Review – STAY AWAY! is a new viral bitcoin doubler platform which supposedly helps you earn upto 10 BTC per day on autopilot. They claim to be involved in cryptocurrency trading, but haven’t provided any reliable documents to back up their claims. As usual, the creators are staying in the dark and the whole firm works in the most anonymous way possible.

Cryptocurrency is the hottest sector in the financial markets right now, but it is also the epicenter for scams. We all know that making money online without much effort sounds interesting. However, ask yourself is it even possible in the first place? To know the actual motives and agendas behind this company, stick with us till the end of the review. Review

Company, Employees and Contact Details

All the firms which raise capital from the public for trading and investment purposes have to hold proper certificates and follow strict guidelines. The law may be slightly different from one country to another, but for the most part violation of the guidelines means the owners will be subject to criminal prosecution.

This platform does not provide any regulatory status information to the public. Moreover, they accept people from all over the world, but are not on the radar of any authority. So, if you invest with them there will be no such thing as security of the funds and inevitably they will flee away with your money. As far as customer support is considered, there isn’t much to talk about.

The only way of communicating with them is through email and that is not a positive sign. For a firm which supposedly doubles the capital everyday, it is indeed very odd to operate without providing telephone assistance. Looks like these fraudsters were on a tight budget and that is why they couldn’t give much attention to details?

How does Platform Work?

According to their website, the client just has to deposit any amount of BTC they want into the platform, wait for 24 hours and then collect the profits. If trading in reality was so easy, then each and every one of us would have been rich and life as we know it would be a lot different. However, as the world does not work that way and the reality is much more complex than it appears.

Trading the cryptocurrency markets is a profitable venture for many traders, but usually it requires skill set and experience and even then the returns are not guaranteed. Since this firm does not publish any history or broker statements and on top of that, they have also chosen to keep their approach confidential, trusting them with your money is not wise.

No rational investor would even dare to proceed with an entity like this one and for your own safety you should also do the same. Whenever you are presented or come across opportunities like the one this website offers, if it is too good to be true, then do yourself a favour by ignoring them or else it will leave a nasty dent on your bank account.

Returns Promised

The minimum investment amount is 0.003 BTC and the maximum is 10 BTC. Returns promised by this firm is 100% after 24 hours with no strings attached. So, in theory, anyone can earn as much as $70,000 per day with them without lifting a finger. It is undeniable that cryptocurrencies in general have high volatility, but just because its volatile, it doesn’t mean that they are easy to trade, right?

Trading is a process and it requires a lot of dedication and effort just like any other profession to be successful. If you see any organisation whether big or small which offers investment opportunities, proceed with them only if they are regulated and transparent.

Domain Information

To gain a rough understanding about the people targeted by this website, see the following table. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 14/01/2020

Expiry – 14/01/2021

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed Yet Review Conclusion is most probably a ponzi scheme which is thriving for the time being because of their marketing skills. They are just using the cash brought in by the new victims to pay the earlier participants. As you can already tell, their scheme will eventually crumble and they will vanish overnight with all the investor’s money.

Considering the fact that they only accept bitcoin, the chances of tracing their real identity will be difficult to say the least. In short, due to all the facts mentioned above, restrain yourself from indulging with them at any cost.

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