BTCKingdom Review – Legit Exchange or SCAM?

BTC Kingdom is a peculiar operation at first glance: it is an exchange, claiming to be the “Safest Place to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies”.

Update (March 30, 2019): Much negative feedback has accumulated in the comments below since the publication of this review. We now believe that BTC Kingdom is a SCAM!

Whether it is indeed THE safest such place or not, may be up for debate, but it certainly is a crypto exchange that accepts fiat deposits too, and that’s quite a potentially welcome feature indeed.

Buying cryptos is such a hassle with the banks stepping up against the industry these days, and exchanges like BTCKingdom may indeed provide a solution to this conundrum.

Above and beyond that, the operation features some interesting investment-oriented services too, and rather outstanding liquidity.

About BTC Kingdom


The exchange looks like a solid outfit, employing some 120 people – according to their own website – all over the world.

That said, the headquarters of the operation is located at Sofia, 1574, Slatina Reg., Hristo Smirnenski R.A., bl. 9, entr. G, 3rd fl., app. 7 – make of that what you will.

The corporate entity behind the BTCKingdom brand is Home Market Ltd. According to company representatives, the operation is brand new and as such, one mat not yet find many records of its activity/existence.

The BTCKingdom support staff can be contacted by email (, phone (+35 220 880 721), and via an email form on the contact page of its website. The support staff is knowledgeable and seems eager to engage/help. Support is available 24/6.

What does BTCKingdom offer?

As already mentioned above, there may indeed be quite a bit of potential in the services peddled by this exchange.

In addition to accepting fiat deposits (and thus providing an entry point for those looking to pick up crypto for fiat), the exchange supports some 800 cryptos, among them popular currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash etc.

The trading services provided by the BTCKingdom platform include maximum leverage of 1:4, liquidity derived from some of the biggest crypto exchanges, such as Kraken, Poloniex and Bittrex, a trading platform featuring professional-grade analysis tools, 300% margin loan as well as unparalleled market access.

All this sounds great, but is it all legitimate? By the current looks of things, the above said features do indeed seem to exist and to function as advertised. The whole shebang is available for mobile devices too, in the shape of a couple of apps which can be downloaded for free, directly off the official BTCKingdom site, for Android and iOS respectively.

It goes without saying that trading on margin and leverage is an inherently risky activity. Both of those components of the trading equation increase risk, so make sure that as a trader, you fully understand how they work and how they impact your profit/loss odds.

Accepted Payment Methods

If you are looking to purchase more exotic cryptos (or even better-known, almost-mainstream ones such as XRP), BTCKingdom may just be the answer to your prayers. While it is currently unclear how reputable the operation is among its users, it is still very young and thus there just was not enough time for relevant feedback to accumulate.

At any rate, the exchange accepts an impressive number of payment methods. They have VISA, MasterCard and Discover all “covered”, together with Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney and Qiwi. Obviously, deposits can be made in BTC, ETH and a number of other cryptocurrencies too.

The BTCKingdom Website/Domain

Given the fact that BTCKingdom is a new operation, it makes perfect sense to run a bit of a background check on the website/domain used by the exchange.

Created in July 2016, and updated in November 2018, the domain is registered to an entity, the identity of which is under wraps. The whois query does not yield any relevant results in this regard.

As the Whois information makes it clear, the age of the domain is not particularly impressive. Given that we are talking about a brand new operation here though, that does not carry much relevancy in this instance.

We’ve read reviews stating that is not exactly a popular destination for the buying/selling of cryptocurrencies. The site apparently carries a global Alexa rank of 6,172,811 – which is not impressive to say the least. Once again though, this bit of information does not say anything relevant about the legitimacy of the outfit.

With the above in mind, it is hardly surprising that the domain authority rank of is not very formidable either.

The Google review profile of the operation is very shallow, and by that we mean that hardly anyone has thus far taken the time to review it. This utter lack of reviews fits into the overall picture of the newly launched exchange though, so there’s nothing wrong with that. Furthermore: no reviews is still a LOT better than negative reviews.

What does the crypto-sphere have to say about BTCKingdom though? The short answer to that is: not much. Having searched bitcointalk far and wide, we came up empty-handed in this regard. This can be viewed as good news: when scammed, crypto victims are extremely quick to turn to a community forum such as bitcointalk, to warn members of the public there.

As said though, we failed to dig up such a red flag on BTCKingdom. The fact that no one thought it worthwhile to even mention the operation there, can again be jotted down to the tender age of the outfit.

BTCKingdom Complaints

Since first reviewing the shady nature of BTCKingdom there has been a steady stream of negative reviews and complaints.

Many online investors are going as far as calling BTCKingdom a scam.

Shared below are a few of the most relevant reviews we have found regarding BTCKingdom:

“it’s a scam, and they have called and spammed the wrong person to many times. i just ordered a nice “little present” on darknet for 3 person related to this company.”

“Hello, we are starting a claim against BTC KINGDOM…They are a scam and many people investing, have lost their money….So we need everybody that has been affected by this company to contact us..”

“It is proven that BTC Kingdom is a big SCAM, I have emails from people who are been scammed by this organisation, some people put all their savings in this company and BTCK do not want to pay the money back. Their website is build on cloud sharing. They let people buy bitcoins for them and on their website they claim to make more money by trading and exchanging. If it was that easy to earn money, the whole world would invest in BTC Kingdom, but people please do not believe their beautiful story…” Review Conclusion

BTCKingdom is NOT about cloud mining, and it does not make any too-good-to-be-true promises, successfully ticking off these two items on our review check-list.

Indeed, what the operation promises to deliver is perfectly plausible, feasible and believable. That said, it has to be pointed out that – at least for the time being – the operation is not regulated and licensed to provide investment-related services in any shape or form.

While user feedback is quite non-existent at this stage, it looks like the exchange is indeed paying “all those who have to be paid”. Some of their users even told us about their positive results with the exchange.

Verdict: BTCKingdom is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Do you have an experience to share? We invite you to share your insight and feedback below!


  1. Norman Freeman

    Definitely a scam!
    Happy to take your money BUT refuse to pay back any “supposed” profits or original stakes.
    Avoid any engagement with them!

  2. randy

    I believe BTC Kingdom has now setup a new site under a new name. United Markets Capital
    Similar phone numbers, similar address.
    Similar scam. easy to deposit but you cant withdraw.
    Beware, beware beware!!!

  3. Greg

    Scam.They never give you back any money even the money you invested. BTC kingdom is steeling people money.

  4. mary

    BTC KINGDOM all i can say is


    They never give you back any money even the money you invested they show for months win and loses and the market but your money always goes up then when you call them a scam you lose the entire amount overnight on one trade
    BLA BLA i dont thing so they just wanted £4000 more out of me but i smelt a rat and said no
    PLease do not give them any money.

  5. Benjamin

    Hello guys, BTC kingdom is steeling people money now under a new name: UM Capital, be careful if they called you and tried to fool you.

  6. Peter

    BTC Kingdom is a SCAM: check this link


    A gift from me to BTC Kingdom.
    BTC Kingdom is a unregulated CFD broker focused on the crypto market about which there is a recent warning, issued by the Belgium Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) for targeting customers without authorization and possible scam activities. So if you are thinking about trading with them be sure to read this review first.
    BTC Kingdom has unusual fees and commissions, some of which are not even specified. You can see for your self:For example if you want to withdraw before you have reached a certain minimum trade volume requirement BTC Kingdom will take at least 4,5% of the requested amount. In the example in their Terms and Conditions we see that with a deposit of 10 000 USD, if you wish to withdraw without a penalty charge, you will have to trade at least 100 lots or 10 million USD and that is highly unusual.On the screenshot below you can see that BTC Kingdom offers something they call PAMM Accounts, which are basically managed accounts.The problem with all managed accounts is that if the broker is a market maker, and manages your account, your designated “account manager” will have the incentive to mismanage your money and “lose them” to the broker. Bear in mind that a market maker profits, when traders lose their money and vise versa. That is why no legit broker will ever offer you a managed account. BTC Kingdom obviously does not offer its clients a negative balance protection, which means a trader can lose more money than he or she had deposited. That is unusual, as the negative balance protection clause is standard with all EU regulated brokers, as well as with all legit brokers operating in the US, Canada, Australia or Japan. BTC Kingdom is a low credibility unregulated website, which currently is in the focus of an ongoing investigation by the FSMA in Belgium. So here we will repeat our general advise to deal only with brokers certified by respectable institutions such as the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia and CySEC in Cyprus.

  8. Michael Grey

    Hello guys, what a nice comment written on me below, did you saw it: Professional SCAMMER. By the way guys, BTC kingdom is a mafia, look to your bank account when you transferred money to your btc account, it goes to MSK BTC-RU, it goes to Russia. This is why you never get back your money. Thank you Martin for the nice comment, you made my day

  9. Concerned Bystander

    There are always 2 sides to a coin\story. 1 thing i hate the most is how these social justice warriors think they are gods or something and that they are allowed to do whatever they want without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

    DOES anyone here actually have proof of scam\malicious activities by the broker? Just as easily you can accuse BTC Kingdom for being behind the positive posts and comments, they can easily accuse you, or one person or small group of people behind this WHOLE negative conversation here. Be real, when you point a finger, 3 are pointed back at you. Have you thought about what you might have done wrong before firing your complaints? I have read through ALL the comments, and there is not a single complaint here that holds water. Crypto is risky business, and if you think otherwise you are an idiot.


      Dear Bystander BTC colleague, when you invest your money with BTC kingdom and it’s managed by a Financial manager,he should be worried about your money more than you to make interests for him before you, here we can call him professional organisation. But you won’t be as idiot when your Financial Scammer manager insult you on the phone and shout on you and there is no customer services or a team leader to complain to him or at least he called you to apologise. You won’t be as idiot when you see very clear that the scammer is playing with words when he pretend you that you lost your money and BTC Kingdom would never investigate what happen, why? because all the money was transferred abroad and they can’t bring take it back. What type of organisation that reject or delay all time the request of withdrawing money under the reason ” we are trading with”. if i want to withdraw money, that means i don’t want to trade with this money. Stop fooling people with your fake comments. People’s money was stolen and NOT lost in a trade.
      All those people who wrote negative comments are honest people they come to complain and aware people of Scammer.

      • RT

        Its 💯 percent true that BTC Kingdom is a big scammer. They scammed my £21000 and now not responding to my texts or emails. When I asked them to close my account, I had £21,200 in my account and in three days my account was showing loss of -£5000 and declared that I lost all my invested money. I am in process of taking legal action against them. So please don’t be fool like me who trusted them and invested my hard earned money.😢

        • LAL

          Btc Kingdom is a 100% SCAM. DO NOT GIVE THEM A PENNY.

  10. Martin

    Hello I see many comments on Mr. Michael Grey, and I wanted to share my experience :
    since 2017 I have been working with BTCKingdom and after only one month i was introduced to Michael Grey.
    he has made with me correct work and even got me a financial plan for 12 months time.

    Michael has informed me every time when the market was risky to trade and on the other hand he has informed me when good events were coming around.

    I am totally aware about some difficulties with withdrawing wished amounts and usually when i asked for some money I was first delayed and then talked to withdraw less then what i have asked for.

    for many years that i have been trading, both on and offline trading.
    Michael was very honest with me and whenever i needed anything he was there for me, trading, teaching and supporting.

    never was a time that I was UNABLE to withdraw my money, and with my experience I also know that sometime I was better to withdraw less in order to keep the risk management due to Michael’s advise.

    my comment on it is that Michael Grey is a professional trader, all the things and negativity stated in the comments here are absolutely mature and it looks that most of the traders here have no idea in trading or experience.

    You all are welcome to ask for my experience with BTCKingdom.

    • Henri

      I agree with you Martin, he never play on words like his colleagues Benjamin, Steven,Ross or Aileen. He does more than that, he insult his clients to protect his colleagues. “What a professional Scammer manager”. He steel your money and shout on you that you lost it in a trade. The strategy of BTC kingdom is well known: they pretend that you lost your money in a trade, they pretend to find you a solution to refund the lost, you are blocked for ever because you’ll never be allowed to withdraw back, While the money is somewhere on another account and they are making interests from your stolen money.

  11. Thurr

    Hello, BTC kingdom is a SCAM, she is following this article and try to identify each person who writes a comment here. I totally agree with Jack that the comment “Antifraude” where they give email to complain about SCAM. I’ve been following this article since few weeks and tried to withdraw money, but my requests were refused or delayed. People Don’t be fooled by the positive comments, they are all fake.

    • Jack

      Hi Thurr, thanks for the comment, I agree, their game is so dirty but they didn’t play it smart, their e-mail communications and comments are mostly written by the same person. Anti Fraud has indeed been set up to identify their victims. Finally the masks felt off, for example Michael Grey, the “account manager” whom I had a few times on the linen just confessed that it is a scam because they got caught caused by their own foolishness of communications, I think their game is over and if not, it will not take long.

      • Thurr

        Guys look at the guy who replied to the comment of Jack, his name dolk, and look to the comments written by dirk, same way of talk, same accent, BTC kingdom is a russian mafia, take a look at your money transferred, it went to MSK BTC-RU, and remember they charged you a lot for the transfer under the reason it’s from bank to another or in europe people don’t pay for transfer between european countries.BTC kingdom steel people money.

        • Martin

          You got to be joking,

          I am not saying that BTCKingdom are saints, and if you people had experience in trading you would have know that your broker makes money by working with you.

          did you talked to this guy Dolk? how can you say he has the “same accent”? this is very racist statement don’t you think?

          you sir are working for a competitor (not very professional one) and it looks like you are just accusing BTCKingdom on random things.

          sorry people but you have to scale the comment that was written here, think of how it sounds?

          do you really think that so many comments will not make the Interpol to close this company?

          if you think that these comments are honest go and look online on every big bank in the world where we all keep our money “SAFE” and see the reviews on the bank.

    • dolk

      what you do now? you lost all you money?

  12. Michael Grey

    BTC Kingdom is a real scam: when users will withdrawing –it is delayed for ever, or cancecled and they lost their funds. And then the “support” didn’t respond to help or investigate any further.

  13. Michael Grey

    Hello, my name is Michael Gray, i work for BTC Kingdom, my fake work is helping people make some money but my real work is SCAMMMERRR.
    Usually i called people and talk to them many time till they get forced to invest with us. At the beginning i’m nice for sure to make you “invest with us” but later when i get ride of you i insult you. i have lots of stories how i’ve scammed people. Stay tuned…:-)

    • dirk

      fake news! proof that you are with them, everyone can continue like this.


        It’s not fake news at all dear colleague Dirk. you work with me but you can’t show your real name, think logically. All people for whom i’m assigned to be their financial manager knows me very well. By the way dear readers, BTC Kingdom is watching this article closely because all those people who wrote a nice comment here are BTC colleagues, and all negative comments are people who get SCAMMED by BTC kingdom.

        • dirk

          what do you do best? collect everything?

          • MICHAEL GREY

            Wake up Dirk: an idea about negative reports from users when withdrawing – the pending is delayed for ever, or canceled and they lost their funds. And then the “support” didn’t respond to help or investigate any further. What do you call that? Angry Birds or Candy Crush? BTC Kingdom is a SCAAAMMMMMMMM

  14. kev

    i have a very positive experience with btc kingdom. They contact me regularly and they have also made a lot of profit in the few months that I have been there. If I want to withdraw money I can just send to them and they will arrange it. Have already collected money myself. So I don’t know what all that hatred is for that company, but they certainly aren’t scammers.

    • Joseph

      you are absolutely one of the BTC staff. Just to let you know that all phone numbers that they use to call us from are blocked, our accounts also are blocked. stop fooling people with your false comments. BTC Kingdom is a SCAM and no doubt about it.

      • Kev

        I certainly do not take them, I am a customer of it and I do not understand that people talk about them like that without giving proof. If they are not reliable then prove to me that I cannot decide whether to stay with them or not

        • joseph

          i’m advicing you my friend. if you can as you said withdraw money so do not hesitate one more second. stop being blind and check what SCAM organization does to steel your money. i’ve already told you above what happened to me, i did not invite all those stories, they are facts.

  15. kev

    ik heb een zeer positieve ervaring met btc kingdom. Ze nemen regelmatig contact met me op en ze hebben ook al veel winst gemaakt in die paar maanden dat ik er zit. Als ik geld wil afhalen kan ik gewoon sturen naar hun en zij regelen dat dan. Heb zelf al geld afgehaald. Dus ik weet niet waar al die haat voor dat bedrijf voor nodig is maar ze zijn zeker geen oplichters.

    • joseph

      ben je zeker of wat je hebt boven gezegd, wacht eventjes and zie

      • Kevin

        heb je al ervaring en wat heb je dan meegemaakt?

        • joseph

          ja ik heb een heel slecht ervaring. De enige oplossing is politie verwittigen.

          • Kev

            Wat heb je dan meegemaakt hoeveel geld ben je verloren
            En hoe lang zat je bij hun?

        • Joseph

          Hello Kev, i was a bit busy those weeks but as i see there was too many reaction, are you still believing BTC kingdom is real? Wake up

  16. Hanssons

    you are right Jack, but don’t worry, we have ordered some really bad shiit for the management teeam, they will get it beginning of next week if they are still very we found them yesterday.

    bassicliy we ordered kneecaps broken + whatever they operation teeam prefers to do. so i guess they will be collecting money for wheelchairs next week.

  17. spamKiller

    it’s a scam, and they have called and spammed the wrong person to many times.
    i just ordered a nice “little present” on darknet for 3 person related to this company.

    • Joseph

      Hello guys,

      what did you make as a complain? how are you managing to refund your money?can you help us

      • kev

        There has not been anyone on this forum that their have been cheated. And from my experience I made a profit every day that they traded. have you lost all your money?

        • joseph

          All positive meassage on this forum are staff from BTC. Just to let you know that i can’t access my account anymore. I can’t even call what they used to call ” your financial manager”. If you are new, they will blurry you with the interest they are making everyday, they will force you to invest even more. Once they get ride of you, they’ll make you loose your money and they’ll close your account.
          if they are honest people like you said, why do they block accounts, why they do not allow all these people here to withdraw ” THEIR” money? why you do not find them on facebook or twitter…..wait few time and you’ll see


    Hello, we are starting a claim against BTC KINGDOM.
    They are a scam and many people investing, have lost their money.
    So we need everybody that has been affected by this company to contact us:


    (remove the spaces in the mail adress)

    • Jack

      People, again don’t get fooled. “I have reasons to believe” that this anti fraude group has been organised by the same scammers from BTC Kingdom. Why?
      1) the english they use in their e-mail when you send them your information contains the same words as they use everywhere, the 1st phrase contains “we have reasons to believe” was a phrase they used alot when they called me to warn “they have reasons to believe” you have to do a trade now on Bitcoin cash.. 2) when you send to their antifraud adress, you immediately get an answer, which normal individual can set up an automatical answer from an email adress that is not linked to but… please look good! you get an answer from! If you surf to then you can discover that these kind of email servers are set up to prevent to know who is the owner of the e-mail. Which organisation that wants to sue BTC Kingdom is scared to show their identity? 3) The conversations is in English.. most of the scammed people are dutch people.. You think now .. what is their goal setting this up? well simple. If you like to scam alot of people, you want to know as a scammer how many people from the 50 scammed know that they are scammed? Well I will set up an organisation to get all the information. Then I know as a scammer which people I can stop scamming and close their accounts and all the rest I put my effort in. I also bought 1000 mobile numbers, and you gave me all the information through antifraud with information from their account managers including their mobile numbers whoever contacted me. This is so helpful if you go to the police, I can now close the accounts of my scammed clients, block the mobile numbers they had contact with and the police can never find me back. Actually you give the scammers more information so they can run away with your money and never found back. My opinion: if you are scammed, go to the police! Never trust set up organisations like this, just trust your legal authority.


        We can only try to assure you that we are not BTC KINGDOM and that we want to help people to file a report to the international authorities. These scam websites need to stop. People are losing a lot of money due to these scam artists. As you can read in our e-mails, we don’t ask for your personal info, we don’t ask for money, we don’t want your bank account number. We only ask about general information, like names and phone numbers of BTC KINGDOM account managers, e-mail addresses, Whatsapp numbers, etcetera. Thanks to the contributions of many we have almost found the source and the people behind the website. By the way, the B.E. in our name does not stand for the country code. This is an abbreviation of our group, which we won’t display publicly.

  19. Joseph

    Hello Tim,
    I have a big doubt of this company since i lost all what i invest in because of child behaviour of one of their financial manager, it was completely obvious who’s mistake is but they put the blame on me. Every time i try to contact a costumer services manager or any responsible person there speak with, they always answer that they can’t do anything, you should speak with your financial manager. they never let your complain arrive to the correct person, i have even a doubt that they have a customer services department.
    Guys who have been working with them, have ever could withdraw money back when you want to do? Did you ever had an issue with them? how was it resolved? Really if someone could help us, i feel i am dealing with a MAFIA.

  20. Jack

    It is proven that BTC Kingdom is a big SCAM, I have emails from people who are been scammed by this organisation, some people put all their savings in this company and BTCK do not want to pay the money back. Their website is build on cloud sharing. They let people buy bitcoins for them and on their website they claim to make more money by trading and exchanging. If it was that easy to earn money, the whole world would invest in BTC Kingdom, but people please do not believe their beautiful story. The only way to know if their are a legal company is the withdrawal proces. They never agree to withdrawal your money because they give the reason it is not possible because they are trading with your money. In real they just keep your money for buying bitcoins because in the future when a bull run is coming up, they run away with your bitcoins! NEVER invest in this company! BE AWARE!!

    • brecht vermeulen

      My current experience is completely different from what i read here. Who was managing your account?

      • Joseph

        it doesn’t matter who manage your account. they’ll convince you to invest more and when you want to withdraw your money than they’ll claim that they are trading with it than they’ll claim that lost your money to keep you waiting for ever and they have your money in their pocket and they are making interest and your are paying for them.

    • Fatima

      Hi Jack,
      Have you invested any money with BTC Kingdom?
      I could not understand why you are writing on behalf of others.
      You must have more poof regarding your claims that btc kingdom is scam.
      Please share it with us. I have some amount of money with them and they are kind and very attentive. Have your friends waited for a year for the plan to work before starting to withdraw money? What kind of plan has your friend made? What is the exact reason for loosing all their money?

      • Jack Corazo

        Dear Fatima, Brecht and all the other fake names that have been used on this page. This reviews and answers have been written by only 1 person, that person is someone of BTC Kingdom themself. I have read all the reviews here and to be honest, come on, do you really think that we are stupid? The style of the message, the way how it is written is exactly the same for most of the reviews here. What does a scammer? trying to win the trust of everyone. How you can win the trust? by putting only positive things online and delete all the negativity. I have around 20 people now that have been scammed by your organisation and we are grouping us to take action on your illegal activities. I want to recommend Scambitcoin to contact me to warn everyone of this company. It has even been on the news of the Holland and the Belgian television channels. If you still believe that your money is safe with them, then you are a fool, open your eyes. When the story is too beautiful to be true, then it is fake. A company that promise you 15% extra on your invest guaranteed is the solution of all the problems in this world… if life was that easy, the world would look different now. If you still do not believe what I am saying, then they fooled you as a fool and you can’t be fooled more in life 🙂 So wake up!

        • Joseph

          Hello Jack,
          i confirm what you said. how can i contact you to add my situation to your list and make a complain about this organization

        • joseph

          Hello Jack,
          i confirm what you said. how can i contact you to add my situation to your list and make a complain about this organization

          • Jack C.

            Hi Joseph,

            I do not want to share any contact information over here. Sorry.

    • Joseph

      Hello Jack,
      i confirm what you said. how can i contact you to add my situation to your list and make a complain about this organization

  21. Gurinder Chadha

    Its the first time that I write a review, however BTCKINGDOM proved me wrong and after the big loss I had in 2018 they have managed to turn my luck.
    Thank you all at BTCKINGDOM!

  22. Jia Hui

    Been working with Btckingdom for about 9 month. Got in to Bitcoin back in December last year and haven’t been able to get the returns I was looking for.
    Until I started to work with Btckingdom and even in this “Crypto winter” as they like to call it I have been able to make back my losses and make a very nice return!
    No doubt that Btckingdom made 2018 as the most positive year for me so far!
    Thank you guys!

    • dirk

      ben je nog altijd tevreden bij btc kingdom JIA HUI?

  23. Lucas

    By far one of the most positive surprises I had!

    Great people to work with!

    Btckingdom thank you 10/10!

  24. Tom Vanantwerpen

    Ik ben gefascineerd in de winstkansen met cryptocurrencies. De afgelopen twee maanden werk ik met BTC Kingdom en met success. Mijn beginkapitaal is in korte tijd verviervoudigd. Ik handel nu puur met mijn gemaakte winst

  25. Johan de beer

    I have invested with Btckingdom for several months now. Everyone here has been fantastic to work with and I am very happy to associate with people that value honesty and integrity. If you are interested in becoming a trader or gaining the necessary capital to reach your goals, joining Btckingdom will be the best decision you can make.

  26. Oliver

    Outstanding organization. I have been with Btckingdom for approximately 3 years. Their training program is world class and the people are genuinely interested in your success. To be successful you need to understand the markets, utilize strategies that are effective in different market conditions, and then execute your trades when the market provides you with the opportunities.The folks at BTCKINGDOM do that on a consistent basis and have taught me how to do it. One of the best organizations I have ever had the good fortune to be with.

  27. Anthony Brood

    Since I first contacted BTCkingdom 3 months ago, although I did not open an account then, just by talking on the telephone, that short experience convinced me that BTCkingdom was the firm I wanted to do business with!

  28. Aileen McGregor

    Hello folks!
    The BitCoin Trader is an amazing online crypto robot that has a powerful autopilot function. Thanks to its performance I regularly earn amazing results so I am absolutely satisfied with the software. This is why I would recommend it to everyone.

  29. Zhi Hao

    Btckingdom is a team environment that I have come to depend on for both my emotional and financial success as a trader. The structured courses offer important detail and motivation for improving my skills. The paper trading Simulator and easy access to the recorded lectures are beneficial components to my growth. Over the years I have experienced numerous online trading platforms. BTCKINGDOM is the STAR because of the people. I am a BTCKINGDOM family member for life. Very recommended!

  30. Rick Stewart

    Great service – I have made several transactions and they are fast and efficient. Trustworthy and responsive. 5 stars!

  31. Lokas van bert


    Thank you for verifying for me that is a reliable trading platform.

    So far I have been working with my account manager Steven Wilson that has proved that making another source of income is not a dream.

    10 out of 10 !

  32. Richy Cowley

    Hi Tim,

    in my case, the story is a little bit different,
    i’ve made an investment with BTC Kingdom, so far, invested over GBP 35,000.
    got back already, 65% of my investment.
    part in BTC and part to my bank account.
    even tough i am getting good returned and amazing service you made me scared.
    what facts are you relying on for writing such a bad and stressful overview about a company that so far (8 months) doing very well on my behalf?

      • Richy Cowley


        i can agree with everything besides one thing.
        i have invested 100% of my EVERYTHING.
        they do not have anything more to take from me as investment so why did I get 65%

        i am asking myself a question, is this guy trying to push other companies while shaming others?

        cause no matter what you will say, it will not change the VERY true fact that i have got most of my money back and keep on getting more returns on a monthly basis.

  33. Arjan Busscher

    Hello Tim. I have a account by BTCKingdom. Till now there are trading well for my. But my feeling is not positive somehow. More suspicious. After I reed your article, I want to cash my money. But somehow the need to approve it. After tel. contact he explained that it was not possible now, because there where trading. At the earliest half January 2019. Now my question is: could it by tru, ore do they play tricks with me? Can you give a answer if this is the right way to handle it.

      • Arjan Busscher

        Hello Tim, you did help me. Thanks a lot for that info man. Tomorrow I wil contact the authorities in the Netherlands. And try another withdraw. Will keep you informed.
        Thanks a lot.

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