Review – Doubler Hoax Explained claims to be the most advanced Bitcoin doubler on the market. Anyone that invests with them will supposedly make 100% returns in less than 10 hours. According to them, everything related to trading is automated and their algorithms supposedly have a high win rate. Note that their disclaimer section says otherwise.

Owners of this self-proclaimed doubler platform are maintaining an anonymous profile for obvious reasons. If you are wondering, know that they have not shared a single contact information and that kind of behaviour should tell you a lot about them.

To get a clear idea about how these crooks operate and the kind of tricks and gimmicks they throw at the public, continue reading this detailed blog post.

How does Work?

This is a question which we are pretty sure is on everyone’s mind. There is an official narrative to the operational model, but as expected, it is vague. Their so-called advanced algorithms are said to scan the movements of Bitcoin on the blockchain and use the data to make high frequency trades.

For an outsider, the narrative might sound complicated, but anyone that knows the market can easily see the bluffs thrown by them. For starters, no system can yield 100% returns in 10 hours. Secondly, HTF systems are not that advanced and there are a lot of other important factors in the market.

The entire explanation provided by them is nothing more than fictitious and it will never work. If their systems worked, then they would be billionaires and we can guarantee you that no one will share those kinds of secrets with the public.

Returns Advertised

As we mentioned before, 100% returns every 10 hours is promised by them. Think about it, do you really believe this firm which no one has heard of will help you double your money?

Compounding returns will certainly help you achieve financial freedom. However, no one can double their money twice a day and sustain that kind of performance over the long run. Clearly, they are bluffing about the returns and they are trying their best to lure in the retail crowd.

Once anyone falls for their trap and sends them money, that will be the end game for the victims. So, do not chase get rich quick schemes like this one instead take a step back and analyse the hidden catches beforehand.

After all, if trading was that easy wouldn’t everyone be involved with it?

Affiliate Program offers a way for the shady marketers to monetise their traffic and followers. Every con-artist that promotes this scheme will get a 15% revenue cut and the only way for the promoters and creators to make money is if the client deposits.

In other words, conflict of interest is high and for their own gain, everyone involved on the other side is willing to lie to you. If you come across any channel or blog promoting them, then know that it is a trap.

Always trust information from reputable platforms only and try to cross check details. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being overly cautious especially when money is involved. Flaws Exposed

This platform has tons of flaws. We can literally write paragraphs about the things that are wrong with them, but we doubt whether you will have the patience to go through it all.

To make things easier, we have created a few highlights which should be sufficient to help you analyse them.

  • Lack of Regulation
  • Fake Narratives
  • No ownership information
  • Unrealistic Profits
  • No Evidence
  • No social proof
  • Unverified performance claims

User Feedback

Trading industry is full of snake oil sales pitch. So, it is important to look for social proof. Though user feedback can be manipulated to a certain extent, it is not easy and eventually, the truth will come out. has no mentions on social media platforms. Feedback about this platform is hard to find and needless to mention, it is impossible to verify. Given the notorious traits showcased by them, it would be unwise to trust them.

They certainly do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Absence of social proof is revealing the real nature of this platform and it should not be ignored.

Is a Scam?

Yes, obviously this platform is a cold hearted scam that rips people off. They lie at every turn and manipulate the public. There is no licensing information, customer support is non-existent.

We cannot say enough bad things about them because that’s how dangerous the entire situation is with them. Any funds sent to them will be gone forever.

So, do not dare to indulge with them and as a general rule, stay away from get rich quick schemes. Making money via trading cryptocurrencies is possible, but it’s not something that will make you rich quickly.

Anyone that says otherwise probably won’t have your best interest in mind.

Verdict is a scam that spreads nothing but misinformation and disappointment. From the narratives used by them to the way they operate, everything is shady. Do not spend much time on their website or else you might be exposed to tons of risk.

Also, do not forget to report them to relevant authorities in your region. While police might not take action against every scam, it surely helps them build a database which will be helpful in the long run.

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