FXCoinMaker.com Review

FXCoinMaker.com is an investment platform website. They are somehow involved in the process of cryptocurrency mining. Basically another cloud mining operation. Is FXCoinMaker legit? A scam? Let’s find out…


How does it work?

After opening an account, one deposits a minimum of 0.01 Bitcoin. There is no limit for maximum deposit.

The only accepted payment method is BTC though, which means you need to be extra careful since BTC transactions are generally nonrefundable.

Earnings are 4-6% daily and will generate every 60 minutes, 24 times a day, 7 days a week for 31 calendar days and 365 days.

So, let’s say you deposit 1 BTC (equal at the time of writing to 10,405 USD.) Your 5% daily income would be around $520, so you’re looking at monthly profits of more than $15K.

That is the definition of an offer which is too good to be true.

On the homepage a different claim is made of ROIs of up to 300% daily. That’s preposterous…

Withdrawals require a minimum balance of 0.0005 Bitcoin (so around $5 as of September 9, 2019). Payouts are made automatically and instantly. There are no fees, however if you choose to withdraw your initial deposit (not earnings), you’ll need to part from 5% of your investment.

They also have an affiliate program, in which commissions (1-7%) are offered for every deposit made by referrals. There is also a representatives program with commissions of 2-10%. (Representatives are partners who thoroughly know the company and are willing to share their own experience of investing. Any client can contact their nearest representative for further information and advice on the choice of investment strategy.) While affiliates do not need to deposit themselves, representatives do, and they also must have a minimum of two referrals.

Who is behind FXCoinMaker?

They are allegedly registered in the United Kingdom as “fxcoinmaker.com LIMITED” (registration number #10890123). We were not able to confirm this claim and a search on companieshouse.gov.uk yielded no results. The provided registration number belonged to a company with a different name which is dissolved.

The company claims to possess data centers in the USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Finland, Belgium, and Ireland.

The registered address is: 54 Rose Avenue, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RU, United Kingdom. We were not able to locate this specific address on Google Maps.

In their About Us page, they provide a different address: 54 White Rose Ave, New Earswick, York. This, according to Google Maps, looks like a residential property.

Contact Information

FXCoinMaker offers support via social media (though we couldn’t find working links to relevant social media accounts on the website.)

Email: support@fxcoinmaker.com

Their phone number is: +442033897363 or +442034752946.

There’s also a live chat feature on the website.

Is FXCoinMaker a Scam?

Let’s ignore the countless spelling and grammar errors as well as design flaws (such as using the template’s logo rather than using an original one) which indicate the site was done unprofessionally. Is the service itself good? Or is it a scam?

Can you make money with this company?

We do not know because we haven’t tried. We care too much about our money to risk losing it… So that would probably be our advice to you.

There are also a couple of comments regarding fxcoinmaker.com that visitors of ScamBitcoin.com posted. The first one:

Hello the only issue with fxcoinmaker.com is their MAINTENANCE FEE

We’re not sure what maintenance fee they are referring to. We haven’t read anything about a maintenance fee on fxcoinmaker.com. Please comment below if you know whether a maintenance fee is charged by FXCoinMaker.

The second comment is:

They are scammers (fxcoinmaker.com), don’t work with them. I got this Lady name Sarah (+1 (754) 216-6248) and saying that they trade for investors. With 100$ you get 2700$. The thing is they’ll let you put your informations on their so called company website and once you do that, those information will be seen by them and they scan change a lot things from your account and steal from you. They will tell to use Luno for your trading set up and they’ll help you to get things done by asking you to send screenshots of everything that you do.

This came in on July 2019.


With all the information that we have managed to put our hands on as of now, we come to the conclusion that FXCoinMaker is probably not the most trustworthy investment you can make with your BTC.
Please correct us if we are wrong by commenting below, or share with us your thoughts regarding FXCoinMaker.

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  1. Spd Rcr

    10890123 Is the same licensing number on 247coinoption.co and I’m trying to figure out if its legit or not.

  2. Andre Britz

    The same scammer that runs FXCOINMAKER.COM, also runs the following scam companies:
    These are just a few of the companies that I mention and they all look the same with the same poor spelling and grammer and operate with the same company number 10890123. This company was registered in the UK as EXIZERIOR LTD and dissolved on the 08th of January 2019.
    They scam a lot of people. Be carefull out there.

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