BTC Promise Review – Exposed!

BTC Promise is a new asset management company which claims to do a lot of things at once. They are said to be involved in forex and cryptocurrency trading. Their platform is pretty decent and their explanation is somewhat realistic but do not be blinded by that.

Once you take a look at their core business model and their actual intentions, you will be shocked. Read our thorough review to know everything about this shameless scam network. BTC Promise Review

Company and Customer Support

Since early 2000’s, there has been a lot of changes in the investing sector to avoid any kind of malpractices. Since this company raises funds from the public, they should be regulated at any cost.

This firm portray themselves as registered in the UK region. However, that does not mean that, they are regulated or safe. We personally checked with the FCA and found out that, this firm is not registered by them. So, that means they are 100% confirmed scam.

Claiming to be regulated, though they are not, is one of the classic trick of fraud organisations. Always remember to verify the certificates you see online regardless of how believable it appears.

The owners of this company are unknown and there is no information about their employees as well. After all, anonymity is the best friend of a scam. In case, if you ever get stuck with their platform and need help. Then, you are all out of luck.

The support team will only entertain your queries until you deposit the funds. Once they have the money, it is the end. Below we have listed the contact details of this company.

Address – 1645 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto ON M2J 3T7

Email –

How does BTC Promise Work ?

This firm is said to invest funds in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. Forex markets is the most liquid exchange which has a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. On the other hand, Cryptos have a lot of volatility which means there is plenty of room for profits.

However, that does not mean everyone will make money by trading. Though, this firm has put up bold profit claims, there is no concrete proof to that. Moreover, they have not shared their trading strategy or history. So, there is no way to verify anything they say.

Markets are a wonderful tool to make money but before starting out, make sure that you have education. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. More importantly, say no to any shortcut methods. Ask yourself, if there was indeed a way to make money like this firm advertises, why would they offer their services for free?

Insane Profit Claims

The goal of every trader in the market is to make money AKA profit. However, know that 90% of the traders always lose. So, it is very important for you to have a realistic expectation and a trading process. This firm claims to generate returns of upto 400% per minute.

At this pace, you will become the richest person on earth with couple of hours max. However, this is just a fantasy and as such the results will also be disappointing. Below is the rundown of the each and every investment plan they offer.

Plan A

Returns – 600%

Duration – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $30

Plan B

Returns – 500%

Duration – 1 Hour

Minimum Deposit – $300

Plan C

Returns – 400%

Duration – 1 Minute

Minimum Deposit – $3000

Domain Ownership

Whenever there is lack of transparency, it means that the probability of that program being a scam is more. Since, there was no information about the creators of this firm, we ran a background check on them to find out more details.

Sadly they have used privacy guardian service which masks their identity. Here are the key information about this website and their demographics.

Domain –

Registered on – 26/10/2018

Expires on – 26/10/2019

Global Rank – 1,144,198

Rank in United States – 372,234

Main Traffic Source – United States, Bangladesh, Canada, Pakistan and Russia

Major Flaws

The list of flaws on their platform is long. However, we have discussed about the most deadly ones below.

1. Testimonials

Testimonials are the social proof used by many online services to grow their reputation. After all, it is one of the most influential things under the hands of the marketers. This firm has twisted this aspect to their favour. BTC Promise Testimonials

There are a number of possible comments on their website but all of them appears to be fake or exaggerated. Moreover, there is no way to track the clients to verify the claims. Keeping the above discussed factors in mind, we would never give them the benefit of doubt.

2. Affiliate Program

Affiliate program by itself is not a harmful product but there is a catch when it comes to this platform. The owners of this scam rely heavily on new traffic to make money.

So, to reach their goals and find more customers, they provide cash incentives to the promoters. Now, we hope you understand why there are many favourable reviews about them on the web.

In short, if anyone is pushing you to deposit with them, they are essentially getting paid for it. Be very careful about your information sources especially when it comes to online investing.

3. Ponzi Model

The core business model of this firm is similar to the ponzi type fraud. In simple words, the creators of this platform are using the deposit money from the new clients to pay the old ones. As you can already tell, this scheme is vulnerable and it has to eventually crumble to pieces.

Moreover, ponzi model is illegal in most countries. So, ask yourself if this is worth the risk ? Do not forget the fact that they can do anything with your money. Since, they are already illegal, you won’t be able to get your money back.

BTC Promise Review Conclusion

BTC Promise is undoubtedly a ponzi scam. They might pay few promoters and clients in the initial days, but they will eventually flee away with the cash. Do not get lured in by their easy money claims, instead spend some time educating yourself about the markets.

If you ever land on their website, click away from it quickly. More importantly, do not give away your credit card details to them regardless of what fairy tales the might tell you.

If you have any experience with this firm, then please share it with us in the comments section.



    I have deposited 33 USD. but they don’t updated information

  2. Shahzad Kha

    I deposited 30 no reply defently a risk and a scam

  3. Joshua

    Don’t you guys know any reliable sites rather than these scam?

  4. marco

    Attention friends, I believe they are the same people as BTCPromise
    Max Attention

      • Arsen

        So it’s confirmed that it’s a scam, cause i see a thousand of people depositing in their site. Does anyone here tried to deposit the $150 they ask to activate the withdraw system?

  5. marco

    Btcpromise is definetely a scam i deposit 30$ and then when i wanted to withdraw they ask me to deposit another 150$ firts to withdraw. This people are scamemers avoid this site

  6. Albert

    Btcpromise is definetely a scam i deposit 30$ and then when i wanted to withdraw they ask me to deposit another 150$ firts to withdraw. This people are scamemers avoid this site

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