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World Markets is a kind of all in one platform which offers a wide range of services around the financial markets. Mainly, they focus on trading gold, silver bullions, but if you want a broader niche, you can get started with both forex and cryptocurrency trading from their website. Do note that, they act as an intermediary to many regulated brokers and exchanges and they don’t necessarily own every operation.

The details about the people running this firm is scarce and that might scare you a little, but rest assured they are legit in every way and have been around for a considerable period of time. Navigating around the financial sector means you need to choose the right broker and sometimes it might get overwhelming. In order to understand everything about this service, read our unbiased review and then make a firm decision.

World Markets Review

Company, Regulation and Support

Financial markets have been plagued by scams and frauds for a long time. Though every regulatory authority has taken measures to prevent it, the fraud rate has gone down, but it isn’t completely eliminated yet. This platform does not share any of the details about their incorporation or legal certificates. However, legally speaking, they don’t have to because they are only referring people to other regulated brokers and exchanges.

Mainly, they redirect people to HYCM for trading forex, CFDs and if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, then you will land on to Bitmex exchange. If you have any questions or queries about their firm or platform, then you can reach the support team via email. Lack of phone support is bothersome, but it certainly isn’t a deal breaker. Moreover, if the issue is with the broker, then you can contact them directly and we know for a fact that HYCM offers telephone support.

Account Types and Conditions

Basically, there are 3 types of accounts on this platform. If you are a bullion trader and wondering about the delivery time, then know that it usually is around 3 days. You can trade gold, silver, platinum, copper and rhodium. On top of all these options, you can also trade digital gold which are backed up by actual assets.

In short, regardless of whether you follow retail or institutional trading approach, this platform has something to offer for all. Below are the full details of all the account types, go through them thoroughly and choose the one which best suits your needs.

AI Managed Account

This is perhaps the best approach if you are a complete beginner or an investor. In simple words, the clients just have to deposit the funds and monitor the progress while the analysts at World Markets will do all the hard work for you. The average returns is said to be around 20% which is simply amazing. However, do note that it isn’t completely risk free and drawdowns are expected with this system.

On the bright side, you can monitor your funds any time you want through their platform and we strongly recommend you to deposit only the funds you can afford to lose in order to remain emotionally unattached to the outcome.

Manual Trading 

If you are an experienced professional who likes to have complete control over your portfolio, then this choice is the best thing for you. The broker assigned to you is HYCM who is a regulated entity which has a decent track record. Considering the client feedback so far, this broker at first might give a mixed impression.

However, at the end of the day they are reliable and their conditions don’t contain anything which can be a deal breaker. Make sure that you stick to low leverage and sound risk management methods before you start trading. After all, in trading it is important to preserve your capital first and then you can look for techniques to grow it.

Crypto Exchange

Ever since the early 2016, the cryptocurrency markets are witnessing a wide interest from the retail investors. Nowadays, thanks to mass adoption, getting started with cryptos has become easier than ever. This platform is partnered with BitMex exchange which is one of the most popular and reliable exchanges ever.

Though, the choice is somewhat limited with them, they do offer both spot and futures market. So, if you are a crypto enthusiast, then you will surely like the leverage and the trading conditions present.

Educational Outlet

This platform has put in a lot of effort when it comes to educating their audience about the market mechanics. Many brokers just feature books and expect the readers to make the best out of it. World Markets on the other hand offers simple yet practical solutions.

They have a series of tutorials wherein they explain the importance of technical indicators and many other relevant parameters. The best thing about them is that, you don’t even have to register with them to watch it. In short, we really appreciate the way this platform has made education fun and it seems to be working well so far.

Affiliate program

This brokerage offers an affiliate program which is certainly interesting for all the online marketers who have reasonable web traffic. If you have a blog or any other type of social media platform which gets a lot of traffic and you also happen to like this platform, then you can increase your income drastically by referring people to them. In other words, it’s basically a win win scenario for you, the clients and the creators.

However, do not try to generate traffic through unethical means such as spamming or false advertising, because this platform can easily catch that and once caught your account will get terminated. The commission structure is very steep and on top of that, you can opt in for revenue shares as well. Check out their platform if you are interested in promoting them and we are confident that you will like the offers that are present.

Domain Insights

Below are the details of this domain and website which is more than sufficient to give us an idea about their demographics information. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 03/11/2013

Expiry – 03/11/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 136,551

Rank in South Africa – 5,934

Audience – South Africa, United States and Australia

World Markets Review Conclusion

World Markets is an excellent choice if you are going to trade a wide range of instruments. They will assist you in running your portfolio through AI and even if you are not a fan of automated solution, you have a lot of things to choose from in the manual trading side. Their performance so far is more than average and it is really difficult to find major flaws with them. 

Are you happy with World Markets services? Would you recommend them to your friends? Let us know your answers by leaving a comment below.


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