road South Tottenham,London,United Kingdom, N15 3ND

Email –

Operational Model of BitB Pro

This company is said to be involved mainly in Cryptocurrency trading and mining. The above mentioned activities belong to the hottest sector of the financial markets but there are a few caterers to them as well. For starters, the location of their mining farms are unknown. Given their way of presentation, we strongly think that they are imaginary.

There is no rundown of the expenses and obviously we do not have clue about their profit targets. Moreover, there is no info about the coins they mine and the machinery they use. As far as trading is concerned, it is also a dead end. There is no details about the fund managers and liquidity providers.

Without these crucial information, how can we trust them to handle our funds? Furthermore, their platform do not feature any trading history. So, ask yourself, it is wist to give these strangers the benefit of doubt ? We prefer not to.

The world of Cryptocurrencies is evolving and presenting the world with more opportunities. It is these kind of frauds which is making people doubt the potential of this emerging trend.

Returns Promised by BitB Pro

The internet is full of dummy ways which portrays to be the fast lanes to wealth. This firm advertises returns which range from 11% to 18% hourly. At this rate you will become a trillionaire within a year max, but does it make any logical sense? Absolutely no, right ?

Trading Cryptocurrency is exciting and extremely rewarding, but it’s not easy. There is a learning curve which every trader has to go through. We all know that, it is nice to get passive returns, but ask yourself isn’t this specific offer too good to be true? Do not give these criminals your credit card details regardless of what they promise you.

Major Red Flags

The amount of misleading factors on this platform is mind numbing. Below we have listed some of the major one’s which will help you determine why you need to stay away from them.

1. Anonymity

The address provided on their website is fake. So, to trace them out, we tried to track down their domain details. Thanks to the courtesy of and, we were able to track the following details about them. Domain –

Registrar – Namecheap, Inc

Registered on – 19/02/2019

Expires on – 19/02/2022

Global Rank – 414, 955

Main countries they target include United States, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, India and Romania.

2. Testimonials

Their website has many cherry picked comments but it’s all most probably fake. Many scams prefer to feature fake comments only to increase their appeal to the investor’s community. BitB Pro Testimonials

These fraudsters have created fake profiles and have put up false narratives. Whenever any service tries to do these kind of unethical work, isn’t it obvious that they have something terrible to hide from the public.

In addition to that, there is no way to contact the clients. So, it is not at all justifiable to indulge with them in anyway.

3. Stock Images

Though, this site has many colourful pictures showcasing their alleged workplace. It is certainly not the one you want to believe in. The photos portrayed by them are all just stock images which might have been purchased or stolen by them.

Now, stop and think for a second why would they try to hide their identity, if they were truly legit ? They are working from the shadows just to escape criminal prosecution.

BitB Pro Review Conclusion

BitB Pro is one of the notorious scams floating around in the online world. They prey on the gullibility of the newbies to earn an income. If you make the mistake of sending them your funds, then it will be game over for you.

There are numerous positively inclined articles and videos about them on the web but do not get sold to the hype. The creators of this scheme has paid enormous money to the promoters and that is why many people landed on their website. In order to stay safe and protect your best interest, stay away from this company.

If you have any experience with this firm, we invite you forward to share it with us.


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