Review – Popular Crypto Fraud! is a new crypto investment solution which promises the clients to double their money every month. They allegedly are involved in bitcoin trading and they are said to have enormous experience in the sector. As many of you might have already guessed, their profit claims are absolute lies and everything they say is not supported by any form of credible data.

Moreover, they don’t have proper licenses and the way they are raising money from the public is outright criminal. Though they are very popular in the trading niche, the owners of this firm are still unknown and looking at the way they have covered up their tracks, they certainly are trained crooks.

If you want to earn a living through crypto trading, then you certainly need to put in a lot of hard work and find versatile trading strategies, approach and tools. Nowadays, many newbies are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and those kinds of people are the ones who are most likely to be targeted by online fraudsters. While making money passively always sounds great, before you make a move, go through our review to understand the hard core reality. Review

Company and Support

The law is ever changing and somehow still the governments are not able to completely eliminate the fraud organisation in the financial sector. So, as end consumers or clients, it is our duty to be educated about the markets and make sure that we ensure the security of the funds by only indulging with regulated bodies.

This platform is not listed under any of the regulatory authorities around the world which means clearly they are operating a ponzi scheme and as such, it will put a dent on your bank account. The owners of this firm if caught, will face serious consequences for their activities. However, realistically speaking the likelihood of them getting caught is sadly very low. As expected, these crooks haven’t shared any details about their whereabouts and are trying their best to maintain a low profile.

If you have any questions for their support team or need any assistance from them, then the only way to reach them is via email. Do not expect timely replies from them, because they only interact with the people if they can convince them to deposit and once they have control over your funds, you will not get any attention.

How does Work? claims to make an enormous amount of money through crypto trading. They supposedly have more than 6 years experience in this sector and the strategies used by them are alleged to have a high win rate. Just like every other scam out there, this platform boasts a lot about their previous accomplishments, but there are many questions which are left answered by them.

For starters, we as investors do not know the name of the fund managers and we don’t have a clue about their history. There is no information about the custom indicators they employ and the average drawdown rate is also not mentioned. Moreover, they don’t offer demo services and free trials. In short, if you indulge with them, then it’s only a matter of time before you lose all your funds and that kind of operational model is just illegal.

Trading the volatile crypto markets requires proven strategies, crystal clear risk management tools along with proper charting solutions. If anyone claims to provide you an easy way, then most probably it is a scam and you shouldn’t entertain those kinds of offers for any reason.

Investments and Profits

There are 9 different investment packages offered by this firm wherein the returns are capped at 124% after 7 days. To many new investors, the kind of numbers shown on the website will be almost irresistible, but don’t let greed blind you. After all, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world, right? Investment Plans

The returns advertised are obviously fake and their only intention is to capture your attention and then convince you to deposit with them. Trading and investing are always evergreen sectors wherein there is no shortage in opportunities, but just like any other profession, you will have to put in hard work to get the benefits. So, don’t chase quick money, because it just doesn’t exist.

Affiliate Program

This program needs a lot of new participants to keep their scheme afloat and the easy way of doing that is by offering an affiliate program. In simple words, the actual owners of this platform pay a high cash incentive to all the online promoters in exchange for consistent stream of web traffic. The marketers are free to choose any method of generating leads and quite often those shady groups employ all the unethical ways you can ever think of.

In case if you were wondering, all the positive reviews of this website on the internet are from the affiliates of this firm and they are trying to mislead the public in order to earn a quick buck. So, don’t fall for the well designed traps setup by them and never give them the benefit of the doubt, because if you do, then you will be burnt sooner or later.

Domain Insights

Since this website is viral, we got plenty of details about them and they are as follows. Do note that, we were unable to trace out the owner’s information or identity as it was masked.

Domain –

Registered On – 04/02/2020

Expiry – 04/02/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 46,083

Rank in Venezuela – 1,310

Target Audience – Venezuela, Brazil and Russia Review Conclusion is a ponzi scheme which has no real source of income. Their whole narrative is either false or misleading for the most part. As soon as their marketing team fails to find new victims for their nasty program, they will flee away and given their traits so far, we don’t think you can find them easily. So, save yourself from all these troubles by staying away from them.

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