FXTrading Corp Review (fxtradingcorp.com)

FXTrading Corp is supposedly a cutting edge forex trading firm which generates over 2.5% ROI per day. Their website structure is very convincing and the average investor might never suspect them.

However, we at ScamBitcoin are unlike any other service and it is very hard to slip from our radar. We ran an in-depth search on this service and the results were indeed shocking.

Their platform is clearly a high yield investment program which can only cause trouble to their clients. We all can agree that making money by clicking few buttons is exciting, but do not be so attached to the idea.

Go through our detailed review to know the truth. FXTrading Corp Review

Company, Ownership and Support Details

Any firm which accepts international clients and offers high risk investment opportunities should follow strict rules. Ever since the early days of the internet, companies would often create hype to gain huge client base.

So, to stop the innocent investors from falling prey, the current system of law has been covering all the loopholes. This firm does not showcase any of their license details or their registration number.

We do not know their physical location and this kind of anonymity is unacceptable. Moreover, any legitimate organisation would never dare to operate in this manner as it ruins their reputation.

The only mode of communication between the employees of the company and the clients is through email. Think for a moment, isn’t this kind of doing business strange to say the least?

FXTrading Corp Operational Model

FXTrading Corp as the name suggests is said to be active in trading the forex market. They supposedly have created various trading bots which will generate a set amount of income per day.

This explanation might sound good enough for newbies, but the facts suggest otherwise. For starters, they have not mentioned about the parameters of the trading algorithms.

Auto-trading is not completely flawless as the markets react differently to various types of events. Moreover, there is no accuracy rate put up on their website and there is no trading history as well.

In short, they are expecting the clients to trust them blindly. Trading in general contains a lot of moving parts. So, it is extremely important to make sure that you understand their framework before jumping in.

Profits Offered

Major hedge funds and investment banks aim for 20% to 30% returns on a yearly basis. Remember, this is the professional trades who have gone through specific degrees to reach that position.

This firm promises the investors upto 2.5% per day. While this number might seem reasonable, it is impossible to achieve it consistently over the long term. So, using history as a guide, anyone who says otherwise is most likely to be lying to you.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you verify any and all of the claims. Moreover, to be on the safer side, do not deal with any unregulated firms.

Affiliate Program

One thing all the scams excel at is marketing skills. After all, their revenue depends upon the number of people they can successfully loot. This firm offers an affiliate program wherein they reward their marketers based on the number of clients they bring in.

To keep the promoters on their toes and encourage them to the max, they do offer perks as well. The only duty of the affiliates is to redirect traffic to this website by using either seo or social media platforms.

This clear conflict of interest is the reason being all the fake testimonies and reviews. In short, if you land on any online channel which promotes them, then they are doing it for the sake of commission.

Domain Details

Using alexa.com and whois.com, we found the following details about this website.

Domain – Office.fxtradingcorp.com

Registered On – 24/07/2018

Expiry – 24/07/2024

Alexa Global Rank – 6,353

Target Audience – Brazil, Thailand and China

Ponzi Model and False Narratives

If you hear about someone who has been paid by this company, then do not be flattered by that. Fake investment platform like this company uses ponzi model to create cash flow.

In simple words they use the money brought in by the new investors to pay the old ones and keep some percentage on top for themselves. As you can see, their firm has nothing to do with trading.

Moreover, as their core business model is dependent upon their marketing abilities, sooner or later their scheme will collapse. So, be very cautious when you are presented with so called life changing opportunities. Most of the time, it will be just a trap to lure you in.

FXTrading Corp Review conclusion

FXTrading Corp is a new and innovative scam which shows the kind of creativity scammers are showcasing. They are creating enormous hype over the internet which can be described as the perfect bait for the newbie investors.

Under any circumstance, do not give this program the benefit of doubt, if you choose otherwise, then prepare yourself for disappointment. As always remember, skill and consistency are the crucial things to success, no software can beat the actual efforts.

Do you have any experience with FXTrading Corp? Feel free to share your feedback with our community by commenting below.

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    I’ve been scammed by this people. is it possible for me toi get my money back

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