Review – Weird and Vague Fraud is a weird type of online investment scheme which claims to earn 10% every 2 days. It is allegedly created by a guy named Sergey Mavrodi. At first glance, their website is pretty straight forward and very subtle in their approach. However, they do lack all the legalities an investment firm should have which makes them illegal in most countries.

The firm and promoters working for them have a clear conflict of interest with their clients. If you think we have covered most of their flaws in this paragraph, then you will be amazed to find the complete list below. Read our detailed review once to understand the nature of this platform which should tell you a lot about them. Review

Legality, Founder and Customer Support

Every investment firm should be regulated by government authorities regardless of where they are located. This platform accepts people from each and every country, but it is still not under the radar of the FCA or the FTC. So, in legal terms, they are violating the law and if caught they will face criminal prosecution.

Most of the legit firms take pride in revealing their founders and sharing the management details. Since we have already established the fact that this platform is a fraud, to stay safe they have obviously avoided this topic. There is a live chat feature on their website, but apart from that, there is no way of communication between the client and the firm. In case you need to report them, here’s the only contact detail we found.

Address – 88 Madison Ave, New York (NY), 10016, United States

How does Function?

There is no answer to this question. We searched the nook and corner of this website and still couldn’t find anything relevant. They just talk about the general market structure of cryptocurrencies which you can find on wikipedia or google for free and the information will be more in-depth. There is no trading history featured by them and the performance report of their fund managers are also a mystery.

Moreover, they do not offer demo account or any kind of free trial. In short, if you stick with them, then one way or the other you will lose your money. Traditionally speaking, cryptocurrency has made many people rich, but it is not a miraculous way to make money. Just like all sectors out there, to make a fortune you will need skill set and if someone is promising you a shortcut, it’s most probably a scam.

Profits Advertised

Regardless of your capital size, this firm promises you to get you 10% ROI every couple of days. If you are a person who has no idea about the way the financial sector works, then chances are you will be impressed by them. Sadly, the real world is not so easy and the numbers they portray are impossible to achieve on a consistent run. Profit Calculator

Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt, ask yourself if they could really achieve 10% every 2 days and make billions without lifting a finger, then why would they offer it to the public for free? They are just exploiting the greed factor of the public and are making a fortune by lotting them.

Affiliate Program

Looking at the popularity of this service, you might be wondering how in the world they achieved that kind of audience reach? The answer to that question is affiliate program. This firm pays 9% of the cumulative revenue to the promoters. In order to get quick money many promoters create fake reviews and videos to manipulate the public.

So, now hopefully you understand how these two parties work together for their own benefits. If you ever read or come across a positive review about this platform, then be smart enough to ignore it.

Domain Insights

We have painted a rough demographics of this website using and down below.

Domain –

Registered On – 02/10/2019

Expiry – 02/10/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 585,321

Target Audience – Unknown Review Conclusion at the end of the day is just another scam designed to take money from the innocent and ignorant investors. They have no real source of cash flow and even if they pay some clients, it will be to earn the trust of the public and they are undoubtedly following ponzi operational model. Most of the content and narrative on their platform is false and illegal. So, for your own safety, stay as far away as possible from them.

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