Review – Smart Scammers portrays to be an automated trading platform wherein the clients just have to deposit funds and collect profits after certain days. Their website doesn’t contain the usual traits of a ponzi scheme. So, newbies are mostly going to fall for this scheme and their licensing information which they have put up on their platform is also fake.

If you think that the things mentioned till now sums up their list of flaws, then you are mistaken. Almost everything on their interface is misleading and is specifically designed to transfer money from the client’s bank account to their pocket. Easy money always sounds amazing, but before you proceed with them, join us in this review wherein we will show you their true agenda. Review

Company, Legality and Customer Support

Anything to do around the financial sector has to meet a lot of strict guidelines. In the past, many scams have emerged and plagued the sector. So, it is always better to proceed with only the licensed firms and avoid dealing with anything which you are unfamiliar with. This platform boldly features some sort of licensing information on their website.

However, when we ran a search on them we weren’t able to find anything relevant to their claims. So, it is clear that they are just using a random companies license number and are trying their best to portray themselves as a reputable institution. Another dead giveaway which proves this company is a scam  is their contact details.

Despite all their roaring claims, they do not offer clients telephone support and they employ only email communication. Ask yourself, why are they functioning in that manner? Isn’t it obvious that they do not want the law agencies to track them? Operational Model claims to trade all the popular instruments and sectors like cryptocurrency, forex and CFDs. The markets mentioned by them features tremendous opportunities and is the main source of livelihood for many people. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone who trades will make money from it. Markets have evolved over time and nowadays it is not easy to come across inefficiencies or methodologies which work over the long term.

This firm talks a lot about the general topics revolving around trading and even mentions about the widely used platforms. Unfortunately, they haven’t provided any explanation about their approach, trading history, win rate or expected drawdowns. In short, we don’t have any tangible piece of data to prove their hypothesis and that is a big red flag in our book.

Account Types and returns

The average trader loses 90% of his or her capital within 90 days. While this is the raw reality, many people are always trying to shoot for unrealistic returns and they are just not possible to sustain over the long term with proper risk management. This platform promises returns ranging from 50% to 250% within a few months. Account Types

Without doubt, we can agree that it all sounds amazing, but think for a moment, is it even possible? Legendary traders and investors have hardly managed to sustain 20% to 30% returns on an annual basis. So, what do you think are the odds of these self proclaimed crooks achieving those numbers?

Fake Testimonials

Every company good or bad tends to leave a trail of testimonials behind them. In recent times, many fake services have managed to use this aspect of business to create wrong impression about themselves and increase conversion. After all, the only thing the crooks care about is money and they will do everything they can to get it. There are a lot of positive comments featured on their website and there isn’t even a single negative feedback yet. Testimonials

Isn’t this kind of high customer satisfaction too good to be true? In case if you are wondering know that the comments are from bogus profiles and the images used by them are stock photos. Given these hard core facts, it should paint a clear picture about the ethical values of this firm.

Domain Insights

Below, we managed to gather general information about their domain. However, do note that we didn’t get any details about the owners of this website and due to shortage of data, we don’t know about their demographics as well.

Domain –

Registered On – 30/05/2019

Expiry – 30/05/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed Review Conclusion is really a well designed scam which unfortunately has caused a lot of damage to many newbie investors. They are unregulated and there is no such thing as security of the funds with them. The sole intention of firms like these is to make money at your expense and sooner or later they will cause a dent in your pocket and flee away. Save yourself from all these dangers discussed by staying away from this ponzi program.

Have you sent money to Platform? Were you able to get your money back from them? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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